Exclusive documents/ Incinerator companies, hundreds millions Lek for Carlo Bollino

10 Janar 2022, 10:24, English CNA
Exclusive documents/ Incinerator companies, hundreds millions Lek for Carlo

The scandal of the corrupt incinerator?s affair, for which the former Minister of Environment, Lefter Koka, has been arrested, seems to continue to deepen.

CNA.al has provided exclusive data, which show how her tentacles have spread to the media as well.

Journalists or the media are paid staggering figures by incinerator companies. One of the media paid by incinerator companies is that of Carlo Bollino. Carlo Bollino and his media have been paid for years by the owners of incinerators, with amounts of money that in total exceed hundreds of millions of Lek.

According to exclusive documents provided by CNA.al, Carlo Bollino?s company MTSC was paid about 40.000 euros in 7 different invoices, where only in April 2021 was paid 18 million Lek or almost 17.000 euros.

According to the table below, it is about 7 payments, made specifically from February 2021, to July 2021. So, only for a short period, in total for 7 payments made in 2021 were paid to the media of Carlo Bollino 4.432.771 Lek.

But who is the MTSC company?

According to the legal extract, MTSC is a company established on June 17, 2015, and with address in Tirana, Municipal Unit No. 2, Niko Pushkin Street, behind the Qemal Stafa Stadium, near the artificial lake.

According to the extract, it is learned that the only partner with 100 percent of the capital of this company is Carlo Bollino. While the activity of the company is:?Activity in the field of radio and television broadcasting. Production, transmission and retransmission of various audio-visual programs and products. The company has the right to exercise any kind of activity provided by law in accordance with the rules and provisions in force?.

So, it?s about Carlo Bollino?s media group.

CNA.al will not stop denouncing this affair, probably the biggest of these 30 years of democracy. Day after day CNA.al will make public the names of all media clients, or journalists who have been paid by the companies of one of the most accused concessions in Albania./CNA.al

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Dokumentet ekskluzive/ Kompanitë e inceneratorëve, qindra milionë lekë për Carlo Bollinon

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