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10 reasons why Erion Veliaj is head over heels in the plague of "5D"

2024-04-12 22:45:00, Opinione Ervin Goci
10 reasons why Erion Veliaj is head over heels in the plague of "5D"
Erion Veliaj

First of all, he has not distanced himself from Gemma, he even says that the directors are good people who may have made a mistake, so as evidence he has defended them and the Prosecution has the right to take him as a self-proclaimed collaborator.

Secondly, very important, the theft of the directors has become a public fact since a year ago, and the gentleman in question has defended them publicly, saying that he, like them, will take him to court for defamation. He put his name as a shield. Now you say I didn't know anything.

Thirdly, the theft of public money does not come from outside, it is not segmental, but it is total, a complete cycle between the customers and the beneficiaries, even the good works that the directors have done, such as improving the lives of the citizens of Tirana , they did it to open work for themselves.

The fourth, including dozens of people, is not an innocent person who received 5 lek, but the highest holders who have wiped out millions of euros.

Fifth, as all the data says, these directors have never been audited, at any moment, and this is the competence of Erion Veliaj, heavy bleeding, the direct responsibility of the highest official.

Sixth, these directors have been promoted to other positions, from one post to another, so it is not that they have done a job, they have moved from one sector to another without ever analyzing their work.

Seventh, the directors in question, in a conflict of interest and in violation of the law, were in charge of the election campaign in Tirana Municipality, so they were not just administrators, but political leaders of Erion Veliaj's campaign. And this should be investigated by itself

Eighth, the affair of 5D is directly related to the incinerator of Tirana, as well as to many other affairs that are related to corruption with school tenders or the opening of construction sites by violence with criminal directors in charge. So it is not an issue, but it is more than one.

The ninth, the number of people involved, means that 100% of the top managers and a significant percentage of the middle and lower managers are included in this blood-drinking scheme. The whole institution has fallen, while the manager is trying to keep the whole massive building he is putting inside as a pillar.

Finally, the decision-making system in the local government in Albania, this is because of the law and not because of my personal liking, is a vertical system, this one knows the mayor at the top. This is so true that his signature is needed for one cent, and for permits, and for everything else. I emphasize, this system is perverse, but this legal system, for everything that happens in the institution, includes the president first. While he should have been the first to be arrested, the prosecutor's office let him do a verdal catechism.

Wherever he turns, Erion Veliaj is immersed head to toe, he is an unseasoned finisher, but who must be kept under strong pressure until he goes "to his friends"./ CNA

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