Israeli attacks continue/ UN: Gaza hospital as a war zone

2023-12-03 19:04:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
 Israeli attacks continue/ UN: Gaza hospital as a war zone
Filippo Grandi

The Israeli army is shifting the focus of its offensive to southern Gaza in the third day of renewed fighting. The military says it is targeting Hamas command centers, weapons storage and naval forces after its ceasefire with Hamas collapsed on Friday.

The United Nations has compared the situation in the Gaza hospital to a war zone.

The US defense secretary reiterates Israel's right to defend itself, but stresses that it has a "moral responsibility" to protect civilians.

US Vice President Kamala Harris says many Palestinians have already been killed, with a "devastating" amount of human suffering.

The UN refugee chief has described the situation for civilians in Gaza as a "displacement crisis".

Speaking to the BBC from the UN's COP28 climate conference in Dubai, Filippo Grandi says Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are being "pushed further and further into a narrow corner of what is already a very narrow territory".

He also says it was devastating to see the truce between Israel and Hamas collapse on Friday and expresses hope that the truce can resume./ CNA

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