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How did the police save Lulzim Basha’s bandits?


How did the police save Lulzim Basha’s bandits?



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Lulzim Basha, surrounded by armed bandits, bled yesterday the yard and the headquarters

of the Democratic Party. With sticks, glass and solid objects, they came out of the anteroom of Lulzim Basha’s office and attacked the democrats who were trying to enter their political house.

Meanwhile, after the attack, violence and bloodshed, they managed to leave the DP building, without being accountable for the violence against the democrats, assisted by the State Police. And this not by chance.

After all, it seemed clear that it was a scenario prepared by Basha himself in cooperation with Prime Minister Edi Rama, including the police. The latter, at the moment he intervened to disperse the crowd, helped to remove the bandits of Lulzim Basha.

When the crowd of protesters dispersed, a group of people left from behind the building of the DP headquarters. Even when the prosecution went to the DP headquarters, it didn’t find any suspicious people inside, but only the deputies and some militants.

Armed persons with blacks hoodies, who came out of Lulzim Basha’s anteroom and started to use violence against the democrats, were not found at the headquarters. They had left, and their departure took place with the help of the police, at moment the latter went to disperse the crowd with tear gas.

LEXO EDHE:  Sekuestrohen 70 mijë euro në portin e Durrësit/ Pranga dy shoferëve

Meanwhile, after the violence he exercised against the democrats, the man of scandals, Lulzim Basha, appeared before the media, being victimized and accusing former Prime Minister Sali Berisha. “Democrats stood firmly and citizens in defense of the House of Freedom, as the only hope of Albanians for change”- said Basha.

But which democrats was Basha talking about:Gazmend Bardhi, Grida Duma, Ervin Salianji, Agron Gjekmarkaj and Enkelejd Alibeaj who were stuck with him on the second floor of the headquarters? Because the democrats fired him from the post he held, and yesterday they were in the DP yard, to enter their political house, but were raped by him.

Outraged by the violence, many democrats have reacted harshly, demanding Basha’s resignation. They also appealed to justice to take defendant Gazment Bardhi, due to the filling of the building with tear gas./

Si i shpëtoi Policia banditët e Lulzim Bashës?

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Lulzim Basha, a buffoon who should be experienced without drama




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By Andi Bushati

Lulzim Basha did nothing that was unexpected.  He armored the doors of the Democratic Party just like Edi Rama did wirh the prime minister’s office.  He threw “Serbian” tear gas at protesters just like Ardi Veliu.  He eventually became a toy in the hands of the regime police, who as if to ultimately rape him, gave a press statement at the entrance of the liberated headquarters.

He made those MPs who support him look the same as Jenisheri, Gjuzi, or the one who couldn’t pronounce “corporation”, in the last assembly.

He turned the main opposition headquarters into a lobby for the regime’s offices.

He also ridiculed the American intention to “fight corruption”, proving that the whole strategy with “non grata” was nothing more than a plan to lower the leader of the opposition, exposing himself on Rama’s lap.

Therefore, from today, when it was clear that there was a preliminary agreement between the regime police and the representatives of the Basha “opposition”, which were coordinated within two or three minutes, the images of violence will not remain in the memory.

Even the tear gas, even the armed black hoods inside the headquarters, even the MPs with guns in their hands will be forgotten very soon.  Because they are just a dark spot in the multidimensional picture of what happened.

The big news, the bitter truth, is that as of this Saturday, this country is run by an autocrat who has an office in the prime minister’s building and another in SHQUP (The Democratic Party Headquarters). As a result we have an opposition whose facade is lead by a buffoon chairman.

His only difference is that he completed the conversion process from being for 16-year Berisha’s buffoon to that of Edi Rama.

LEXO EDHE:  Sekuestrohen 70 mijë euro në portin e Durrësit/ Pranga dy shoferëve

LEXO EDHE:  Foto-Protesta e opozitës/ Përlotet Lulzim Basha

Whom of the MPs will henceforth have the face to support Basha, can come out and speak, in public debates, about the blue uniforms that disproportionately violated the citizens?  Who will have the courage to criticize the narco state police?  Who will have the impudence to evoke what was done to the protesters of the Unaza disctrict, the National Theater, the new boulevard, or those who expressed their grief in front of the prime minister.

If the police did the right thing today… then Salianji is a deceiver for the Babale affair, then Gaz Bardhi is guilty of the murders in Elbasan, then Gon Shehaj is a suicide bomber of the barrier at the nation’s road, then Jorida Tabaku is the instigator of violence in the New Ring district,

then Grida Duma was provocative in the demolition of the theater, then Xhelal Mziu was the inspirer of terrorism before April 25th, then Lul Basha is a vandal who incited the battle in front of the parliament and the prime minister.

By choosing Rama’s police, today many of Luli’s MPs spat on their history.

From today, they were silenced for many crimes that have occurred in these years, because they themselves became hostages of this criminal power.

Therefore, instead of recording in memory the violence, civilians with weapons and armored doors, instead of seeing Lulzim Basha and his henchmen as barbarians, let us have mercy on them and laugh at them.

From this January 8, they are nothing more than disgusting clowns of the regime, who will have only one challenge, to play the role a little better than Myslim Murrizi or Rudina Hajdari.



Revealed other company/ Endrit Habilaj of Top Channel has received tens of thousands of euros from incinerators




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Today we are discovering another company, through which Endrit Habilaj was paid by the owners of the incinerators, Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri. It is about the company “Infinit Communication” with identification number L91331028L.

According to the extract of the National Business Center, the company is registered on 31.01.2019. According to the same extract, Endrit Habilaj has this company in partnership with Ornela Pango.

What stands out is that the address of “Infinit Communication” is the same as Top Channel television and VOX TV. As with the other company mentioned earlier from us, VOX TV, Endrit Habilaj was systematically paid by the owners of the incinerators and with the company “Infinit Communication”.


Today we are making public 4 invoices worth almost 4.000 euros per month. In April 2021 Endrit Habilaj received from the owners of incinerators 443.088 Lek, in May he received 442.872 Lek, in June 2021 442.800 Lek and in July he received 446.112 Lekë.

So in 4 months he received 1.774 872 Lek or about 17.000 euros. These are only a part of the payments, and only for a period. And as we have pointed out this is not the only one, but one of the few companies where Endrit Habilaj systematically receives money from incinerator businesses.

LEXO EDHE:  Kandidati i PD-së ironizon “Republikën Basha”: Zbulon dhe përfaqësohet vetëm nga gjeni

LEXO EDHE:  Foto-Protesta e opozitës/ Përlotet Lulzim Basha has published dozens of documents and facts about incinerators, where their owners have established partnerships with other companies with owners and media executives. But, for several days, has been publishing by name and surname the media people who have been paid by the incinerators.

Among these people is Endrit Habilaj, journalist of Top Channel, author of the show Top Story and host of the newspaper Shqip. So far we have brought facts on how and how much Habilaj was paid by the incinerators, through two companies that bear his name, one in partnership with another person. will publish in the following days other exclusive facts of payments that incinerator companies have made for Endrit Habilaj through another company. We will also publish media and journalists involved in the systematic payments by incinerator companies./

Zbulohet kompania tjetër/ Endrit Habilaj i Top Channel dhjetra mijë euro nga inceneratorët



The document- How Endrit Habilaj of Top Channel and Shqip newspaper was paid by incinerators /Revealed bills with large amounts of money




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The corruption scandal of incinerators, for which SPAK has already arrested the former Minister of SMI, Lefter Koka, and has issued arrest warrants for the owners of companies that have won concession contracts, has spread its network in the media.

According to the payment list, part of the incinerators file is also the journalist Endrit Habilaj, who not only in one case, but in several cases, turns out to have received large sums of money from these companies. We are starting with one of the cases, and the others in the following days.

But how Habilaj was paid by the incinerators?

Endrit Habilaj can easily be called as sold to incinerators. In 2017, he spoke openly and with facts against the incinerators’ affair. But recently he has become the most ardent advocate of incinerators, receiving hundreds of millions of Lek from them.

It did this through the company VOX TV, which according to the extracts of the National Business Center (NBC) turns out to have been established in December 2020, initially in the name of Top News. And after 23.02.2021, the subject was changed from Top News to VOX TV.

Through the company VOX TV, Endrit Habilaj has received during 2021 large sums of money from incinerators. But these are just a part of the bills that the incinerators have paid for Endrit Habilaj of Top Channel, author of the show Top Story, and director of the newspaper Shqip.

VOX TV is systematically paid by incinerators. We are making public today only 4 invoices provided by the ongoing investigations on this corrupt affair. What activity does have VOX TV? What is the service it has provided? Because such television doesn’t exist licensed by the Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA).

If it is just a company name, and has received payments without any service, then SPAK prosecutors should call and question Habilaj. SPAK should also clarify where ended up hundreds of millions of Lek, that have been received from Habilaj through such companies.

LEXO EDHE:  Foto-Protesta e opozitës/ Përlotet Lulzim Basha

LEXO EDHE:  Kandidati i PD-së ironizon "Republikën Basha": Zbulon dhe përfaqësohet vetëm nga gjeni

In May 2021, Habilaj received from the incinerators, 197.160 Lek or about 2.000 dollars.

In June 2021, Habilaj was paid by the owners of the incinerators in the amount of 391.140 Lek or almost 4.000 dollars, while in July was paid 194.489 Lek, again about 2.000 dollars.

Habilaj is the author of the show Top Story, which in some shows has made propaganda for incinerators. He currently runs the newspaper Shqip, and owns several companies that are paid for by incinerators. Today we made public only the first company.

Habilaj appears as the sole partner, but also as the administrator of the company VOX TV. But it is not only this company that has been paid by Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri. There are several other companies that have many similarities with each other, not only in ownership but also other details.

According to the NBC extract, VOX TV has the same address of Top Channel owned by Vjollca Hoxha and her children, which for almost 4 years was run by Ben Blushi. But according to the extract in NBC, this media is not licensed by AMA. In this whole scheme, Habilaj may be the only recipient of money on behalf of other persons.

But he must reveal this before the SPAK prosecutors. Vjollca Hoxha and Ben Blushi are in fact publicly known for their partnerships and advocacy with incinerator companies. Incinerator payments for Habilaj don’t stop here, only with VOX TV, but also with other companies that we will make public in the coming days, thus exposing the scheme of how the “octopus” of incinerators has swallowed the media./

The official link of the article is this: 

Dokumenti-Si dhe sa është paguar Endrit Habilaj i Top Channel dhe Gazetës Shqip nga inceneratorët/ Zbulohen faturat me shuma të majme