How did the police save Lulzim Basha’s bandits?

9 Janar 2022, 13:51, English CNA
How did the police save Lulzim Basha’s bandits?

Lulzim Basha, surrounded by armed bandits, bled yesterday the yard and the headquarters

of the Democratic Party. With sticks, glass and solid objects, they came out of the anteroom of Lulzim Basha?s office and attacked the democrats who were trying to enter their political house.

Meanwhile, after the attack, violence and bloodshed, they managed to leave the DP building, without being accountable for the violence against the democrats, assisted by the State Police. And this not by chance.

After all, it seemed clear that it was a scenario prepared by Basha himself in cooperation with Prime Minister Edi Rama, including the police. The latter, at the moment he intervened to disperse the crowd, helped to remove the bandits of Lulzim Basha.

When the crowd of protesters dispersed, a group of people left from behind the building of the DP headquarters. Even when the prosecution went to the DP headquarters, it didn?t find any suspicious people inside, but only the deputies and some militants.

Armed persons with blacks hoodies, who came out of Lulzim Basha?s anteroom and started to use violence against the democrats, were not found at the headquarters. They had left, and their departure took place with the help of the police, at moment the latter went to disperse the crowd with tear gas.

Meanwhile, after the violence he exercised against the democrats, the man of scandals, Lulzim Basha, appeared before the media, being victimized and accusing former Prime Minister Sali Berisha. ?Democrats stood firmly and citizens in defense of the House of Freedom, as the only hope of Albanians for change?- said Basha.

But which democrats was Basha talking about:Gazmend Bardhi, Grida Duma, Ervin Salianji, Agron Gjekmarkaj and Enkelejd Alibeaj who were stuck with him on the second floor of the headquarters? Because the democrats fired him from the post he held, and yesterday they were in the DP yard, to enter their political house, but were raped by him.

Outraged by the violence, many democrats have reacted harshly, demanding Basha?s resignation. They also appealed to justice to take defendant Gazment Bardhi, due to the filling of the building with tear gas./

Si i shpëtoi Policia banditët e Lulzim Bashës?

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