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Apple deceives users / Risks to pay dizzying amount

2022-06-21 09:10:00, Tech CNA
Apple deceives users / Risks to pay dizzying amount
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Apple has deliberately slowed down older iPhones. From this fact the prestigious technology company risks paying milionë 750 million. Consumer rights activist Justin Gatmen has denounced Apple for slowing down the old 2017 iPhone.

In January 2017, Apple made available an update without providing information on iPhone battery management. The update slowed down the actions of older cell phones so as not to turn off without warning.

But according to Gatmen, Apple did not give consumers the opportunity to choose and did not give them any opportunity to disable this feature.

For this reason he has decided to open a lawsuit and in case Apple wins will pay 750 million pounds that will be distributed to 25 million people./ CNA.al

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