Handcuffs terrify Baba Liken alias Ilir Meta Metajn, that's why he "sold" Monika and attacked SPAK

2024-04-18 20:36:00, Opinione Rigels Seliman

Handcuffs terrify Baba Liken alias Ilir Meta Metajn, that's why he

In yesterday's appearance, Ilir Meta confirmed the terror that gripped him after being investigated as a family by SPAK. The prosecutor's office is at the end of the investigation of the 'CEZ-DIA' file, where it is expected that "Vojo Kushi" billionaire from Skrapari will be handcuffed. In addition to this file on his family, several other files are being completed, starting from money laundering to lobbying in America. Ilir Meta is the typical Albanian politician after the 1990s.

Immoral, corrupt, unfaithful, unscrupulous and impudent, this type of politician is part of the constellation that has guided us during the 34 years of post-communism, which has been part of the endless dirt in daily Albanian politics. His survival in politics has come as a result of his Machiavellianism, where bargaining and compromise with his political friends and opponents have prevailed throughout his career.

Ilir Meta with his peasant ignorance, with a poor intellectual formation thanks to his mischief was able to make diabolical pirouettes with his friends and enemies. From a young age he manifested that he is a man who knows no measure and limit in morality. From the first days of his entry into the Socialist Party, he was recruited by Sali Berisha through Bashkim Gazidedes and joined the Albanian left as a dolphin.

Surprisingly, although he played against Fatos Nano during his time in prison, he was catapulted to the highest levels of the Socialist Party. Today he was swearing at Fatos Nano, tomorrow he was kissing. Both in their kind were the same as far as the rules of morality were concerned. Fatos Nano, a liberal and promiscuous citizen, Ilir Meta, a diabolically ignorant peasant, managed to coexist until 2005.

The famous KPD of the SP has been the indicator of the debauchery of Albanian politics, but also the manifestation of Ilir Meta's amorality in relation to the morality that the political elite of a nation should represent. After 2005, the love affair with Edi Rama began, where they used to swear with a book and then confirmed their love for each other like two puritanical prostitutes. In 2009, Ilir Meta did not stop in his political pirouettes, where he returned to the bosom of his recruiter Sali Berisha to end up on the big road with Gim's block of 700 thousand euros.

The year 2013 marked the next pirouette, where Ilir Meta became a partner again with his old love Edi Ramë, where insults, unwashed nails or Sena's bald head were forgotten, overcoming them all and crowning the "alliance of stinkers". 

From 2017, the return of Ilir Meta to Sali Berisha is known again, finally closing the circle of hikers left and right. This period of political Machiavellianism transformed Ilir Meta from a character with a modest income to the possessor of staggering assets, thanks to his corruptive skills and mastery of turning the political bargain into economic profit. Villas, mansions, properties and endless wealth exist legally as his property registered in the ILDKP, while the underground possesses infinite wealth.

Yesterday's appearance in public clearly demonstrated his low intellectual level. Many who have tried to portray him as a madman are gravely mistaken. Ilir Meta has lost his calm which has been one of his qualities throughout his political career. Ilir Meta spoke little and this talent gave him the values ??of a serious man, while the reality of his mental capacity was never made public thanks to this ability that camouflaged his calm and taciturnity. Today, Ilir Meta has lost his composure and has taken off his coat, revealing his unique ignorance and idiocy.

The messages with Stalin, Hitler, Churchill or Radio Moscow clearly seemed to have tried to learn as paragraphs and their use was strained for a stubborn person like this typical Anatolian character, who survived in such a political time where ignorance and scum prevail over intellectual values ??of a nation. Ilir Meta has never read any book and it can be said with full mouth that he is the enemy of intelligence. Throughout his political career, he has been educated with the tapes of Mehmet Shehu and Enver Hoxha in order to gain influence in the culture of doing politics.

Undoubtedly, we must not forget the inspiration he received from Sutjeska e Marreshall Tito, who is his personal idol. The alarming of Ilir Meta is nothing but the alarming of a character who has gone downhill in politics and his minutes to account before justice are numbered.

The attacks on SPAK clearly demonstrated the panic that has gripped this immoral character who has put his entire family in the market, washing his hands of his collaborator and wife Monika, with whom he has done all the atrocities during the governments with his ministers during these years. 

This charlatan doesn't even consider his own family before his personal interests and his own backside. What happened these days with Ilir Meta clearly showed that the corrupt wall of 34 years has started to fall. After Sali Berisha, Ilir Meta is the next cornerstone that is falling away from this wall./ CNA

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