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Zgjedhjet e 25 prillit/ Basha: Vijojnë negociatat me aleatët
English 21:05 - 15 Janar, 2021

The ‘Dushku scheme’ of 2001, as a return to 2021 elections

For several days the leaders of that opposition that claims that it is fighting for Albania to have fair elections, are making successive statements to prepare...

What Lulzim Basha said yesterday in “Opinion”
English 14:20 - 15 Janar, 2021

What Lulzim Basha said yesterday in “Opinion”

The chairman of the extra-parliamentary opposition, Lulzim Basha, was yesterday invited to the show “Opinion” in front of a panel of journalists, where for 2 hours...

53 emrat e listës fituese të Lulzim Bashës
English 19:48 - 14 Janar, 2021

The 53 names of the winning list of Lulzim Basha

Lulzim Basha is presenting day by day his list of winning candidates in the April 25 elections. Whether the opposition wins or not, Luli Basha is...

English 15:40 - 14 Janar, 2021

The electoral scheme is revealed / How will run the opposition in the April 25 elections

For some time now, the Democratic Party, the Socialist Movement for Integration and their opposition allies have been showing some formulas on how they will run...

Pas Dukës/ Basha arin marëveshjen edhe me dy aleatë të tjerë
English 20:09 - 13 Janar, 2021

The appetites of the allies – Luli Basha needs a parliament with 1400 deputies

Fatmir Mediu announced today the list of candidates for deputies of the Republican Party. 36 names that Mr. Mediu in the capacity of party chairman, has...

The candidate without an area to run declares victory
English 15:04 - 13 Janar, 2021

The candidate without an area to run declares victory

It also happens like this:Someone declares victory even though he is not in the race, and we hear this in Albanian politics. Yesterday a former insignificant...

Ndryshimet në Kodin Penal për krimet zgjedhore/ SPAK cakton pesë prokurorë
English 22:35 - 12 Janar, 2021

The daughter buys 8 million Lek the death of her mother/ SPAK is immediately set in motion

The investigative show “Stop” on TV Klan denounced tonight a big scandal, where an employee of the hospital “Shefqet Ndroqi” in Tirana, otherwise known as Covid2,...

English 14:55 - 12 Janar, 2021

Note/ The steak of Edi Rama’s ministers, and the added wealth of Lulzim Basha

Opposition leader Lulzim Basha reacted again today, regarding the famous dinner of 4 days ago of a part of the government cabinet, accompanied by businessman Samir...

Fred Mara and Krenar Gjokutaj, incompetent or corrupt?!
English 20:51 - 11 Janar, 2021

Fred Mara and Krenar Gjokutaj, incompetent or corrupt?!

There are two senior leaders of the State Police, one director of the Korça District, and the other the chief of the police station in this...

Photo-news /It’s not the government escort, but Luli Basha
English 15:54 - 11 Janar, 2021

Photo-news / It’s not the government escort, but Luli Basha

It is not the government escort, but Lulzim Basha who is going to Shkodra with an escort, where there are several “Jeep” cars, and not only...