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English 20:24 - 28 Janar, 2021

Photos-The scandal of political parties/ Here is how they are spreading Covid-19

For almost a year, the country has been facing the pandemic of the new coronavirus, which has brought the whole world to its knees. As in...

Sondazhi/ Shqiptarët “copëtojnë” Bashën
English 19:23 - 28 Janar, 2021

What Lulzim Basha’s analysts don’t want to understand

Analysts of Lulzim Basha, ie not of the opposition, tried yesterday in Blendi Fevziu’s show “Opinion” to convince the public that the polls were all wrong....

Ish deputetja jep lajmin e trishtë/ Ndahet nga jeta në moshë të re zyrtari i LSI
English 21:05 - 27 Janar, 2021

The crumbling of the SMI/Lawyer and businessman leaves Kryemadhi’s party

The Socialist Movement for Integration is being abandoned more and more every day. After the departure of a number of former deputies such as Robert Bitri,...

English 19:28 - 27 Janar, 2021

Sander Lleshaj, the “failed captain” of the Renaissance

As the media reported, Sander Lleshaj, the minister who resigned after the murder of the young Klodian Rasha, appeared today in court. The most failed man...

The clashes/What is happening with the DP list in Korça, who are the contenders
English 21:45 - 26 Janar, 2021

The clashes/What is happening with the DP list in Korça, who are the contenders

Korça region seems to be one of the most difficult in the selection of candidates for MP by Lulzim Basha. It was the same with the...

English 14:24 - 26 Janar, 2021

Berisha’s video-The prophecy about Ben Blushi/You will enter where you came from

Three years ago, former Prime Minister Sali Berisha gave during a parliamentary session some lectures on love and jealousy to the former head of LIBRA, Ben...

Luli Basha’s “Babale”, uses the media to attack Sahit Dollapi
English 20:19 - 25 Janar, 2021

Luli Basha’s “Babale”, uses the media to attack Sahit Dollapi

The war within the Democratic Party, seems to be moving to another stage. Apparently have started the internal intrigues and the battle to capture any of...

English 15:46 - 25 Janar, 2021

Where is the right?

By Elvi Fundo In recent weeks, the media have chosen to conduct their own polls, to increase their audience, but also to influence public opinion, according...

English 08:49 - 25 Janar, 2021

“There is no liar 2 meters long!”/ Why Rama doesn’t go to Fier to inaugurate the incinerator

For months, has published in detail a complete investigative file, regarding the concession of incinerators in Albania. There was a long debate, the CNA denounced...

Foto lajm/ Basha fotografon "lolitën" në zyrë
English 15:29 - 24 Janar, 2021

Unbelievable! Luli Basha is 36 years old

For someone, it may seem unbelievable, but we are facing a case, where either Lulzim Basha lies and takes the Albanians as fools, or the Directorate...