Revealed other company/ Endrit Habilaj of Top Channel has received tens of thousands of euros from incinerators

7 Janar 2022, 15:04, English CNA

Today we are discovering another company, through which Endrit Habilaj was paid by the owners of the incinerators, Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri. It is about the company ?Infinit Communication? with identification number L91331028L.

According to the extract of the National Business Center, the company is registered on 31.01.2019. According to the same extract, Endrit Habilaj has this company in partnership with Ornela Pango.

What stands out is that the address of ?Infinit Communication? is the same as Top Channel television and VOX TV. As with the other company mentioned earlier from us, VOX TV, Endrit Habilaj was systematically paid by the owners of the incinerators and with the company ?Infinit Communication?.


Today we are making public 4 invoices worth almost 4.000 euros per month. In April 2021 Endrit Habilaj received from the owners of incinerators 443.088 Lek, in May he received 442.872 Lek, in June 2021 442.800 Lek and in July he received 446.112 Lekë.

So in 4 months he received 1.774 872 Lek or about 17.000 euros. These are only a part of the payments, and only for a period. And as we have pointed out this is not the only one, but one of the few companies where Endrit Habilaj systematically receives money from incinerator businesses. has published dozens of documents and facts about incinerators, where their owners have established partnerships with other companies with owners and media executives. But, for several days, has been publishing by name and surname the media people who have been paid by the incinerators.

Among these people is Endrit Habilaj, journalist of Top Channel, author of the show Top Story and host of the newspaper Shqip. So far we have brought facts on how and how much Habilaj was paid by the incinerators, through two companies that bear his name, one in partnership with another person. will publish in the following days other exclusive facts of payments that incinerator companies have made for Endrit Habilaj through another company. We will also publish media and journalists involved in the systematic payments by incinerator companies./

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