Yasir Asani risks a lot before the European, the collision of the attacker is revealed

2024-04-02 12:51:00, Sport CNA

Like Armando Broja, the other striker of the National Team, Jasir Asani, is not having a good time before the European Championship.

According to recent reports, he is said to have clashed with the leaders of Gwangju. The right-wing attacker wanted to leave in the winter market, but the president of the Korean club vetoed it, not allowing such a thing, bringing a clash between the parties. Under these conditions, Gwangju's technical staff has decided not to activate it.

This situation has worried Albania's coach, Silvinjo, quite a bit. Two months away from EURO 2024, one of Albania's best players risks not having the right performance for this important competition. Asan was seen as the undisputed starter, but even in the friendlies in March, it was seen that he is not in the form we are used to seeing. 

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