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The names of 81 deputies that are already elected without voting/List of SP, DP and SMI
English 13:45 - 7 Shkurt, 2021

The names of 81 deputies that are already elected without voting/List of SP, DP and SMI

It is not a surprise that the Albanian parliament is not elected by the people, but the leaders of the parties, and this is a fact....

Note/ Fatos Nano did not disappoint anyone
English 18:51 - 5 Shkurt, 2021

Note/ Fatos Nano did not disappoint anyone

The historical leader of the socialists, Fatos Nano, seems to have stirred a lot the waters of politics, after the interview he gave yesterday for the...

English 13:29 - 5 Shkurt, 2021

Exclusive /Two famous women return to the horror of Tirana

Tirana police have long been looking for perpetrators, who are suspected of burning a luxury business in the middle of the Block area in exchange for...

English 19:32 - 4 Shkurt, 2021

The names/ Basha leaves his serviles with the finger in the mouth

Lulzim Basha has announced the list of leaders in 12 regions, and has already almost 12 leading names in the list of Tirana region. What stands...

English 12:57 - 4 Shkurt, 2021

The “pie-makers” of the Democratic Party are unmasked/Luli Basha pulls out the “army” to reap imaginary victories

The “pie-makers” of the Democratic Party have begun to be unmasked little by little. Existing pages in the social networks of the democrats in Mallakastër, Saranda...

English 21:47 - 3 Shkurt, 2021

Candidate recycling and overthrow of the evaluation commission/ Is the DP the party that want the citizens?

The Democratic Party has closed the selection phase of names for candidates in each constituency. Although some time ago, this party set up a commission to...

PDIU drejt një koalicioni më vete/ Negociatat Basha-Idrizi, të vështira
English 19:49 - 3 Shkurt, 2021

PJIU towards a separate coalition/ Basha-Idrizi negotiation are very difficult

Lulzim Basha’s negotiations with the Party for Justice, Integration and Unity of Shpetim Idrizi seem to be quite problematic, while other allies have already closed the...

English 23:49 - 2 Shkurt, 2021

Exclusive/ Here are the DP candidates and the surprises in the Korça region

After many reactions and debates about various characters or candidates, who wanted the campaign to start immediately, and that the Democratic Party was too late, Lulzim...

Shqipëria fiton apo Shqipëria masakron/ Koalicioni PD-LSI “kafshon” qytetarët
English 19:35 - 2 Shkurt, 2021

Luli Basha’s infidelity towards democrats/ Today he will bring to power the “lechees” of SMI-PJIU

During the 8 years he has been leading the New Republic in opposition, Luli Basha promises every time before an election process, that he will overthrow...

English 20:29 - 1 Shkurt, 2021

Exclusive/ It is revealed where have stalled Basha’s negotiations with Mediu, Idrizi and Dule

Lulzim Basha has partially closed the agreement with the opposition allies, but there are still 3 parties left, with which the Democratic Party has still major...