Lulzim Basha, a buffoon who should be experienced without drama

9 Janar 2022, 12:28, English CNA
Lulzim Basha, a buffoon who should be experienced without drama

By Andi Bushati

Lulzim Basha did nothing that was unexpected.  He armored the doors of the Democratic Party just like Edi Rama did wirh the prime minister?s office.  He threw ?Serbian? tear gas at protesters just like Ardi Veliu.  He eventually became a toy in the hands of the regime police, who as if to ultimately rape him, gave a press statement at the entrance of the liberated headquarters.

He made those MPs who support him look the same as Jenisheri, Gjuzi, or the one who couldn?t pronounce ?corporation?, in the last assembly.

He turned the main opposition headquarters into a lobby for the regime’s offices.

He also ridiculed the American intention to “fight corruption”, proving that the whole strategy with “non grata” was nothing more than a plan to lower the leader of the opposition, exposing himself on Rama’s lap.

Therefore, from today, when it was clear that there was a preliminary agreement between the regime police and the representatives of the Basha “opposition”, which were coordinated within two or three minutes, the images of violence will not remain in the memory.

Even the tear gas, even the armed black hoods inside the headquarters, even the MPs with guns in their hands will be forgotten very soon.  Because they are just a dark spot in the multidimensional picture of what happened.

The big news, the bitter truth, is that as of this Saturday, this country is run by an autocrat who has an office in the prime minister?s building and another in SHQUP (The Democratic Party Headquarters). As a result we have an opposition whose facade is lead by a buffoon chairman.

His only difference is that he completed the conversion process from being for 16-year Berisha?s buffoon to that of Edi Rama.

Whom of the MPs will henceforth have the face to support Basha, can come out and speak, in public debates, about the blue uniforms that disproportionately violated the citizens?  Who will have the courage to criticize the narco state police?  Who will have the impudence to evoke what was done to the protesters of the Unaza disctrict, the National Theater, the new boulevard, or those who expressed their grief in front of the prime minister.

If the police did the right thing today? then Salianji is a deceiver for the Babale affair, then Gaz Bardhi is guilty of the murders in Elbasan, then Gon Shehaj is a suicide bomber of the barrier at the nation’s road, then Jorida Tabaku is the instigator of violence in the New Ring district,

then Grida Duma was provocative in the demolition of the theater, then Xhelal Mziu was the inspirer of terrorism before April 25th, then Lul Basha is a vandal who incited the battle in front of the parliament and the prime minister.

By choosing Rama’s police, today many of Luli’s MPs spat on their history.

From today, they were silenced for many crimes that have occurred in these years, because they themselves became hostages of this criminal power.

Therefore, instead of recording in memory the violence, civilians with weapons and armored doors, instead of seeing Lulzim Basha and his henchmen as barbarians, let us have mercy on them and laugh at them.

From this January 8, they are nothing more than disgusting clowns of the regime, who will have only one challenge, to play the role a little better than Myslim Murrizi or Rudina Hajdari.

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