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Fjalimi në Kuvend/ Nishani “masakron” Ramën: Tradhëtari i babesë! Bën sikur “i digjet barku” për lavdinë e UÇK
English 09:22 - 29 Korrik, 2020

SPAK masquerade with “alleged” arrests for file No.339

By Bujar Nishani * The latest masquerade of the so-called “SPAK” allegedly for “investigations” and “arrests” for electoral crime and File No.339 is nothing else, but...

Edi Ramën nuk e do as Zoti
English 12:48 - 28 Korrik, 2020

Even God doesn’t love Edi Rama

In 2013, after an eel dinner with Ilir Meta, then chairman of the Socialist Movement for Integration, on April 1, Edi Rama announced the alliance with...

Ti je gjobaxhi dhe grabitës
English 09:54 - 27 Korrik, 2020

You are an extortioner and a robber

You became a director to fight the government, but you turned into a thug and a robber, now betrayed and lonely. Masked robbers in the streets...

Do hapet-s'do hapet / Si po flet me vete Republika e Re
English 08:54 - 25 Korrik, 2020

What does he lose, and why Lulzim Basha is afraid of open lists?!

A debate continues to be every day in the attention of public opinion, but also of politics and diplomats in Albania, regarding the electoral system. After...

SPAK merr në hetim ortakun e Ben Blushit
English 10:12 - 24 Korrik, 2020

The scandal/SPAK is “protecting” Ben Blushi

Justice reform, strongly trumpeted by Albanian politics, and with a very strong support from the international community, does not seem to be meeting the expectations of...

English 10:26 - 23 Korrik, 2020

The scandal/ Vjollca Hoxha’s medias, accused the businessman Arben Reli in the name of the rosy stories’ friends, who owe him 400.000 euros

As had never happened before, the show “Fiks Fare” devoted two episodes to a completely private matter, a relationship between two businessmen, which was in a...

English 10:17 - 22 Korrik, 2020

Edi Rama as an enemy of artists

“I brought it with uncut nails from Paris”, was the joke of former Prime Minister Fatos Nano many years ago, when he started a clash with...

Babëzia e Ben Blushit nuk njeh kufi/ Zhvat edhe tre mijë metër katëror tokë në Dhërmi
English 09:53 - 21 Korrik, 2020

Ben Blushi’s greed don’t know limits/He extracts another 3.000 square meters of land in Dhërmi

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has published yesterday the denunciation of a citizen, according to which Ben Blushi’s wife, Eva Blushi has taken an area of...

Vëzhgimi/ Zbulohen “armiqtë” e Vjollca Hoxhës dhe Ben Blushit
English 10:26 - 20 Korrik, 2020

Observation /The “enemies” of Vjollca Hoxha and Ben Blushi revealed

It is enough to look at the bankrupt leaflet, administered by Ben Blushi, and owned by Vjollca Hoxha, to understand how the media is used for...

Bargains and coded messages/Rama-Meta-Basha political games revealed
English 10:47 - 18 Korrik, 2020

Bargains and coded messages/ Rama-Meta-Basha political games revealed

The political situation in the country seems “heated”, while debates and clashes in the distance have been numerous. But there have also been coded messages, and...