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The Ministry of Justice acquits Ben Blushi’s forger notary


The Ministry of Justice acquits Ben Blushi’s forger notary



Almost a year and a half ago, reported how the notary Violeta Sulkaj had falsified a notary contract concluded between citizens Andon Dhima and Vangjel Zguri with the property buyer Natali Blushi.

It is about a commercial unit in the city of Korça, where, making an assessment of the market with experts, reported that its value was about 400.000 euros.

While the contract was signed for the value of only 30.000 euros. Natali Blushi, the daughter of Socialist MP Ben Blushi, had bought that business unit as a gift from her parents. The contract was signed in May 2015, at the time when Natalia was in England. This is also certified according to the TIMS system.

Therefore, the contract drafted by the notary was forged. Natalie himself hadn’t signed it. The notary, Ben Blushi and Andon Dhima are involved in a clash with justice. There was a criminal report, an investigation.

But on the other hand, the Ministry of Justice, which should have done the verification, seems to have clearly tried to acquit the citizen Violeta Sulkaj, who is also the notary who committed the forgery.

Through a suspicious and manipulative process, the Ministry of Justice has not taken any disciplinary measures, in order to save the notary Sulkaj from a possible proceeding that could happen to her, due to the fact that she had signed a contract and made it legal, at the moment when one of the persons had not been present at the notary office.

The notarial contract clearly states that “before me the notary Violeta Sulkaj, the contract was signed by the citizens Andon Dhima, Natali Blushi…”. In fact, one of the parties, Natali Blushi was not in Albania at all. TIMS says it clearly. She was abroad.

Regarding this denunciation made by, the Ministry of Justice stated last year that it couldn’t conduct a check for the notary citizen Violeta Sulkaj. This is also due to the Covid pandemic situation. The inspection took place this year, during and after the election campaign.

The final report was signed exactly in June 2021. The inspection was completed and there was no action against the notary who had signed a forged contract. We repeat that Ms.Natali Blushi was not in Albania at the time of signing the contract, meanwhile according to the notary contract she was in her office.

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On the other hand, the Ministry of Justice and its inspectors justify that the notary, attached to the copy of the deed of sale, could have provided a statement from the other party involved in this contract, the citizen Vangjel Zguri, who testified that “the contract was requested by Natali Blushi, when the latter was in Albania, due to the trip outside Albania, and at the moment of signing she was with at the notary office”.

But has another document from the citizen Vangjel Zguri, where he states that he doesn’t know at all Natali Blushi. But, this is a document that belongs to the investigation of the prosecution, and neither Violeta Sulkaj, nor the Ministry of Justice, will be able to close a falsification with suspicious allegations and statements, by people who have problems with justice.

Further, in an official document sent to, the Ministry of Justice, says that it has not taken disciplinary measures against the notary because 5 years have passed since the disciplinary violation committed by the notary.

So according to the Ministry of Justice, notaries can forge, and if 5 years pass, for them there is no disciplinary measure. This is how the law can define it. But how can stay longer in Office, someone who has been caught in forgery? will bring other documents and facts related to this scandal, which will not be closed. Although this is wanted by Etilda Gjonaj, Ben Blushi, or other justice structures, the prosecution or the courts, that due to pressure, may take a step back.

However, the truth will not stop. The facts are, so the TIMS data, the declaration of assets of Ben Blush, the contract of sale, as well as this final report of the Ministry of Justice, which shamelessly confirms that the notary may have forged the signature./

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With its decision on the local elections, the Constitutional Court dismissed Ilir Meta




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Two years ago, the President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, was the man who stirred up the waters of Albanian politics. He irresponsibly provoked social conflicts to the point of violent clashes between political parties, and postponed the date of local elections.

Ilir Meta, the president elected by the Socialist Party Edi Rama, after the Socialist Movement for Integration came out in opposition in 2017, began to serve unstoppably to the opposition. Although the head of state should be over the parties, he became the main tool of the attempt to plunge the country into political instability.

After the burning of mandates by DP and SMI, the opposition at that time demanded the postponement of local elections, although in December 2018 political parties sat at a table with the president and agreed on the date of local elections, and June 30 was decreed with the consent of Meta, Kryemadhi, Basha and Rama.

Then the president went “crazy” and started declaring that on June 30, 2019 there would be no elections, that they would be postponed because there were protests by the opposition, which had burned the mandates of MPs. In fact, the burning of mandates was opposed by all.

Or at least from most people who understand what it means for a political party to leave the system. Not to mention the violent protests or tear gas fired by the Republican Guard against the protesters to protect the institutions.

The foreign diplomats, whom Lulzim Basha calls today as his supporters, asked the then leader of the Democratic Party to withdraw from the violent protests, not to burn the mandates, as well as to participate in the local elections. But Basha did the opposite, together with Ilir Meta.

The president postponed the election date, while Basha declared that he wouldn’t run in the elections. The US and the EU stated that elections were to be held. And in fact that is what happened. The SP competed with several small parties in this election, including the Democratic Conviction that was created recently.

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At that time, was raised the alibi that in October 2019 local elections would be repeated, but this didn’t happen. Basha used this thesis to lie to the Democrats. He said that in the spring of 2020 there will be other local elections. He then told Democrats that they would be retained in the fall of that year. This is what Ilir Meta claimed.

The President of the Republic said that should be awaited the position of the Venice Commission, and then the decision of the Constitutional Court. In fact, they both made their decision, which is already public. They dismissed as illegal the postponement of the election date. The Court clearly states that the Constitution doesn’t recognize the annulment of the decree, but only the decree from the head of state.

So with the decrees there can be no political games. But this decision unmasked before the public the violations of the Constitution by President Ilir Meta, who has in the Constitutional Court a certain number of representatives elected by him.

Even some of them have voted against, as they wouldn’t accept to be part of the crazy moves of Ilir Meta 2 years ago. Today is the time of the dismissal of President Ilir Meta, and stopping him from going to his office. Parliament made it clear in a vote a few months ago: The president has been caught in violation of the Constitution, and yesterday this was officially confirmed by the Constitutional Court.

The decision of the Constitutional Court clearly shows that the president has already been fired. He incited social conflict, even though he was a president elected to stay above the political parties, annulling the decree of the election date, when in fact he has no power to do so. And now in the next decision of the Constitutional Court, we will wait only for the confirmation of the dismissal of Ilir Meta as the President of the Republic./

The official link of the article is this:

Gjykata Kushtetuese sot shkarkoi Ilir Metën



The document – How Lulzim Basha’s analyst was denounced for fraud/ Fitim Zekthi took the money and disappeared




Fitim Zekthi, a member of the Democratic Party Presidency, was convicted of fraud in November 2003. Zekthi himself publicly acknowledged such a fact, where he submitted the form of decriminalization, where it is justified that the sentence against him is not implemented.

But the truth is different. will bring the complete investigative file of Fitim Zekthi, which originated in 2003. According to a document no. 103 dated 16.01.2003, the Elbasan District Police Directorate has referred to the Prosecutor’s Office of the same district the materials against the citizen Fitim Zekthi for the criminal offense of fraud, provided by Article 143 of the Criminal Code.

The document is signed by the Director of Elbasan Police, who at that time was Niko Brahimaj. The member of the Democratic Party Presidncy, Fitim Zekthi was denounced on January 16, 2003, by his cousin V.Zekthi for fraud.

According to the Police, Zekthi had deceived his cousin by taking a considerable amount of money, as well as a personal passport. “His cousin, V. Zekthi, wanted to go to her fiancé who is in England, and he talked to Fitim about this, if he could help her get a regular tourist visa for there.

Fitim Zekthi promised to help her and asked for his passport and personal certificate, and from time to time he received various amounts of money in the amount of 1.250 dollars and 700.000 of old Lek, deceiving her with the justification that visa was delayed by the Embassy”-it is said in the minutes kept by the Judicial Police officer, Bledar Çeliku.

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After these steps, the cousin, the complainant V. Zekthi, met him other times to get his passport and the money he had given her, but Zekthi was justified, deceiving her in various ways.

In 2003, he left the town of Belshi and settled in Tirana, without giving an exact address to his cousin. So he took the money and disappeared. This denunciation then passed into the hands of the Prosecutor of the Judicial District, Elbasan, Dritan Gripshi. will bring in the coming days documents on how Fitim Zekthi deceived his cousin for the English visa, what decided the court, how many court hearings were held, what the prosecution requested in the claim, how Fitim Zekthi was sentenced to prison, and how lied that the sentence was not carried out./



There is no time for political experiments/ DP must reunite to overthrow Edi Rama from power




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Former coordinator, leader and founder of “Democratic Persuasion”, Astrit Patozi showed yesterday in a TV appearance on A2 CNN, his approach to the developments of recent weeks in the Democratic Party. Patozi was once the chairman of the parliamentary group and deputy chairman of the Democratic Party, as well as the editor-in-chief of her newspaper “Rilindja Demokratike”.

So a man with weight in politics, and so many people were curious about his stance. But for those hoping for a process of unification, opening and change of the DP, Patozi was the biggest disappointment.

This is due to the fact that from a rational politician, especially in 2017 when he asked for a race in the Democratic Party, or in his interviews after 2013, when he stressed that during the DP government big mistakes have also been made, but also over the race of Lulzim Basha with the late Sokol Olldashi, yesterday we saw another Astrit Patozi.

We are already seeing a chaotic Patozi in front of the gate, who wants to score a goal, but puts the ball in his own gate, because he doesn’t have the strength to go to the opponent’s gate. Beyond Sali Berisha’s “Rostrum”, in the process of unification and opening of the Democratic Party serves also the approach of critics of Lulzim Basha.

What has stood out is Jozefina Topalli, who has emphasized that she will join the DP Assembly on December 11th. According to her, this Assembly will be part of a unification process, and that her party was a right-wing movement to take the DP exactly where is today, in its opening, and in its return to competitions, values, and not in its use for personal, clientelistic and corrupt interests.

Patozi has emphasized the same things with his writings and analyzes. Today he is venting his anger and behaving like a non-unifying divider. Both of these career politicians in the DP, couldn’t get together more than 15.000 votes in the last election.

And they didn’t compete in a joint coalition. Running separately produced that result which was seen, and made it clear that all parties, including Basha’s Democratic Party, that anyone couldn’t win alone. Basha tried this in 2017. He removed half of the parliamentary group from the list.

He didn’t win. This year Patozi, Topalli, Murrizi and everyone else tried it. And all divided didn’t win. Even Sali Berisha cannot win alone even if he takes over the leadership of the Democratic Party. Politics has agreement as art, not loneliness and anger. But Patozi seems more angry with Sali Berisha than with Lulzim Basha.

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LEXO EDHE:  Rama fyen rëndë Blushin/Mendje e mjerë dhe hipokrit!

In fact, Patozi describes Berisha as the problem of the current situation in the DP. But today we are facing another situation. It is no longer the time to discuss, “why you, why me, etc”. Some public apologies have been made for the mistakes. So today is the time to say:What does anyone do? So, what will Astrit Patozi do for a union and opening of the Democratic Party to overthrow Edi Rama? Or where will go Jozefina Topalli?

What will be the contribution of others, including the return of Majlinda Bregu or dozens of others, who shouldn’t return to the DP as individuals who were ousted by an irresponsible chairman, but as a group with clear ideas and as a staff that creates a political offer, along with other personalities who are currently within the DP.

Or names who just have to compete. Let there be an open race within the DP, with guarantors, and let everyone get what they deserve. This is the last chance. Either the DP becomes a governing alternative or closes his historical cycle.

Divided, with anger and resentment, whether for the wrath of Berisha, Basha or the wrath of Patozi, there is no future and no solution. The road is headless. Alone everyone will lose. Patozi has tried it. Topalli and Basha as well. The solution is the deal.

The solution is to come up with a joint offer, the creation of factions, the reunification of the DP. This with a final goal not only the “shaking” of the government, but also the creation of an alternative for a short time in front of the government of Prime Minister Rama.

But that cannot happen if everyone continues to lose apart, not realizing that it is time to unite. And in case one party doesn’t understand, then the other should make every effort. They must go beyond personal interests and develop the opposition alternative.

Those who kill the alternative or the hope for change, can be nothing but a hindrance to the change process. The political time for experiments by the parties is over. Everyone must find their way to a union with sanctioned statutory forms that bring about the development of alternatives and hope for change. Following a dead end and with a head full of anger and rage brings only defeat./

Astrit Patozi, si lëmsh para porte