What was the detail that surprised the guests at Armina and Shkëlzen's wedding?

2022-09-26 10:03:00, Lifestyle CNA

What was the detail that surprised the guests at Armina and Shkëlzen's

These days, of course, we will be accompanied by news and details from the wedding of the Armina-Shkelzen couple, since all attention is focused on them. 

They chose the end of September, freshness and nature to celebrate the happiest day of their lives. They appeared quite excited, as those present reflected the same joy with the couple. 

The first to speak was former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, who wished the couple happiness and said that this was Shkëlzen's greatest achievement. 

"Arben and Mimoza, dear Armina and Shkëlzen! Weddings don't need speeches, so I just want to say two words. From the bottom of my heart, I wish Armina and Shkëlzen who crown their love of several years tonight in this ceremony, with their friends and relatives. Berisha said, among other things.

In this wedding ceremony, what stood out was the use of wooden spoons and disposable plastic plates. This is something unusual, since usually Albanian weddings are noted for more pomposity, especially in souvenirs, but the couple apparently chose wooden spoons just like the "weather" used to be. 

So some of the invited VIP characters are Amarda Toska, Ermal Mamaqi, Agnesa Vuthaj, Dalina Buzi, Valdrin Sahiti, but also many other well-known media and political figures./ CNA.al


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