Stop/ "Go away, don't break my tr**in", the lawyer who stole the client returns the money

2024-01-31 21:30:00, Denoncim CNA

Stop/ "Go away, don't break my tr**in", the lawyer who stole the

In June and November of last year, we broadcast the case of Mrs. Shqiponja Mashi, who said that in 2019, in Shkodër, she was riding a motorcycle with her daughter and had an accident.

As a result, the girl was injured and spent 3 months on bed rest. The lady went to court with lawyer Ndue Gjelaj and managed to win compensation in the amount of 54 million old lek, but Shqiponja only got 8 million lek.

For the rest, the lawyer did not provide clarifications. We returned with Shciponja, who told us that not only had she not received the reward, but that the lawyer Ndue Gjelaj also sued her for defamation.

"I once met with lawyer Ndue Gjëla in September, we met in a cafe. His words were: "Ms. Shqiponja, we are here together to drink coffee, we are leaving the chats here, the girl will be 18 and one day I will put the money to the last kacidha". I trusted him. It's been two weeks since he turned 18, I got him on the phone. He told me: 'Go away, don't break my heart'. He hung up on me. After two weeks, I received a letter that filed a criminal lawsuit against me for defamation of 'Stop'. I have the court that sued me. For defamation, I don't know what I have defamed. The monetary value is 19 million, which has not yet been transferred to my daughter's account,"  she said.

After two broadcasts on the show "Stop" on TV Klan, Shqiponja tells us that the lawyer Ndue Gjelaj passed the money to her daughter

Journalist: Let's talk one more time, this time we'll talk over the phone, because your problem has ended for so long! Lawyer Ndue Gjelaj decided to transfer the money he was holding as a hostage in his account to your daughter, as it was hers. Is this true I believe?

Eagle Mashi: Yes, yes true. We got them, thank you very much to "Stopi", thank you Domenika, you are wonderful. So we have no other problem with lawyer Ndue Gjelaj. The money has been transferred to the girl's account, thank you very much! / tvclan

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