Using the phone after 10 pm can have serious psychological consequences

2023-06-04 09:07:00, Lifestyle CNA
Using the phone after 10 pm can have serious psychological consequences

After ten o'clock in the evening, the mobile phone should be switched off. It's an order that parents tell their teenage children, especially if they have exams, but really, it applies to everyone.

According to a Scottish study, those who spend the evening and night checking social networks are at risk of bipolar and neurological disorders.

In addition to these serious psychological consequences, those who stay "connected" all the time feel more lonely and unhappy. And these consequences come about due to the interruption of the normal circulatory rhythm, which would like the waking activities to be concentrated in the hours of light and those of rest in the dark. 

In the past, these risks have been revealed by several previous studies, but this new study from the University of Glasgow, has taken a step forward by measuring the physical and psychological damage on a large scale.

The study involved 91,000 middle-aged men and women who were fitted with sensors for their sleep and wakefulness patterns. Among them there were people who were taken in the middle of the night to check Facebook or the computer. The in-depth study says that they were more at risk than others to suffer from depression, and it was about 6% of them, while 11% more prone to bipolar problems. While people who never turn off their smartphones are more unhappy, and their level of well-being was about 9% less than those who turned off their phones earlier./CNA.al

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