Facts/ Tirana's incinerator is financed by Russian money

2024-02-02 18:06:00, Denoncim CNA

Facts/ Tirana's incinerator is financed by Russian money

The connections of the Tirana incinerator go all the way to the Russians.

These connections have been denounced by CNA for a long time, while this Friday the member of the Presidency of the DP, Belind Kelliçi, also spoke about this issue.

The latter listed the facts, as he showed that Blerim Hoxha, the shareholder with 40% in the Tirana incinerator, connects the Russians with the incinerators.

He said that the co-owners of his company are financed by Russian money and Hoxha injects Russian money into the waste.

Facts/ Tirana's incinerator is financed by Russian money

"Ahmetaj has confirmed all that we have made public and brought out with facts and documents. He confirmed that SPAK has hidden this affair. It is impossible to conduct a detailed investigation of Ahmetaj's house and on the other hand do not investigate where the 60 million euros that were stolen went.

SPAK does not terminate the contract because 80,000 euros have been stolen today in the city of Tirana, and on the other hand, there should be no measures for the people who are really responsible.

In August of last year, the incinerator of Tirana was seized and transferred to the state administrator. I have been working with the group of experts for months and why is the contract not terminated because it is linked to forged documents, international fraud and the money must be controlled through the state administration. Even two days ago, 1.8 million euros were paid for the Tirana incinerator.

Blerim Hoxha enters history after the month of May 2022 through his company and owns 40% of the shares in the incinerator of Tirana, and the actions that have been carried out there that go to fiscal heaven are amazing. Icare Group is a company that includes three individuals who are Marigona Metaj, Blerim Hoxha and Christophe Darbord and the latter are involved in the ARMO refinery and sent it for scrap. Metaj and Darbord own companies Tosk Energy and Bylis Energy which are financed by Russian companies blacklisted by the US. Tirana's incinerator is financed by a Russian company, so Russian money comes in," said Kelliçi./ CNA

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