Horoscope, Monday, April 1, 2024/ Here's what the stars have predicted for you, according to Paolo Fox

2024-03-31 23:11:00, Horoskopi CNA

Horoscope, Monday, April 1, 2024/ Here's what the stars have predicted for


This Monday will be a positive day, the new week will start on a good foot. You will wake up full of energy and desire. Try to channel all this new energy into doing something you've been putting off for a long time. Good news also comes from the economic point of view.


This April 1, you will be very anxious and this rush will not allow you to have a clear mind. In love, not everything goes as you hoped, but you have to let go of a person who doesn't love you. Good news comes to the family.


You will have an excellent intuition that will make you gain some superior points, at work. You are slowly proving your worth and in the end you will triumph. In your romantic life, you will experience great emotions, whether couples or singles.

The crab

Take the opportunity to devote yourself to the people closest to you. Lately you have had conflicts, you have been nervous and unfair. The road is long, but with the right dialogue you will recover lost ground.


It will be a positive day in love. It is the perfect day to experience strong emotions in love. Spend as much time as possible with your partner, you will see that your relationship as a couple will benefit a lot. A decisive week at work also begins, so don't show yourself unprepared.


The stars invite you to change your approach, which is often too pessimistic. Only with self-confidence will you be able to fix some complicated situations. These days you will have to give up something important. Be strong.


It will be a complicated day. you had so many plans for this spring, but now everything is on hold. The advice of the stars is to look around, respect the people you may have taken too often for granted, and give yourself the love you deserve.


A phase of great recovery will begin for you. You are going through a complex period and you feel lonely. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you can take advantage of it by cutting off people who don't deserve you.


You will have many doubts in your head. In this period of relative calm you have had the opportunity to think, perhaps a little more. The result is a mix of emotions and thoughts that you now have a hard time getting out of. Set priorities and above all take action.


You are finally starting to feel better. You have had a very complicated few months, some because of a failed relationship, some because of some big family problem. Now the situation is recovering. However, don't be impulsive, recovery takes time


You will feel great nervousness. Even the people who love you the most have had a hard time being around you these past few days. You need to change your attitude and pay more attention to your feelings.


You are experiencing a very special period in love. However, some of you are realizing that the relationship is over. Some others, despite still being in love with their partner, will look for another person. Take advantage of this Monday to establish some order with yourself./ CNA

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