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Habit Lleshaj/ S’kemi më nevojë për strategji kundër kanabisit
English 15:36 - 15 Tetor, 2020

Just as with the luxury car/ Lleshaj denies the cultivation of cannabis in Albania, and attacks the media

The Minister of Interior, Sander Lleshaj, seems to have made it a habit to deny the truths that are denounced every day in the media. Just...

Afera e inceneratorëve/ Basha tregon “peshkun e madh”: Skandali është shumë më i thellë
English 15:00 - 15 Tetor, 2020

CNA denounces scandal with the incinerators/ Basha appeals to SPAK: Justify your existence

The leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has sharpened today the tones regarding the corrupt affair of incinerators, long denounced by has denounced...

“Përlanë 14 milionë euro për 14 ditë”/ Malltezi publikon dokumentin: Mjafton kjo foto për të bërë punën SPAK
English 20:20 - 14 Tetor, 2020

“14 million euros stolen for 14 days”/ Malltezi publish the document: This photo is enough for SPAK to act

Head of the Department of Environmental Protection in Demokratic Party, Jamarber Malltezi, is back once again the government’s theft with incinerators processing waste. While publishing a...

English 16:55 - 14 Tetor, 2020

Gjonaj is at the “forefront” of reforms/ She has no time to deal with “small jobs” like that of a forgery notary

The Minister of Justice, Etilda Gjonaj seems to be probably the “most hardworking bee” of the cabinet of Prime Minister Edi Rama. Etilda Gjonaj has been...

Marrëveshje Rama-Basha? Një tjetër provë që tregon bashëkpunimin mes palëve
English 17:21 - 13 Tetor, 2020

A Rama-Basha agreement? Another evidence that shows the cooperation between two big parties

A few months ago, specifically in July, the Democratic Party demanded that wearing a mask on the face should not be mandatory only indoors, but also...

Kush ia mbylli gojën Lulzim Bashës për inceneratorët/ Irfani apo kunati?
English 16:08 - 13 Tetor, 2020

Who silenced Lulzim Basha for the incinerators/ Irfan Hysenbelliu or his brother-in-law?

For several days in a row, the chairman of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha, talked a lot about one of the biggest scandals in the 30-year...

PD ndez “motorët” për zgjedhjet/ Brenda tetorit caktohen drejtuesit politikë në qarqe
English 21:30 - 12 Tetor, 2020

Exclusive-The full list/ Here are the DP candidates throughout Albania has uncovered the complete list with about 500 names (475 in total) of DP candidates throughout Albania for the April 25 elections. From this false...

Rritja e pagave dhe ekonomisë/ Tabaku i përgjigjet Ramës: Figurë e vjetër që i ka rënë dhe fantazia
English 15:18 - 12 Tetor, 2020

“Tirana Incinerator, a story of theft and corruption”/Jorida Tabaku lists the facts

Former MP of Democratic Party Jorida Tabaku, says that Tirana incinerator is a story of theft and corruption. According to her, the more it is excavated,...

Exclusive documents/ Ben Blushi is criminally charged for the house in Dardha
English 08:37 - 12 Tetor, 2020

Exclusive documents/ Ben Blushi is criminally charged for the house in Dardha

Ben Blushi, is the most accused and most denounced politician at the US Embassy in Tirana for the violations of the law, that he committed during...

Basha’s strong accusations/ Who owns the media in partnership with incinerators
English 15:53 - 11 Tetor, 2020

Basha’s strong accusations/ Who owns the media in partnership with incinerators

Lulzim Basha spoke yesterday publicly about the incinerator. He also made an irony, saying that this media may suffer technical defects during live broadcasting, or emphasizing...