Turn on the lights, love, how are you doing? Citizen: Everything outside

2022-09-16 20:53:00, Denoncim CNA
Turn on the lights, love, how are you doing? Citizen: Everything outside
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Today marks the 80th anniversary of the Peza Conference, convened on September 16, 1942, with the aim of uniting all political forces in a common front against Nazi-fascism.

These days there is more and more talk about saving electricity and increasing its price. "Stop" asked the citizens how they will save energy and he missed the time of the candle.

Some citizens said that because of the problems with the lights, they will return to the time of romanticism.

Journalist: Do you save electricity or not?

Citizen: We will save where to find the money?

Reporter: Do we miss those times when we sat at dinner in the dark lighting that candle?

Citizen: With a candle, with kerosene, which we used to light it then. We used to have candle light dinners, we were better then. We had no stress, we were calm.

Journalist: I believe you heard that we will have a global energy crisis this winter, right?

Citizen: I say yes! That's what the great ay said.

Journalist: Save energy, don't you?

Citizen: We are trying to save him because it is to our detriment...

Journalist: It doesn't save energy at all?

Citizen: I turn them on at all. We eat out.

Journalist: How does love work?

Citizen: Outside, watch, everything outside./tvklan.al


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