Unbelievable/ the 33-year-old was born with two genders

2022-07-09 22:01:00, Kuriozitete CNA
Unbelievable/ the 33-year-old was born with two genders
Photo of the two sexes

In China, a 33-year-old man learns the shocking truth during his visit to the doctor for bleeding in the urine and abdominal pain.

He was born with two sexes, or in other words, despite having male genitalia, he was also born with female sex chromosomes, ovaries and uterus.

According to the doctors, the concern of the young man named Chen about bleeding during urination is actually the menstrual cycle or period bleeding. He has experienced this phenomenon for 20 years without realizing it.

Chen Li was shocked when he heard the news that he was carrying two genders, and this caused the young man psychological trauma. He has decided to undergo an operation to maintain only the male gender, but according to the doctors, even after the operation, it will be impossible for the young man to reproduce, since his testicles do not produce sperm. /CNA.al

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