Pioli does not hide: It would be foolish of me to continue on this path

2023-01-29 17:19:30, Sport CNA
Pioli does not hide: It would be foolish of me to continue on this path

Stefano Pioli admits that his team is not working at the moment. Milan disappointed with a sensational 5-2 defeat at home against Sassuolo in the championship, and now it seems to many that the team may even risk participating in the Champions League next season. Stefano Pioli, after the challenge, declared to the Italian media that he had to change something in the team's game, since at these rates an even more serious disaster was at risk.

"Things that worked well until a few weeks ago, didn't work, so obviously we're going to make some modifications. We started the match well, created illusions with Zhiru's goal. But then we have difficulties to react and we are fragile in the defensive phase.

It would be stupid on my part to continue on this path that is not bringing us the results, so I will do something both in the tactical and psychological aspects of the players. The players aren't lacking in desire or not paying attention, but they are having a tough time. It is a very heavy loss, it comes close to that in Bergamo, there we gathered and restarted. We probably won't win back the title, but getting back into the Champions League is essential.

The promise to the fans before the derby? I promise we will work all week to win the derby.

What do I feel after Sassuolo's 5 goals? Pain", said Pioli at the press conference.

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