The document - Incinerators “bought” Irfan Hysenbelliu/ Hundreds millions of Lek for his companies

4 Janar 2022, 14:52, English CNA
The document - Incinerators “bought” Irfan Hysenbelliu/ Hundreds

The incinerators, the most accused affair in these 30 years of democracy, have extended his ?claws? in the media, buying TV time, or giving money in the form of advertising, even when has had whole months without any commercials spots. has previously reported about the companies, where the owners of the incinerators are in partnership with the former director of Top Channel, Ben Blushi, and the shareholder of this television, Vjollca Hoxha. But, who thinks that they have stopped only at Top Channel and the advocacy of this television against incinerators, is very wrong. has provided exclusive documents from the investigative group, which show that media, television, portals, and journalists have been paid by the owners of the incinerators. Money justified as ?advertising? for a private company and paid regularly for years.

One of the people who has benefited is the businessman Irfan Hysenbelliu with one of his companies. has provided exclusive data, which show that Hysenbelliu and his media companies turn out to have been paid hundreds of millions of Lek by the incinerator companies of Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri.

The incinerators have so far imprisoned former SMI minister Lefter Koka, while Zoto and others have been hiding after being wanted by the SPAK. has provided official data from investigations that show that Focus Media News, has received systematic payments from incinerator companies.

Official sources show that ?Focus Media News? is a company administered by the former Minister of Ilir Meta, Mustafa Muçi, while 100 percent of the shares are administered by Irfan Hysenbelliu. The wife of the administrator of Irfan Hysenbelliu?s media company, Mustafa Muçi, is coincidentally, and Judge Blerina Muçi, who is in charge of the decision on the amended statute of the Democratic Party by Lulzim Basha in July.

Now how will this lady behave in the light of these facts? is initially bringing data that show that during 2021, Hysenbelliu was paid large sums by incinerators. In the first half of 2021 alone, ?Focus Media News? received almost 100 million Lek from the company of Klodian Zoto.

The following table shows that in the first 7 months of 2021, ie from January to July, Irfan Hysenbelliu was paid almost 11.000 euros per month or 13 million Lek. So, it was paid in a total of 91 million Lek only in 7 months of 2021. These payments that we are bringing below belong only to 2021.

What happened before, how long has Hysenbelliu and his media been paid, and how the payment scheme is built, will bring other documents and details in the coming days.

But who is Focus Media News? According to the official extract, Focus Media News was registered in the NBC on 09/07/2002, at that time by Carlo Bolino, who owned News24, Gazeta Shqiptare and Radio RASH.

Object of activity:exercise of exclusive activity in the field of radio and television. And the only partner with 100 percent of the capital today is ?Focus Group?. So, the media group of Irfan Hysenbelliu. Fokus Media News is the company for which Hysenbelliu clashed with the late banker Artan Santo, after the purchase of shares of this company by Carlo Bolino.

At that time the media and their social circle, talked about a fierce clash between them that went as far as Hysenbelliu?s threats. The latter was often alluded to in the media, as one of the tracks where Santos?s murder was to be investigated.

Focus Media News of Irfan Hysenbelliu has received systematic payments from incinerator companies. Hysenbelliu is not the only one, but one of the many media that has received payment from incinerators. Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri have taken care not to leave out of their list not only Hysenbelliu with hundreds of millions of Lek but also journalists, portals, peripheral televisions that have been paid month after month with tens and hundreds of millions of Lek.

Day after day, will uncover the entire media clientele paid by Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri, of incinerator companies, where 178 million euros of concession contracts have been secured from albanian taxes, in an affair that allegedly goes up to 430 million euros. SPAK has already in his hand the scandals of the incinerator company in cooperation with the media clientele./


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