Will Shefike Demiraj be taken “hostage” by Ben Blushi and Ervin Pupe?!

27 Janar 2022, 16:45, English CNA
Will Shefike Demiraj be taken “hostage” by Ben Blushi and Ervin

A court hearing is expected to be held on Friday, in the Criminal Court of Tirana regarding a denunciation made in 2020 by CNA.al, but also a report of the businessman Andon Dhima, regarding a forgery that occurred in 2015 on the sale of a property, registered for a value of only 30.000 euros, although in the market it cost at least 300-400.000 euros.

However, after a report by Andon Dhima regarding the forgery committed in the notary office of Violeta Sulkaj, where according to all data, it turns out that Ben Blushi?s daughter, N.B, at the time of signing this contract of sale in the presence of the notary, as admitted by notary Violeta Sulkaj, she was outside Albania.

According to the data of the TIMS system, she left the country in April and returned in June 2015. Meanwhile, the contract was signed in May 2015. For this issue, Dhima filed a report with in the Tirana Prosecutor?s Office, after the denunciation by CNA.al.

At the same time, the Ministry of Justice launched an investigation, which justified the violation of the law by claiming that since the forgery had passed 5 years, so there could be no further investigation for the notary.

Apparently, the Prosecution is in the same situation, or Judge Shefike Demiraj, who must decide tomorrow. But what will be the verdict that Shefike Demiraj will give? Will she be taken hostage by Ben Blushi? Or from his brother-in-law, Ervin Pupe, which is a member of the Supreme Court?

Will she really do justice, or close the case? The Prosecution has requested that the case be dismissed, without conducting investigations, without conducting verification, without verifying the signature of Ben Blushi?s daughter, N.B. Without minimally verifying even in the TIMS system.

Therefore, a criminal file is being sent to the court without being investigated. Judge Shefike Demiraj has to show tomorrow:Will he be a ?hostage? or will she really do justice? Will Demiraj allow the investigation to be completed? So, will the prosecutors order you to verify the TIMS system, and to do the expertise of the girl?s signature.

Who forged N.Blushi?s signature? The judge and the prosecutor should ask themselves this question. This question should be asked by all those who are part of the investigation. It is enough to take the data of the TIMS system, and you understand what happened in May 2015, where N.Blushi?s signature was falsified.

And this violation cannot be justified just because have passed 5, 6, 7 or even 10 years. A notary was caught with a forged document, signed by a person who at the time was not in Albania. So the firm has been forged. And for this, Judge Shefike Demiraj can not close her eyes.

She cannot close her eyes to this violation, just because she is facing a former politician or a former media director, like Ben Blushi. An influencer in public life. And neither because of her colleague, Ben Blush?is brother-in-law in the Supreme Court.

It is time to unravel the truth. It is time to understand if Shefike Demiraj is the judge who will bring justice. The impunity of those who create fraudulent schemes and scenarios for people who are not in Albaniam must end once and for all./CNA.al

A do merret “peng” Shefike Demiraj, nga Ben Blushi dhe Ervin Pupe?!  

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