Why Lulzim Basha cannot be compared to Sali Berisha/ Here are the debts that he has to pay to the democrats

26 Nëntor 2021, 14:21, English CNA

Six months after losing the parliamentary elections, the still acting leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has made untrue and ridiculous statements on Top Channel, the television of the partners of the incinerator owners.

Although tired and with red eyes, Basha said yesterday, among other things, that ?Berisha should have withdrawn from politics, because of the debts he owes to the democrats, as they have made him twice prime minister, and once president?. This is true, but Berisha was their leader.

He rose to power, won the election. Does Basha owe anything to the democrats, as he came to the Democratic Party from the street in 2005, and the democrats made immediately him Minister of Transport ?! A minister accused of a 100 million euro corruption scandal involving Nation Road.

Then the democrats made him Foreign Minister, when he signed the maritime border agreement with Greece, which was overturned by the Constitutional Court. The same thing happened when he was appointed Minister of Interior, and exactly in his time happened the event, where 4 citizen were killed on the boulevard on January 21, 2011.

And again there were the democrats and Sali Berisha, who made him mayor of Tirana for 4 years, just to fall asleep and to build high palaces. In 2013, were the democrats who made him chairman of the Democratic Party, with the support of Sali Berisha.

And in 2017, although he lost catastrophically, with the weakest result of the DP in 30 years of existence, they re-elected him at the helm of the party, believing and thinking that he would move forward, that he would learn from his mistakes.

cna news, cna lajme, lajme cna, lajme flash cna, cna.al, cna lajme politike,But came this year?s election, where he lost again. And again the democrats elected him chairman of the DP. Certainly to some extent with the support of Sali Berisha. Now Basha claims that Berisha owed the democrats, because he kept them in power for 13 years, and directed Albania with a vision that someone supports, someone criticizes, but that the democrats in the absolute majority are in his favor.

On the other side stands Lulzim Basha. He was 3 times minister, 1 time mayor, and 3 times party chairman. Is there no debt owed to the democrats? Who loses, loses and only loses? On the other hand Basha gets richer at the head of the opposition.

The democrats owe nothing to Lulzim Basha. On the contrary, it is Lulzim Basha, who owes a lot to the democrats, and he can repay them only by leaving from the party. Yesterday?s appearance in the media had a purpose. Basha aimed to increase support, after a poll that showed that he has minimal support compared to Berisha.

And instead of recovering ground, yesterday he lost again. That?s because he forgot to mention the many debts he owes to democrats. And because of his wrong attitude towards Berisha. Basha can never be a guy like Sali Berisha. Because if he were, he would have brought the Democratic Party to power at least once.

And he would have won at least one race alone. Basha has never won on his own. The power was given to him by Sali Berisha and the democrats. Whereas Sali Berisha has won even without Lulzim Basha, and has given endless power to Lulzim Basha, including the possibility of staying at the head of the DP and talking stupidly on television screens./CNA.al

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