Lulzim Basha’s last chance

30 Nëntor 2021, 15:09, English CNA
Lulzim Basha’s last chance

The interim leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, seems to have the last 2 weeks of his political chance to stay in the DP, to be part of it, or to invest further politically. To unite the DP, and make a final contribution.

Lulzim Basha has every historical chance to show that he is a responsible man, and that he really sees politics as the art of the impossible. So when everyone thinks there is no deal, let him enable the deal. So when everyone thinks Basha is stubborn, he can become an open-minded man resolving the conflict.

There are less than 2 weeks left by the National Assembly, which give Lulzim Basha the last chance. He shouldn?t listen to his ?crazy? advisors he has around. The battle within the DP cannot be won through clashes with Sali Berisha, with the militant corps against Gazmend Bardhi & Co.

Basha has the chance to unite the Democratic Party. He has the chance to do so by resigning. This act would be a great signal of unity. So, Basha can be offered as a solution for the unification of the DP, with his resignation, being part of the solution, and not the conflict.

Today Lulzim Basha is facing the fact that the party doesn?t want him. But he can regain their support by withdrawing, paving the way for resolving the conflict within the Democratic Party. It is understandable that he can do this by taking possible guarantees, reaching a political agreement within the party, perhaps to be recognized as a faction with all its supporters so that no one leaves, and to remain all in the DP with their contributions.

Because it is clear that the Assembly will be held on the 11th. The electoral body of the Democratic Party is against him, he can no longer stand firmly in charge of it. Local elections are very close. Therefore, the DP has to deal with fundamental problems. It has to deal with its own organization.

In the branches, in the center and everywhere, it should be re-established, and not clash and conflict from within for the personal interest of Luli Basha. He can save himself, precisely through this last chance, by offering his resignation as a political deal, just at a time when no one thinks this within the Democratic Party.

He may be for the last time, the only man to give the Democratic Party a chance to re-emerge. And so it will go down in the history of the DP, as the man who gave the solution, who re-established the party and sacrificed himself for its resurgence, and who didn?t fight against it leading it to complete collapse.

What Basha is doing today aims to overthrow the party. What he can do by withdrawing and guaranteeing a solution, would be the historic victory in the political career of Lulzim Basha./

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