AP: Florida grand jury embroiled in investigation into Trump's secret documents

2023-06-07 19:20:44, Kosova & Bota CNA

AP: Florida grand jury embroiled in investigation into Trump's secret

Federal prosecutors are using a grand jury in Florida as part of their investigation into a possible violation of classified document retention rules at former President Donald Trump's Palm Beach estate, a person familiar with the matter said Tuesday night. .

The grand jury joins another special jury that has been convened in Washington for months to consider charges against Mr. Trump for keeping hundreds of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago and potentially obstructing government efforts to retrieve them. .

It is not clear why prosecutors are using an additional grand jury, before which witnesses in the case against Mr. Trump may be presented, a person with knowledge of the matter told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

A number of witnesses, including lawyers for Mr. Trump, close aides to the former president and officials from the Trump Organization, have appeared before a grand jury in Washington over the past year. But the use of a grand jury in Florida suggests that prosecutors may also be considering bringing at least some charges against Mr. Trump in that state.

The investigation into the secret documents at Mar-a-Lago, led by special counsel Jack Smith's team of prosecutors, is thought to be in its final stages, and a decision on whether to file charges is expected soon. Mr. Trump's lawyers met at the Justice Department on Monday with officials, including special counsel Smith, as part of an effort by his legal team to raise concerns about what they say is prosecutorial misconduct and to 'tried to argue against a possible indictment.

The investigation is focused not only on the possession of classified documents, but also on former President Trump's refusal to return them to the government and possible obstruction of justice.

A spokesman for special prosecutor Jack Smith declined to comment Tuesday on the existence of a grand jury in Florida in the case of former President Trump./ VOA

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