From debts to the opening of "GoFoundMe"/ Luiz Ejlli confesses: They are throwing mud at the mother and sister

2023-05-13 12:48:00, Lifestyle CNA

From debts to the opening of "GoFoundMe"/ Luiz Ejlli confesses: They

The winner of "Big Brother VIP2" Luiz Ejlli, has confessed about his debts before participating in the reality show and about the opening of "GoFoundMe" in his name by family members.

Luizi said on the Veshaj brothers show that he really had some debts, but he has already paid them all.

Sai belongs to "GoFoundMe", he stated that he is affected by the fact that people are throwing mud at his mother and sister.

The singer said that with the collected money he will buy a house for a family in need.

"During my stay inside, 'Instagram' has opened and reached very large numbers. Many people outside have said, I had some debts to pay off, they weren't big compared to how much I earned, they're ridiculous, but I didn't really have a chance considering the salary, expenses, rent, I couldn't I washed them. Today I have them removed. Many people, when they heard this story, contacted my mother and sister and said they want to help this boy for fun without interest.

From debts to the opening of "GoFoundMe"/ Luiz Ejlli confesses: They

They told him to open a 'GoFundMe' where to deposit money and the mother and sister opened it and in 2 days they collected 20 thousand dollars. I was told in the confession room by the staff that it has opened and if I want it to close or continue and I felt very bad, as if they would pity me and I told it to close immediately. When it was closed, they said that the family wanted to abuse the boy inside and took the money for themselves.

I am telling everyone today that the amount that has been collected, 20 thousand dollars, as soon as it is passed to me, I will use it to buy an apartment for a family in need anywhere in Albania and I will contact the associations. In addition to the stress of the big thing that happened outside, the thing that killed me the most is that people are throwing mud at my mother and sister, it's very serious because no one loves you more than your mother", said Luizi./ CNA. al

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