Theft, abuse, corruption?/ Water supply scandal, how is being tried to hide the truth

2 Nëntor 2021, 18:45, English CNA
Theft, abuse, corruption?/ Water supply scandal, how is being tried to hide the

Two media personalities Mira Kazhani and Bieta Sulo, have returned to the spotlight on social networks, after strong statements made by Prime Minister Edi Rama with the mayors, regarding the issue of water supply.

Rama was quite harsh, saying that there worked people who actually lived abroad, and yet they received monthly salaries. So a scandal that the Prime Minister beyond the fact that he publicly denounces, it should lead to the prosecution.

Furthermore, the structures of the State Police and the Ministry of Interior, should arrest in flagrance the directors of water supply or finances who make payments to persons who are abroad. And this is easily verifiable by the TIMS system.

Rama was also tough on the debts of the water supply companies, where 2 of the main ones in the country, financed by the German bank KFV during the rule of the Democratic Party, that of Korça and Pogradec, although they have a very good performance with payments, cannot pay the loans.

So we have troubled water supply. Debt-ridden, with billions of Lek thrown away, loans, inflated administrative structures, and money being paid to people who don?t work at all or to citizens even though they have more water, they pay less money, and a government that even though it does more much investment, provides less water for citizens.

And in front of these stand Bieta Sulo and Mira Kazhani as a debate on social networks.

The problem with journalists being part of the boards or as advisors to the leaders of such institutions doesn?t start with Bieta and doesn?t end with Mira either.

Journalists have often been on boards, all without exception. From the first to the last of those who stay in state offices or are even invited through television studios. Or them from analysts who have been advisor, board members, or even heads of institutions, and who today speak on behalf of media independence.

Being journalists on boards or as advisors in institutions, is not the biggest problem of the financial pit of water supply. The problem lies elsewhere. At the heart of water supply issues are mismanagement. Large loans, lack of water supply and non-payment by citizens, theft of water and lack of culture to pay for water, as an Albanian ?disease? in certain areas.

Thus, the water supply company in Berat has taken a 1 million dollars loan to buy meters that cost from 120-140 euros each, when in the market at that time they cost 15-20 dollars, and the highest quality one cost a maximum of 40 dollars. So they are bought 3-7 times more expensive than the market price.

And 1 million dollars was taken by ITS, the same company that is involved and accused of having links with the government, with Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri and the latter?s cohabitant Stela Gugalla, who are the people involved in the corrupt scheme of incinerators.

In Korça, everything started 8 years ago. ITS received at least 6 billion Lek for water supply meters for which the Supreme State Audit has said that the director should have been fired and led to criminal prosecution. But he continues to be in office to this day.

The money went to the ?incinerators?, with the same price difference as in Berat. The same scandal occurred in the Lushnja water supply system. One of the most problematic, again takes millions of dollars in debt and loans for meters, the price of which is set at the discretion of the company itself.

An open tender would suffice, and we would be in a different situation, and the water utilities would save millions of euros. Meanwhile, just a few months ago, Tirana Water Supply gave Klodian Zoto another 1 billion Lek for smart meters.

Same as those of Berat, Korça, Pogradec, Lushnja, or in Fier, etc. The facts are hundreds. The will of an investigative institution, such as the prosecution or the SPAK, is enough to go and start investigations in Korça, Berat, Lushnje, Fier or even Tirana, and there are so many documents and facts inside that there would be no place in Albanian prisons for thefts that abused with the water supply systems of Albania./

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