Horoscope, Monday, March 25, 2024/ Here's what the stars have predicted for you

2024-03-24 23:03:00, Horoskopi CNA

Horoscope, Monday, March 25, 2024/ Here's what the stars have predicted for


Tomorrow starts a lucky week for you. One of the luckiest this year. In fact, you will have the moon on your side, which will bring you many opportunities that should be used as much as possible.


You will be a little nervous because of Mars who will put you to the test. But rest assured, Venus will make you spend a pleasant weekend, especially if you are single.


During the next few hours you will still feel a little tired and the influences of Venus and Mars will certainly not help you. So you have to be a little patient.

The crab

Love, thanks to the Moon and Venus, will be very positive for you. Especially from Monday to Wednesday. Be careful of discussions, try to stay calm.


Great revolutions await you in various areas of your life. There will be arguments to resolve both at work and with the partner. Try to stay calm.


Venus will continue to test you in the coming hours and create some problems for your relationship. Be patient and seek dialogue with your partner.


Pay special attention to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday... The Moon will be hostile to you. You have to show patience and courage.


Finally, you will be affected by a pleasant transit of Venus, which will give you some beautiful days, especially during the weekend.


Be careful and patient during Monday. Be aware of unresolved issues. Try to stay calm and cool.


The love will continue to be truly fantastic for the next few hours. In terms of work, the stars will help you resolve some unresolved issues.


Things will be very good for you. You can expect some pleasant surprises that you will enjoy to the fullest.


You may have some nice dates during the week. Be open with others. Singles should try to look around with an open heart./ CNA

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