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The “Renaissance” of the Democratic Party, a promise kept by Edi Rama

28 Nëntor 2021, 19:28, English CNA

The situation within the Democratic Party seems really chaotic. Strong clashes, different theses. Some say that will win ?Rostrum?, some others that Lulzim Basha will stay at the head of DP, that he will keep the seal of the party, and that he will go to court.

Some talk about the Assembly of DP on December 11, others about an Assembly that will be held on December 18 18. There are strong debates:some say tha Basha is held hostage by Edi Rama, while his people attack Berisha for destroying the DP for his personal interests.

People close to Luli Basha, who are few, appear in the media and attack Berisha. The latter that doesn?t stop his movement at the base, not attack anyone else except Lulzim Basha. It seems that albanians, instead of focusing on the opposition, which should be the real hope, are already seeing the birth of another opposition.

We recall here that in 2013, during the electoral campaign of that time, Edi Rama declared that with the coming of the Renaissance (Socialist Party) to power, would reborn also the Democratic Party. Apparently today after eight years in power, it is one of the few promises kept by Edi Rama.

He has clearly invested in these eight years to ?reborn? the Democratic Party. And for this, he is definitely helping, without any discussion Lulzim Basha, who is usurping the headquarters of the Democratic Party, and doesn?t release the stamp.

He goes from loss to loss, and yet he remains chairman. It is clear that to ?reborn? the Democratic Party should be in an alliance with Edi Rama, and Basha should take what the Prime Minister gives him, but also the people close to him.

Today, the opposition is as much accused of corruption as the government itself. The current DP vice-presidents are part of corrupt bargains, and beneficiaries of a lot of money from the agreement with the government. Family members of Lulzim Basha are constantly increasing the turnover of their businesses.

Basha himself has been accused of fines, adding villas, and so on. Therefore, it seems clear that we have an opposition that is ?reborn? with Lulzim Basha as chairman, which stands in that task simply and only to guarantee the power of Edi Rama, who has already kept his promise for the rebirth of the Democratic Party. Albania seems to not reborn. It is difficult to keep this promise. But the rebirth of the DP is clear, and Lulzim Basha is doing very well his mission./CNA.al

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