The robbers killed the bride/ The father-in-law tells the details: The 4-year-old grandson saw everything

2023-12-01 13:17:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
The robbers killed the bride/ The father-in-law tells the details: The
Liridona Murseli and Naim Murseli

The father-in-law of Liridona Murseli, Shaban Murseli, has revealed tragic details of the murder of his daughter-in-law. 

In a television interview, the elderly man confessed the trauma that his 4-year-old grandson saw with his own eyes, after the robbers had also taken his phone.

"The little 4-year-old grandson told his family that one of the robbers had taken the boy's phone. It is suspected that there were 2 masked people. That area is like a country road, there were no security cameras. A few meters away, I heard there was a camera restaurant. The robbers were driving a BMW car. When I came home, it was 9:00 p.m. and the little boy called me and said, "Daddy, you discussed with Naim." I tell him no, then he says 'they are telling me that they have killed Liridona'. Liridona returned to Kosovo in October," he said.

The serious incident happened two days ago, as Naim Murselit, the former councilor of Behgjet Pacolli, was traveling with his wife and 2 children on "Dalip Alshiqi" street in Pristina. The whole family fell prey to a robbery.

After the robber took the valuables they had with them, they shot the young mother with a gun. 

The police authorities have not yet identified the perpetrators of the tragic event that shocked public opinion./ CNA

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