Details/ Where and how the DP Assembly will take place on December 11

3 Dhjetor 2021, 14:16, English CNA
Details/ Where and how the DP Assembly will take place on December 11

The ?Rostrum? of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, has already provided over 5.000 signatures of members of the National Assembly, a process which will continue day by day. Organizers are dealing with the final details of the meeting to be held on December 11th.

From the mandates that will be distributed to the delegates, to the place where the Assembly will take place. has learned from sources close to the organizing group, that the National Assembly on December 11, will be held at the stadium ?Air Albania?.

The large turnout, the large number of delegates, but also the guests, or the part of those who wish to be present, has forced the organizers to pass from the Palace of Congresses to the stadium ?Air Albania?. An environment where the Socialist Party recently held the National Assembly.

Probably also due to Covid?s situation, the holding of this meeting in the ?Air Albania? stadium is another very significant factor for the Assembly on December 11th. Also, has learned that has started the distribution of mandates for the persons who have signed.

These mandates are prepared by name, surname, and have a special barcode. This barcode will be easily scanned by the organizing staff through a program. All scans will show exactly how many mandated persons are present in the Assembly, and the name of each person nominated.

So, another very accurate procedure, to show the number present in the hall, for every decision that will be taken by this Assembly, and not to provoke debates about the number of attendees. The Palace of Congresses is a small space and it would probably be impossible to admit over 5.000 people with mandates, or even thousands of others who will want to be present.

The placement in ?Air Albania? could be organized in two positions. The delegates can sit in the side stands, and in the front ones can be placed all the other guests. So, it is expected that in the National Assembly on December 11, will participate at least 10.000 people.

Of these 5.000 are persons with the mandate of a member of the Assembly, and about 5.000 others who will be invited persons, activists, members, sympathizers, part of the structures of the Democratic Party, citizens, who have been the supporters of the ?Rostrum? in these 3 months that he has held meetings all over Albania.

The National Assembly on December 11, is expected to be the final act of a movement expected to bring many changes to the Democratic Party. Since the departure of Lulzim Basha, and until to the complete reform of the largest opposition party in the country./

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