Connect with Us defeats former Rama’s minister/ “Captain” Sander Lleshaj’s lawsuit drops from court

English defeats former Rama’s minister/ “Captain” Sander Lleshaj’s lawsuit drops from court



Arrestimet në Ministrinë e Brendshme/ SPAK i afrohet Ramës dhe Lleshajt?

Judge Megi Laska of the Tirana Judicial District Court announced yesterday the decision that rejected the lawsuit filed by the former Minister of Interior, Sander Lleshaj against CityNews Albania. About a year and a half ago, Sander Lleshaj was denounced by after at the height of the pandemic, in May 2020, for the purchase of a BMW vehicle worth 77.000 euros, ie about 100 million Lek, which Lleshaj claimed he had bought for a smaller amount.

He filed a lawsuit against us saying we had slandered the value of the car, and because we had labeled him a “party captain”. More than a year after the lawsuit of the former minister of Edi Rama, General Sander Lleshaj, who turned into a party general, the court acquitted CityNews Albania.

Makina BMW me targa te ndryshuara

The verdict contains about 24 pages, of which 20 are almost court reasoning on the facts and evidence presented by the parties. The court clearly gave yesterday a decision against a former minister, who was caught red-handed by when he was driving a vehicle with forged license plates, a fact which he didn’t mention it in court.

The license plates of the vehicle and their denunciation was made after it was denounced by So a vehicle bought on behalf of the liaison officer at the Albanian Embassy in Berlin, who then it was made available to Minister Lleshaj for a sum of 50.000 euros without VAT.

Asked on Blendi Fevziu’s show “Opinion”, Lleshaj said that he had bought the car with this value because of the position he held. But, never questioned the amount of 50.000 or 60.000 euros, which in fact was probably 20 per cent less than the market value verified in an official BMW store, for the same model in Cologne of Germany.

This could easily be proved by Sander Lleshaj and his people on the official website, where thousands of citizens buy vehicles online. On the other hand, the minister rushed to go to the parliament and insult us by saying that we are slandering, and to make statuses on social networks.

But the fact is that Lleshaj had bought a luxury BMW at the height of the pandemic and after the earthquake on November 26, 2019. So at a time when Albania needed help for families left homeless, or for citizens who had anxiety and panic against the coronavirus and were locked up at home, Sander Lleshaj was buying a luxury car.

At that point, the Prime Minister should have fired him. But, he kept him in office until an event took place, for which Lleshaj was told that he resigned, but in fact he was fired. Yesterday, was able to “knock down” in court an arrogant former minister.

A former army general who surrendered his ranks to become a “captain” of the party. Yesterday the media won a battle, with a former minister of Edi Rama, against an arrogant

to the media. Yesterday the truth triumphed. The facts and evidence presented in the media, which when properly documented, cannot be ignored by any army general or “party captain” who tries to violate the dignity or punish the media.

Yesterday, Judge Migena Laskaj set a standard of justice for us as media, giving a verdict of innocence to, as our professional lawyer Saimir Vishaj, has proved in every court hearing that we have not slandered and didn’t have a tendency to offend anyone.

We have accused an incumbent Minister of Interior, who is no longer in that duty. We accused an Interior Minister of buying a luxury BMW in times of crisis. We have accused an Interior Minister, with direct facts and documents. And on the other hand we have given our opinion and commented with real political facts and arguments.

Now that he has lost the trial, we tell Mr. Lleshaj that he has a moral and civic obligation, in case he is still at the level of that former general, to apologize publicly to the readers of, the staff of journalists who dealt with the investigation of the BMW scandal, and citizens he has filled with anger by writing statuses on Facebook, or suing the media in court. This apology would probably ease his grieving soul from the fact that he left the ranks of general to become a “captain” of the party./

The official link of the article is this: mposht ish-ministrin e Ramës/ “Kapteri” bie me gjykatë

Për të rejat më të fundit behuni pjesë e grupit tonë në facebook : City News Albania


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Over 100 million Lek losses per year/ With what money is Carlo Bollino building the new building for his media?




Journalist Carlo Bollino, who systematically receives money from incinerator owners, is building a new edifice for the media he currently owns. The building is being built on a site that has been denounced several times by Bollino himself. It is about the former Partizani complex. publishes photos from the new building that is being built, while it is not known with what money Bollino is building it. Is the money taken from the incinerators, which Bollino called a normal contract in the form of advertising, or their source is elsewhere, as his companies result in heavy losses?

This fact was publicly denounced some time ago by journalist Anila Basha, former head of Bollino media. The latter, wrote that Carlo Bollino’s companies, result in huge losses. According to Basha, in 2017 the official annual balance sheet of one of the media in Bollino was minus 17 million Lek. In 2018, the loss has deepened further to minus 105 million Lek.

From this dizzying loss in 2019, according to Anila Basha, Bollino has come out with a profit in the amount of 112 million Lek. It also suffered a loss in 2020, in the amount of 59 million Lek. So “” has come out with a profit only in 2019!

How is it possible? Just because he took as administrator a woman who doesn’t know how to write in albanian language, the romanian Patricia Corina Constantinescu, who is only known to have been born in Romania and nothing else?

Referring to the denunciation of the journalist Anila Basha, the question that arises is how is it possible for Bollino to invest in such a building, when for several years in a row he says that his company suffered a great financial loss? A few days ago, published documents, which reflected the fat sums that the company “MTSC” of Carlo Bollino had received from the owners of incinerators.

There are about 40.000 euros divided into 7 invoices, where only in April 2021 were paid 18 million Lek or almost 17.000 euros. Incinerators are not the only case where Bollino has been denounced for taking money.

Over the years, there have been various denunciations against him, that he has received concessions from the Rama government, or that he has received cash from entities that have won tenders from the government.

The fact is that Carlo Bollino receives money from the incinerators of the corrupt affair of the century, which are in fact the taxes of poor albanians citizen. On the other hand, Bollino builds an edifice worth hundreds of millions of Lek or millions of euros as a “free media” in the service of power and as a clientele of Rama government./

Mbi 100 Milionë lekë humbje në vit/ Me çfarë parash po e ndërton Bollino, godinën e re?



Incinerators affair/ How is prosecutor Klodian Braho defending Socialist Party MP Alqi Bllako




The incinerator file, the biggest corruption scandal of the century, is being investigated by the Special Anti-Corruption Structure, SPAK. At the end of last year, the SPAK prosecutor, Klodian Braho, issued several arrest warrants, and then with the decision of the Special Court Against Corruption, was arrested only the former Minister of Environment, Lefter Koka, who today is being tried while he is in prison.

But the network of officials involved in the affair is wider. One of the responsible officials is the social deputy Alqi Bllako, who has been the general secretary of the Ministry of Environment, then director of the National Agency for Water Supply and Sewerage and Infrastructure of Waste, two key positions in the affair of incinerators but also in the affair with intelligent water meters.

So far, prosecutor Klodian Braho has done nothing to link the two scandals that have the same names. Alqi Bllako and Klodian Zoto, and his group of collaborators. Alqi Bllako is a former democrat turned militant of the SMI and its parliamentary candidate. Then he passed with SP, where he is the protagonist only in scandals.

SPAK arrested former Minister Koka, but despite the evidence and facts that have come to light in the media about Alqi Bllako, and have even been deposited in SPAK, prosecutor Braho remains silent. Who prevents Klodian Braho from acting?

Political pressure or keeping the investigation under control, closing the whole affair of the incinerators with only the arrest of Lefter Koka, as reported in the media corridors in Tirana?

Alqi Bllako was the Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment, ie in the period of granting three incinerators in 2013-2017.

And in the period February 2019-March 2021, General Director of the National Agency for Water Supply and Sewerage and Infrastructure of Waste, where it tendered hundreds of millions of euros for water supply without having funds with provision.

Currently, Alqi Bllako is an SP MP and has been publicly denounced by political exponents as being directly involved in the incinerators’ affair, when he was Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment and director of the Waste Agency.

The scandal has taken shape with the benefits from his father from the incinerators in the form of monthly salaries over 120.000 euros for 16 months. But not only that. His brother was hired by one of the entities bought by the incinerator owners.

He has abused his duty and has also violated the law on the prevention of conflict of interest in the exercise of public functions. The owners of the incinerators are still wanted, while Alqi Blako continues to go to parliament as a deputy.

It seems that the investigations have remained up to Lefter Koka, and with these inaction intentionally or not by Klodian Braho, is amnestying the socialist MP Alqi Bllako from the investigations. But who prevents him from going to the end of this affair? What scares the SPAK prosecutor? /




Exclusive documents/ Incinerators $ 1.3 million payment for the company owned by Ben Blushi’s wife?!




cna news, cna lajme, lajme cna, lajme flash cna,, cna lajme politike,

The hundreds of millions of payments of incinerator companies are not over. has revealed day after day how hundreds of millions of Lek, or maybe millions of dollars for a long period, have been paid to the media in Albania.

SPAK arrested the former Minister of Environment, after discovering at least 4 million euros in payments for it from incinerators. has published data on payments made by incinerators for the media in Tirana, starting with Carlo Bollino, Irfan Hysenbelliu, whose values reach hundreds of thousands of euros.

To go further to the VOX company headquartered in the Top Channel building. Today we are bringing another fact, which is very shocking. Incinerator companies have paid an amount of about 1 billion 340 million old Lek, or about 1.3 million dollars, in two bills.

Incinerators have made payments to Bulgaria. This is a fact already verified and proven. There are two bills. The first is the amount of 948 million old Lek, why about 940.000 dollars. And the second bill is worth 390 million old Lek, or about 390.000 dollars. This money was taken to Bulgaria.

But where exactly? has confirmed that in Bulgaria exist a company founded by Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri and Eva Blushi. Where Blushi and Mërtiri each have 33 per cent of shares, and Klodian Zoto has 34 per cent. The transfer to Bulgaria seems to be leading to a trace.

To the company owned by Ben Blush’s wife, Eva Blushi, which is called EM Capital Group. This company came from Bulgaria a few years ago, with a minimum capital. Founded in 2019, it arrived a few months later in Albania, and for $ 2.2 million buys Valtelina Kafe, the company of the Lori Kafe brand.

So, Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri and Eva Blushi are in partnership with Vjollca Hoxha of Top Channel, which in turn turns out to receive money from some companies, which are on behalf of third parties, such as the case of Endrit Habilaj.

The latter has two companies, Vox Tv and Infinit Communitacion, and a third company called SH.Q.I.P. on behalf of his wife, Uarda Habilaj, who receive tens of millions of Lek, or hundreds of thousands of euros a year for his companies, 2 of which have offices in the Top Channel building.

So, it’s obviously incinerator companies that pay a lot of money for EM Capital Group. Perhaps this is a transaction that clearly shows, that the incinerators made a service payment for Vjollca Hoxha to a company that she wanted to keep at all costs, such as Valtelina Kafe, and with this payment was found this compromise.

And at the moment we have a Top Channel pro waste, pro incinerators, pro partners who paid millions to buy the shares of Vjollca Hoxha’s company, which brought millions of dollars from Bulgaria, where they already lead millions more dollars, to companies where is a partner the wife of the former director of Top Channel, Ben Blushi, Mrs. Eva Blushi.

The scheme is already clear. Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri, Ben Blushi, Vjollca Hoxha, are co-partners in several companies, which start in Tirana, go to Bulgaria, where are paid bills worth millions of dollars, and this is officially confirmed and found as part of the documents that SPAK has on the table, about payments, companies and the ways Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri, the heads of the incinerators’ affair, together with Stela Gugalla, the latter’s cohabitant, have been able to capture the media or generate many companies to corrupt senior officials, as was the case of the former minister Lefter Koka.

But, everything doesn’t start and doesn’t end with Mr.Koka. The affair goes beyond, in the media, to Ben Blushi and his wife. It goes to the partnership with Top Channel, to the payments in the media, to Carlo Bollino, Irfan Hysenbelliu and others like these./

Ekskluzive/ Inceneratorët 1.3 milionë dollarë pagesa për kompaninë në pronësi të gruas së Ben Blushit?!