How started the incinerators’concession, the names involved and the media purchase/ Elvi Fundo unravel the corrupt affair

12 Janar 2022, 19:35, English CNA
How started the incinerators’concession, the names involved and the media journalist and editor, Elvi Fundo, has revealed the details of one of the most accused corruption scandals in Albania, that of the incinerator concession. Invited last night on the show ?A show?, by journalist Adi Krasta, journalist Fundo gave a full overview, how the concession of incinerators started, up to the inclusion or purchase of media silence.

Fundo emphasized that millions of Lek have ended up in the main media in Albania, whereat the top of the list is the media led by the former socialist MP, Ben Blushi, whose wife is a partner with Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri, in a company of established in Bulgaria, EM Capital Group.

Meanwhile, millions of Lek have gone to the companies of journalist Endrit Habilaj, which have benefited about 50.000 euros. Irfan Hysenbelliu?s ?Focus Group? company, which includes News 24 television, Balkanweb, etc., has also received millions of Lek from incinerators, while the Fax News television has also been on the incinerator?s payroll.

Carlo Bollino also took his share, which according to the documents turns out to have been paid millions of Lek by the incinerators. Meanwhile, millions have received peripheral portals, or even the ?doctor? of the American Hospital, Baton Haxhiu.

Fundo explained that everything started in 2014, where within one day for this issue were drafted and approved 9 government decisions. Something that has never happened in these 30 years of democracy, as every project must follow a series of procedures that usually last at least a few weeks.

According to him, the incinerator company is registered with only 100.000 Lek as capital. So instead of starting the works with her own money, she took a loan in a second level bank, which she repaid with the state budget money that the Rama government started to give before the works started.

Meanwhile, except the incinerator in Elbasan, which also has many problems, the incinerators in Fier and Tirana have not been built yet. The company has even imposed an increase in construction costs in the capital, due to high tariffs for cleaning soil and aggregates from construction sites.

Fundo stressed that except and a few media, most remained silent about this scandal, after being corrupted by millions of euros, in the form of payments for advertising the company.

?SPAK has all the facts in its hands. I don?t wish bad luck to any journalist. But as long as the media is immersed so far, this is unacceptable. In my opinion, this payment made by incinerators was prompted by a political order to probably serve in election campaigns?- said Fundo./

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