Monitoring with cameras and "recording" of experts/ Changes in the State Matura

2023-05-23 15:09:00, Sociale CNA

Monitoring with cameras and "recording" of experts/ Changes in the
About 30,000 high school graduates will undergo the first compulsory foreign language exam on June 1.

Testing will be conducted in large halls, school corridors and gymnasiums. Students will be observed by a large number of administrators and in some cases they will also be monitored by cameras.

Also, this year the test method will be restored for the experts who will select the questions that will be included in the state matura tests, while for the first time there will be a special test for students with different abilities.

For the first time this year, high school graduates will have the opportunity to request re-correction of the test if they have claims about the grade.

For graduates who want to continue medicine, this year, apart from 4 exams, 3 compulsory and one optional, they will take another automated test, with questions on biology, chemistry and physics.

The answers to this test will be given immediately and they will account for 30% of the total result of the candidate for the branch of medicine./Euronews Albania



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