"Coward, eat and sleep"/ Arbër Hajdari quarrel with Albi Nako

2024-02-25 08:53:00, Lifestyle CNA
"Coward, eat and sleep"/ Arbër Hajdari quarrel with Albi Nako
Arbër Hajdari and Albi Nako

After being eliminated from the "Big Brother" house, Albi Nako had a fierce debate in the studio with Arbër Hajdari.

The latter called him a person who only ate and slept at home and did nothing.

All these were opposed by Albi Nako. 


Albi Nako : There is a lot of pressure. I don't provoke in the sense of taking the situation into my own hands first. There are some schemes there that I believe the public has also seen, and one who tried to unmask those schemes was Graciano, who fought a very strong fight, a brave boy who was to be taken as an example. There they block you, break the conversation in the middle, ignore you.

Arbër Hajdari: I had expectations for you and I said it publicly. Thank goodness you didn't have the return ticket because you would have burned it in vain. For me, you didn't do anything inside the house, you ate, you slept. I don't know why you had this approach, I have seen you outside and I know your capacities. I still haven't got the answer why you got this kind of block, I hope now we have time and you can explain it to me.

Albi Nako: You can't say that I only ate and slept...

Arbër Hajdari : For me, yes. The lady came and told him at home.

Albi Nako : It is easy to talk from the armchair where you are. I think I did something, I gave a message. That you will see it from the position of the armchair is another thing.

Arbër Hajdari : You are the best brother.

Albi Nako: I'm not the best.

Arbër Hajdari: Why are you here?

Albi Nako : I deserve to be here, but don't tell me that I was just sleeping there. Don't call me a coward because you don't know how cowardly I am. 

Arbër Hajdari : It is my opinion, you withdrew from the debate with Romeo. /CNA 


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