The European Capital of Dignity

2024-04-16 16:12:00, Opinione Grigels Muçollari

The European Capital of Dignity

The violent propaganda of Erion Veliajt has brought us several times trophies won by Tirana, that it is not known in what way they were obtained, in which competition and by which jury, but he has used those certificates bragging and boasting that he of him, we were one year the European capital of youth, one year of sports, and another year of culture.

I don't know if we have been the center of clean air, even though the World Bank and WHO raise the alarm about the reduction of green spaces and pollution several times over the allowed rate of oxygen that we carry in our lungs.

These peaks that Veliaj pumps in the media, have been seriously damaged by the discovery of a corruption affair at the head of the Municipality that he leads. In no other city in Europe, we have not heard that the highest leaders create a company themselves and receive the public funds of citizens' taxes, dozens of times and in crazy amounts over 20 million euros.

If an objective ranking were to be made after this, I am afraid that Tirana will become the European capital of corruption today.

But always, after a bad news, after a crisis, there is an opportunity, a chance to turn the matter in favor. Those who want to live and raise children here do not deserve this cost, this image tarnishing. We are Europeans by vocation, by lifestyle, by the values ??we embrace. We cannot be treated by the mayor with sub-Saharan standard management.

Again, this difficult moment can be transformed into a pride, showing determination and incompatibility with what has happened.

We can make Tirana the European capital that does not accept theft, does not accept corruption, and stands up to those who violate trust and abuse their duties.

This golden moment is not even a virtual utopia. But it is between us, it is very close, this coming Friday, April 19. We must unite in the square and show that we are really civil, European people who deserve to be treated as such. That we do not deserve to be despised by a mayor to whom this city has given many more chances than he has justified. The city is now within its rights to claim back the debt.

The debt created with so much frivolity was released by a mayor who, even when he was caught in this mega-theft, did not accept responsibility, did not take a true and honest position, but as usual hid behind banal attacks on the Opposition.

Friday's protest is not about the Democratic Party, not at all. It is for the dignity of the young men and women of this city, of the pensioners who do not have an easy life at all, of the thousands of entrepreneurs who try hard and pay a lot of taxes, for all the family members who repay the obligations to the Municipality every month.

Friday's call is to bring back the trampled honor of Tirana.

Each resident has his place in the square, his role to play, his integrity to protect.

Everyone has the duty to encourage especially the young people, those who are the future of the city, not to accept anything less than transparency, honesty and accountability in the management of Tirana./ CNA

11:04 Opinione Grigels Muçollari


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