Millions for “media mercenaries”/ Revealed the incinerators’s payments for Baton Haxhiu

5 Janar 2022, 12:29, English CNA
Millions for “media mercenaries”/ Revealed the incinerators’s

Incinerators, the most accused affair in 30 years of democracy, seem to have spread his ?tentacles? in the media. has been able to provide exclusive documents and data, showing how televisions, journalists, and news portals have been ?bought? by Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri and Stela Gugallja.

So, the people of the incinerator scheme in Elbasan, Fier and Tirana. Official data show all the payments, which are different depending on the ?bargains? or services provided by the media. These are often justified as ?advertisements?.

In fact, they are paid justifying themselves for ads peripheral media and portals. They have received tens or hundreds of millions of Lek, even though many of them have neither an audience nor a reader.

They have only served as a propaganda tool pro incinerators, or to attack those who denounced this corrupt affair. As we have announced, will publish the names of media, television, portals and individuals, all those who are involved and have received even a single penny from incinerator companies.

One of these people, who has benefited from the incinerators is the journalist Baton Haxhiu, who turns out to have been paid by the incinerator companies of Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri and Stela Gugalla. publishes below a table, which shows some invoices, which are money given for the news portal of Baton Haxhiu by one of the incinerator companies.

Payments justified as advertisements, when in fact were given as a tribute to propaganda servants, and this because Haxhiu?s portal is not read even by the latter.

It is about payments made by incinerator companies for ?Albanian Post?, administered by Baton Haxhiu, who is also the only partner with 100 percent of the capital.

A day ago, published exclusive data, which show how Irfan Hysenbelliu and his companies are among the people who have benefited from the incinerators. has provided official data from investigations that show that ?Focus Media News? has consistently received payments from incinerator companies. Meanwhile, day after day will continue to publish the entire media clientele, which have benefited or received payments from the owners of incinerators. Details and facts that constitute an alarm bell for justice institutions./

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Miliona për ?mercenarët mediatikë?/ Zbardhen pagesat e inceneratorëve për Baton Haxhiun

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