The back side of "Top Channel" luxury

2023-11-18 17:25:00, Opinione Ermal Mulosmani
The back side of "Top Channel" luxury
Top Channel building

For a month or more, the whole of Albania is in a propaganda aggression centered on the screen of "Top Channel" and the spread of servile, concentric circles of portals that find you in every hideout where you can hide.

At any moment of the day, in the "TCH" broadcasts, before, in the middle, at the end of it, 60 times a day, a TV spot with the central figures of the famous Big Brother players announces the international success of the film "In the frame of love"; how international audiences were being wooed by young movie stars.

This hysteria was preceded by the hysteria of the premiere! No matter how much you tried to get away from the publicity part to escape the noise, it was useless. Every show talked about the big day, the preparations, the fever, the big gift of "Top Channel" to little Albania. I found myself ungrateful when I changed the station spoiled by this national holiday...

" While you stay at home and have fun WE spent the money, time, artistic creativity of Luiz and Olta, to fill the dramatic void of the film in our country" - seemed to say the countless interviews, chronicles and pre-film specials prepared with hysteria television never seen before.

The back side of "Top Channel" luxury

This was just the preparation. The event itself was an unprecedented perfection of marketing, a magnificent organization where the gallery of characters was predicted in detail and pompous, the clothes and the pink gossip were commented on - a delirious vanity where everyone was a willing figurant of a huge show, perhaps more the biggest and best organized I've ever seen. In this direction, "Top Channel" reached an aesthetic peak in propaganda, vanity and luxurious nonsense. That perfect ceremony is every creator's dream for their artwork. Even the one who doesn't like fanfare at all. There is a tendency to look differently when it comes to his work. How they seem more humane, more acceptable...

I thought for a moment of Erenik Beqiri, the director who a month ago received the Golden Lion in Venice, the most prestigious award ever won by a film production to date. How will he have the premiere? Probably with some modest invitations, some collective sms of colleagues, a poor cocktail with country drinks and finally, hopefully, some secondary television chronicle where the news of a short film is not even remembered among an edition full of politics and thundering vanity.

I quickly took my mind off Erenik. In the end, everyone has their own problems.

The production had wrapped its product so beautifully that, behind all that luxurious wrapping, no one dares to step on the gift they found inside. The end in a society of vanity where all is form a slave that speaks of content must be kicked out. He has no place in it.

For 100 stinking Euros!

I won't say anything about the content either. First because I haven't seen the movie. The second is because I would really like, for the sake of relationships with some of the authors, that the artistic product was on the same level as the marketing that was done to the film. I wish it was so.

But I can't stay without writing something about the Production of the film, precisely about these excellent film wrappers for which I did not spare the good words at the beginning.

The back side of "Top Channel" luxury

It was this luxury and this unprecedented sophistication that prompted me to write about the other side of the production of this film. By chance, I witnessed an amateurism, cowardice and denigration of the production staff unseen in any artistic film so far.

Before I write about the "Top Channel" production, I have to clarify that the film productions in Albania, despite the modest marketing, are excellent examples of organization. Production staffs are accommodated in the best hotel structures when they leave Tirana, the food is excellent, with coffee and sweets on the set and strict working hours. If the film productions have as many flaws as you like, their most commendable part remains the perfect organization of the film set, relations with the staff and especially correctness in payments. The entire staff of the film received the reward, however small, the day after the shooting was over. This is a standard that is already known and the makers have never violated it.

The complete opposite happened with the production of "Top Channel". At the head of a professional staff, with experience in making films in Albania, was Ledioni, an arrogant man who rummaged through text messages as if he were talking to channel workers. The whole setup was an upside-down reversal of everything the pros had learned. Randomness, improvisation and poverty were evident with each passing day. The production staff accustomed to comfortable conditions were forced to spend their own money to meet the minimum requirements they had for the cleanliness and quality of the food. A local bar, where after a funeral ceremony the staff tired from long hours of filming could have lunch, was the choice of "Top Channel" for a good part of the production staff. In that stinking restaurant, worms were often seen moving along the pilaf paths and inciting loathing not to set foot there. This was done because Topi's marketing had made a clearing agreement with this abomination!

Most of the staff used good chunks of money to buy sandwiches, pastries or fast food to see the ink on that needy top channelist!

The luxury producers didn't give any diet to the production staff, on the contrary, they took them to that level and almost every day they exceeded the 12 hours agreed in the contract.

The back side of "Top Channel" luxury

Why did the staff endure begs the question. Because they are pious people. They are used to finishing a job they start. Beyond the disdain for Ledion, they had a respect and admiration for the icon "Top Channel", the television that, even today, is an inexhaustible love for Albanians.

Once that torment ended. With its pros and cons, the film is a joint work of many people, and it's impossible not to love your work.

Days after the film was finished, the filmmakers were waiting for payment. As they have always been taught. It was the middle of July. But no one was coming alive. They were to receive 2/3 of the payment.

People started writing to each other. How is it explained that "Top" was so absurd? This had never happened! The taunts and jokes started. This was the highlight! A week passed, two… Nothing. August came, first week second third. No one answered. "Top" was looking like Sudja, a shameful pyramid. No one knew when the staff would be paid. September came, again nothing. Date 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. There were rumors that "Top" has no money. What a sin! Are you looking for our help? Here are a few more days, please... The 10th came, they said the 15th. The 15th passed, someone said: "I think we will be paid"!

Hyyy, big party! "Top Channel", the icon of the correctness of payments, has become like the trash of televisions, room and kitchen to give food to the arrears of salaries. The filmmakers can't believe their eyes! The money has arrived, let's celebrate.

This is the truth of "Top Channel". Unbridled publicity expenses, propaganda luxury, vanity and post-production perfection on the one hand, and cunning, arrogance, amateurism and poverty behind the cameras.

In a word, a super perfumed needy.

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