Olta's likes "rise as if by magic"/ "Big Brother VIP" suspends voting: We have a cyber attack

2023-01-28 13:47:00, Lifestyle CNA
Olta's likes "rise as if by magic"/ "Big Brother VIP"
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One of the challenges of "Big Brother VIP" for the residents of the house were performances with singing, dancing or acting.

These performances will have a winner announced at tonight's show and this will be decided by the likes that each will receive on the videos published on the official Big Brother VIP Instagram page.

But the phenomenon of buying likes was noticed moments after Olta Gixhar's video was published.

This was noticed by personalities of the pink media world, who reacted strongly to buying likes, calling it unfair as a vote.

This caused "Big Brother VIP" to suspend voting on Instagram, leaving the choice of the winner in the hands of the residents.

"Official notification! Due to cyber attacks aimed at artificially buying clicks for the performances, "Big Brother" has decided to suspend the voting and let the residents themselves choose their favorite performance", says the announcement of "Big Brother VIP". BA – CNA.al

Olta's likes "rise as if by magic"/ "Big Brother VIP"

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