Lulzim Basha will cancel the Assembly on December 18/ Here are the details that raise many doubts

1 Dhjetor 2021, 18:31, English CNA
Lulzim Basha will cancel the Assembly on December 18/ Here are the details that

The situation in the Democratic Party is very tense. Historical leader Sali Berisha has descended to the base with his ?Rostrum?. Meanwhile, Lulzim Basha stays locked in his office, and appears in public as a saboteur and ?shoots? from the TV screens. Left almost alone, even the voices in his favor have begun to fade.

The only ?flamethrower? is Gazment Bardhi, who nervously attacks the Democratic Party, its structures, the militants. But apparently Lulzim Basha intends to cancel his meeting of 18, so what can be called an anti-rally.

There is a very important detail that has been investigating for 2 days, which shows that date 18 was in fact a bluff of Lulzim Basha, and the Assembly promised by him could be annulled.

In order to hold an Assembly, the Democratic Party, ie its official part, Lulzim Basha, will have to rent the big hall of the Palace of Congresses, where it will hold its Assembly, on December 18th. But official sources from this institution, which is administered by the Directorate of Government Services, told that there is no reservation from the Democratic Party.

So it has not been rented yet or a contract has been signed by the DP with this institution.

So Lulzim Basha didn?t go there to sign a document, which would then take legal form, and then it would be officially known that the hall was reserved for the DP.

And in case of withdrawal from either party, would be paid penalties. Apparently, Luli Basha still thinks he can cancel his Assembly, so he has not yet signed a contract. On the other hand, has learned that Public Radio and Television is preparing for the year-end Festival, exactly at the Palace of Congresses.

So there is also a collision, which seems to be inevitable. But the Song Festival on ART can take place beyond the 18th, a week later, in order for Lulzim Basha to hold his Assembly. These are the details which show us that Lulzim Basha?s bluff with the Assembly of 18 continues and deepens./

Basha do anulojë Kuvendin e datës 18/ Detajet që ngrenë dyshime

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