"Go away, don't break my heart", the lawyer steals millions from the client and sues her

2023-11-13 21:08:20, Denoncim CNA

"Go away, don't break my heart", the lawyer steals millions from

In June of this year, "Stop" aired the case of Ms. Shqiponja Mashi, who said that in 2019 she was riding a motorcycle with her daughter in Shkodër and had an accident.

As a result, the girl was injured and spent 3 months on bed rest. The lady went to court with lawyer Ndue Gjelaj and managed to win compensation in the amount of 54 million old Lek.

But only 8 million Lek passed the Eagle. For the rest, the lawyer does not give explanations. While the executor Rrok Deda said that the money was transferred to the lawyer.

"Stop" meets again with Shqiponja, who said that not only has she not yet received the compensation money, but the lawyer Ndue Gjelaj has filed a criminal lawsuit against her for defamation.

"I once met with lawyer Ndue Gjela in September, we met in a cafe. His words were: Mrs. Shqiponja, we are here together to drink coffee, we are leaving the conversations here, the girl will be 18 and one day I will put the money to the last kacidha. I trusted him. It's been two weeks since he turned 18, I got him on the phone. He told me to go away, my son, don't break my heart. He hung up on me. After two weeks, I received a letter that filed a criminal lawsuit against me for defamation of "Stop". I have the court that sued me. For defamation, I don't know what I have defamed. The monetary value is 19 million, which has not yet been transferred to my daughter's account," she said.

"Stop" turned to the lawyer who insisted that the bailiff has the money.

Lawyer Ndue Gjelaj: You come like the work of the virus, poof..., it cannot be done without making an appointment.

Journalist: That is the second one! You told us the virus! One for compensating the lady and two for the criminal lawsuit you filed against her.

Lawyer Ndue Gjelaj: You did very well to come. The criminal lawsuit, which I filed, that very soon you will also have a lawsuit. Very soon!

Journalist:  Yes, we are waiting, yes!

Lawyer Ndue Gjelaj: The time has not come. I did it, because it is my right, because the lady has slandered me.

Journalist:  What did he slander?

Lawyer Ndue Gjelaj: The things that I think he has defamed, the things that do not stand.

Journalist: Which ones? Lek, which he did not receive?

Lawyer Ndue Gjelaj: Why do you need to give an account?

Journalist: The lady went to Stop-i, in this way we are also involved. Why did the lady's compensation not exceed the 50-50 payment?

Lawyer Ndue Gjelaj: It's not that I didn't make it.

Journalist:  Where did they stay?

Lawyer Ndue Gjelaj: It has not passed the Bailiff. And you haven't investigated things properly.

Journalist: Your friend hasn't passed?

Lawyer Ndue Gjelaj: No, he is not my friend, he is simply another institution, which carries out the actions given to him by the law.

Journalist: Where are the lawyers?

Lawyer Ndue Gjelaj: In the Executor's account.

Journalist: If the bailiff has the money, face the bailiff, who you directed yourself!

But Rrok Deda stated that 42 million Lek has gone to the lady's lawyer, Ndue Gjelaj.

Private executor Rrok Deda: I spent as much lek as I spent! This is true and I have given it to him in numbers.

Journalist:  How long have you spent?

Private bailiff Rrok Deda: About 42-43 million old.

It also made bank transactions available. On July 8, 2022, the amount of 10 million old ALL was transferred to the lawyer's account. On August 9, 2022, another value of 10 million Lek was passed. On August 22, 2022, 11 million and 250 thousand Lek were transferred and on November 24, 2022, 9 and a half million Lek were transferred to the account of lawyer Gjelaj./ tvklan

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