In tears, Kiara changes Luiz's mind/ "Win it for both of us"

2023-03-22 18:03:00, Lifestyle CNA

In tears, Kiara changes Luiz's mind/ "Win it for both of us"

Moderator Kiara Tito and actress Olta Gixhari are nominated together, which means that one of them will have to leave, but this has caused singer Luiz Ejlli and Kiara to cry next to each other.

During the conversations in the backyard, the couple talked and agreed that Luiz should continue the game during the conversations they were touched, even in tears.

Kiara: You sacrificed so much time, you crossed every limit, you know how much people want. Most likely I will go out, you will win it for both of us. I will go home, I will follow you, you have me there, I will not leave you.

Kiara: Don't cry. Let's go home.

Dea: O couple, don't worry about anything.

Luizi: We are making imagination my friend.

Kiara: Don't bother me, mom, because I can't look at you like this anymore, at home, because you don't talk to me. What will you think? Gone./CNA

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