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The AEPC-NOA scandal/A corrupt affair, from Benet Beci to the institutions involved


The AEPC-NOA scandal/A corrupt affair, from Benet Beci to the institutions involved



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For several days, has denounced through official and exclusive documents a scandal related to an abusive contract signed by the Albanian Electric Power Corporation, AEPC, has connected with the private company, NOA Energy, for the exchange of electricity.

This is an abusive contract, as no energy exchange schedules have been set. According to this contract, AEPC gives energy to the private company NOA Energy when the demand for energy is very high but also when the price of energy is many times higher, while this private company returns this energy to AEPC after midnight, when the demand for energy is low and the price many times even lower.(Read here

From this contract the private company, NOA Energy earns thousands of euros, while AEPC gets only a few crumbs. The first request of NOA was made on March 4, 2021, while the head of AEPC Beci resigned a day later, on March 5, 2021. But on the date NOA filed the second request, setting some conditions.(Read here)

Meanwhile, through official documents, has shown how the Competition Authority was involved in this scandal. The agreement is detailed and officially presented on March 8th. So 3 days after the resignation of the director of that time, Benet Beci, who remained in office.

On the same day, the AEPC administrator prepares the official documents, and on March 9 sends the request to the Energy Regulatory Authority and the Competition Authority. Although the Competition Authority had previously annulled such decisions, ie from 2019 onward many other private companies were not given this opportunity, at a high speed for only 48 hours, the documents are reviewed and a decision was made.

The decision is dated March 12, 2021, and clearly states the Authority has recommended AEPC that during the interest procedures to guarantee the fulfillment of the obligation for public service, to respect the principles of profitability, and obliges AEPC as the dominant operator for each contract which decides special exclusive rights, to request a preliminary evaluation by the Competition Commission, etc.

So, the Competition Authority has responded to AEPC within 48 hours, while usually state institutions return responses to official documents for 1 month. In this case, the levers of the state have functioned perfectly and this naturally raises a question:” What ‘oil of corruption’ has moved the rusty bars of the Albanian state gear?”.

It’s very clearly that the procedures have proceeded rapidly by order from above. The day before, published two other documents, which confirm the scandal and add to the suspicions. This is exactly the answer that came from the Energy Regulatory Authority.

While the Competition Authority’s response came on March 12, the Energy Regulatory Authority it took a month to respond.

In the document provided by, the response of the ERA dated on April 9, 2021. So, the response of this institution does not come three days later, but almost a month later. So it seems that the ERA was out of the scheme. Tomorrow will publish the full contract, where the documents clearly show that an agreement has been drafted and signed in favor of a private company, and to the detriment of AEPC./

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Skandali KESH-NOA/ Një aferë korruptive, nga Benet Beci tek institucionet e përfshira

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Berisha’s police rescue Fitim Zekthi from prison/ The scandals of the fraudulent opinionist




Lulzim Basha analyst, Fitim (Fitimtar) Zekthi was sentenced to 6 months in prison for fraud.

All three levels of the judicial system have upheld the sentence for Zekthi, who, despite the final decision, managed to avoid prison.

Let us recall why Fitim Zekthi was sentenced to go further on how and who saved him from being sent to his cell. The story starts in 2003, when Fitim Zekthi was denounced by his cousin, that he received the amount of 2 million Lek in exchange for a tourist visa to go to England to her fiancé.

But according to the denunciation and investigations of the Elbasan Prosecutor’s Office, Fitim Zekthi, took the money and disappeared, without giving her the promised visa. In the preliminary hearing, that of the security measure, the Court decided that Zekthi should go to prison, ie the measure “arrest in prison”, according to the request of the Prosecution.

After the end of the investigation, and several court hearings, the Court of First Instance in Elbasan sentenced Zekthi to 6 months in prison. He appealed the decision to the Court of Appeals in Durrës, but the latter also upheld the decision of the Court of Elbasan.

Zekthi has requested the annulment of the sentence, in the third instance, ie in the High Court. Even this the latter didn’t change the decision of the other instances. By decision no. 524 dated 16.10.2009, the High Court has decided not to accept the recourse of Fitimtar Zekthi.

Another decision of the Court of Elbasan dated 20.06.2012, states that according to the final decision, Fitim Zekthi had to serve his prison sentence. But he was shamefully avoided prison thanks to the State Police. But why did this happen?

In the statement he made to the media, after published the first documents, he said that “I learned the sentence from the police in 2006, when I was a journalist at the newspaper Tema, and when i  attacked Sali Berisha”.

In fact, it was Sali Berisha’s government and his police that saved him from prison. Because the decision became final on Appeal, and at the moment this legal procedure is carried out, he should have been sent to prison cells and serve his sentence.

So what Fitim Zekthi says, that the police informed him about the sentence, means that the police didn’t apply the law, as they should have arrested him. So, it was Sali Berisha’s police who saved Fitim Zekth from prison. The latter has used some legal procedures to avoid prison.

He went to Court to benefit from the amnesty, as well as used the legal space not to go to prison. That in order to expire the term of the criminal sentence, which starts from 5 years from the date of the sentence and in this way he is not imprisoned.

So appearing in the media and acting as an analyst, as a high-ranking intellectual, as a pro-American conservative, the fraudster Fitim Zekthi avoid the prison. When the documents clearly show that he should have been arrested. has issued with documents and facts the decisions of the Courts, as well as the decision of the Court of Elbasan which has left in force the decision and has not suspended the sentence of imprisonment./

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Policia e Berishës shpëtoi nga burgu Fitim Zekthin/ Bëmat e analistit-mashtrues



The dirty game with the DP forums, will not save Lulzim Basha from being fired




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The interim leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has made two of his moves in recent days, announcing new elections in the Youth Forum (YFDP) and in the Women’s Democratic League (WDL). In fact, Lulzim Basha has made these moves to draw attention to what is happening in the DP.

He has set up two working groups, and said that reactions against these decisions, come from those who have personal interests. In fact Basha is lying publicly. First, in the Youth Forum the elections were held for the last time in 2014, according to the principle “one member, one vote”.

But this was a decision against the DP statute. However, since this forum didn’t hold elections for many years, it was accepted by all an electoral process that would bring a renewal. And so it happened. There was a strong race, some withdrew from the race, with manipulation and interference.

We remember here the interventions of Ervin Salianji, or the intervention of Basha’s brother-in-law with a candidate Ori Nebiaj, etc. In the end won Belind Këlliçi, who still holds this post. In 2017, Këlliçi was not running as an MP. Meanwhile, the losers in that race, were placed on the winning list, as was the case with Salianji.

The Youth Forum was renewed, it has a strong, an organized structure, and operates in many cities of the country, is very involved in the campaign. The next elections in this forum were to be held in 2019. But the DP had a conflicting relationship with the US, after the burning of mandates and the boycott of the elections.

So the YFDP Assembly was not held, which would lead to the election of the new chairman.

Then came the November 26 earthquake. And the DP couldn’t deal with the organization of structures, when a large part of Albania was shaken by an earthquake that caused dozens of victims and left thousands of families homeless.

In the spring of 2020, Këlliçi asked Basha to organize the YFDP, but soon started the Covid-19 pandemic. Everything is postponed, and so we come to the spring of 2021, when the general parliamentary elections would take place.

Arguing that there could be clashes, Basha said the YFDP shouldn’t hold elections. It was necessary to unite everyone, to engage in the campaign, and to hold the elections after the elections on April 25, after the possible ascent to power.

So, for 2 years in a row, the man who didn’t allow the elections in the Youth Forum of DP is Lulzim Basha. And now the one who stopped this process, comes out and says “Now I am announcing the race!”. In fact, the race cannot be announced by the party chairman.

It is normal for the YFDP leader to consult with the party chairman, and to have a common agenda. But this latter cannot announce the race. So today in 2021, the Democratic Party is in the same situation, perhaps even worse than ever before. Today the DP has an internal conflict.

The electorate is against the chairman. Most democrats are with former Prime Minister Sali Berisha and demand the resignation of Lulzim Basha. The Youth Forum also demands the resignation of the party chairman. Because his structures are with the former Prime Minister Berisha in every city of the country, in Korça, Fier, Elbasan, Shkodër, Lezhë, Kukës, Dibër, Gjirokastër and everywhere else.

Why such a race at the moment? Wouldn’t be more valuable policy for the youth not to be involved in this debate? But in this clash Basha wants to involve anyone. He wants to bring the DP Youth Forum under control, and to use it for his own interests.

But he found the wrong way. The answer is the “Rostrum” of young people held on Sunday with over 1.000 participants at the Academy of Arts in the capital. Another problem is the Women’s Democratic League, where again Basha has announced the holding of new elections.

In this case, he is using a woman who came to the DP from nothing, Oriola Pampuri, who is simply a product of Lulzim Basha. Taken from the street and included in the 2017 lists, she has now won a second term as an MP. A product of the structures of Henri Çili and Soros, she becomes part of the game in the DP, to take over the leadership of the Women’s Democratic League.

This forum doesn’t hold elections for 8 years. And who is to blame for this? Albana Vokshi or Lulzim Basha, who didn’t allow the elections with ridiculous excuses? In fact, according to the status, this forum decides when the elections should be held. But the one who prevented the race is Lulzim Basha.

It is learned that Ms.Vokshi has asked Basha to hold elections in the WDL. And about 2 years ago began a reorganization of this structure. So were held the elections in the branches, where were elected the chairwomen and presidencies What is left is the call of an Assembly to open the race for the election of the WDL chairwomen.

But, apparently Lulzim Basha has delayed the process and did not want its development, as he has always had a problem with the part of partner organizations, and with legitimate and elected people within the DP structures. He wanted to control those he likes, those who are servile to him.

Therefore, today the Women’s Democratic League is in open conflict with Lulzim Basha, asking the party chairman to withdraw from the decisions. There have been many reactions to this decision. Elections in this forum cannot be held on the principle of “one member one vote”, because it doesn’t recognize the statute of this organization.

Such schemes with these 2 forums clearly don’t seem to work. The truth of this whole story is that Lulzim Basha has announced a race for his interests. This is the truth beyond any judgment, anger or conflict within the DP. At this moment of debate and fierce clashes, when the chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, cannot leave his office and go to meet a democrat, he is trying to set up ghost working groups after seeing in his dreams that he can still remain chairman party.

It is impossible for Luli Basha to resolve this issue by abusing partner organizations. He got the answer from the young people, he will get it from the women as well. His working groups will be simple and just a few names on a few pieces of paper, which already have no statutory value in the Democratic Party and for partner organizations. Because even the General Secretary, Gazment Bardhi is an illegal person in that position, as he was elected in violation of the DP statute./

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Nga Elvi FUNDO/ FRPD dhe LDG, përtej sherrnajës dhe shkarkimeve të Luli Bashës



By Elvi FUNDO/ The truth about Sali Berisha’s double standard towards Lulzim Basha




Inside the Democratic Party has begun a battle, where the historical leader Sali Berisha, has announced a movement, which he calls “Rostrum”, where he is gathering city by city militants of the Democratic Party and its structures. A move like never before, which Lulzim Basha has never made.

Although Berisha is 77 years old, he seems full of energy, active and tireless, and has started a movement that no one expected, and everyone is surprised. Even the most pessimistic, or even his opponents, including those who may hate Berisha, are now saying:”He is tireless, unrepeatable in his kind”, and they call him a political animal.

“Rostrum” has revealed that the majority of Democratic Party supports Berisha. Basha was left alone in the office, with a small group of people, not even 10 people, included all those in the parliamentary group and in the leadership of the party.

He is making confused moves, has problems with structures, conflicts with the DP Youth Forum, expels branch presidents, and is trying to maintain party leadership with many silly, ridiculous, weightless characters in politics and brought by him in the DP, but which have nothing to do with the base.

Some of Lulzim Basha’s supporters have a thesis:The “hypocrisy” of Sali Berisha. And some who consider themselves intellectuals raise also a question:Which Sali Berisha should we trust, the one who supported Basha yesterday, or the one who attacks Basha today?

Which Berisha to believe, what he said that Basha has done all the good for Albania and the DP, or what he says now that Basha is the main culprit who has destroyed the party and led it from loss to loss. For all those who raise doubts, the analysis is quite simple.

It is true, Sali Berisha has supported Lulzim Basha for everything. He took him out of the way in 2005, put him in the DP, gave him the direction of the Policy Orientation Committee, and made him a minister three times. And despite the successive scandals, Lulzim Basha “grew”” in the DP ranks, became mayor, where he failed, and it was Berisha’s insistence that put him in 2013 at the head of the Democratic Party.

Basha could have probably won even without Berisha’s intervention against Olldashi. Because he was the mayor of Tirana, and we had earlier a similar move by Edi Rama when he took over the SP in 2005. But Berisha supported him, and he probably had his mistakes when he re-supported Basha in the latter’s decisions in the 2017 elections.

In fact, Lulzim Basha’s advisers asked him at the time to remove Berisha from the DP, and emerge as a leader over him. Basha didn’t do so, but eliminated all of Berisha’s associates, removing them from the list of deputies and attacking them through the media he controlled.

He started the attacks with Majlinda Bregu, then with Ridvan Bode, Jozefina Topalli, Astrit Patozi and so on. But they were not the only ones. The blows continued at the base against the chairmen of the DP branches, the leaders of the sections, etc. Berisha supported Lulzim Basha even after losing the 2017 elections.

Perhaps he was convinced that after 8 years in opposition the DP would surely rise to power. The position of the SMI against the Socialists, prompted Berisha to hope that after 4 years, ie this year Basha could become prime minister. But Basha’s actions turned out to be very problematic.

Since the burning of mandates, the boycott of local elections and so on. The battles left in the middle, from Nation Road to the New Ring, National Theater. Clashes, lost battles, empty threats. Berisha supported all these. But also many people in the DP. The essence of a political force is that the majority decides there.

But Basha didn’t decide with the majority or ask her opinion. Only after making his own decisions, he sought the support of the majority. Berisha has supported his actions. But the latter didn’t want the burning of mandates. He was the first to emphasize that the path of burning mandates is a dead end, which could lead to the overthrow of the DP.

This was heard by almost 40 deputies present at the meeting of the parliamentary group.

Now I have an answer for those who say what changed from Berisha’s point of view. Indeed, nothing has changed in Berisha. Lulzim Basha had to “kill|” politically, and Sali Berisha say stop. He tolerated many things, until he finally got the knife behind his back from Basha.

In fact the latter did nothing but an act of betrayal. Now there is a question for all those who say: Which Berisha should we believe? That yesterday or today? Which of these political analysts who support Lulzim Basha today, which of the politicians who are next to Basha, wouldn’t do what Sali Berisha is doing today after what happened?

A famous proverb says that only the fool and the dead don’t change their minds. And no one probably thinks that Sali Berisha is stupid, nor dead. He is full of energy, and he is there in the “Rostrum”. A “Rostrum”, where in addition to DP militants, there are hundreds of young people, who give with courage their ideas.

There people are talking and telling some truths. Berisha says what he thinks, the citizens say the problems that has the opposition, exactly those mentioned by the gray part of the electorate, and that is why they didn’t vote DP. Therefore, all those who are in the dilemma of which Berisha to believe, yesterday or today, should believe that of yesterday for what it was yesterday.

Today we are in another time with completely new facts and circumstances, with a Lulzim Basha who has killed the Democratic Party, who has betrayed all Democrats, and time has proved this. Berisha couldn’t say in 2013 that Basha is a traitor, as he was raising him in politics, he was his political son.

Now that he has seen what Lulzim Basha has done, it is fair to say that he has been taken hostage by Prime Minister Rama, and that is Berisha’s right. How right he is, is shown by the meetings, the people, the support and the enthusiasm. He has publicly admitted that he was wrong, apologizing for the support he has given to Basha.

Therefore, Sali Berisha is in all his political right to speak what he thinks, to carry out his political action, to hit Lulzim Basha, even to expell him from the Democratic Party. This is one more reason to respond to those skeptics, or those who want to raise alibis, that Berisha has a personal intention.

Even for personal purposes, which of those removed by Lulzim Basha, which of those inside the DP, had the strength, argument or support that Sali Berisha has in the Democratic Party? Indisputably no one. Everyone tried, and all failed. Topalli, Patozi failed. They ran in the elections with their own parties.

The two together didn’t get more than 15.000 votes. While Sali Berisha alone is taken the whole party, and Basha is left with only a handful of people. Everyone can change after seeing and trying. And Lulzim Basha was seen, tried and failed.

Sali Berisha suffered it himself, and there is already a completely fair public reaction, and here there is no hypocrisy from Berisha at all. But there are facts and only facts. Lulzim Basha failed and must leave from DP./

Nga Elvi FUNDO/ Dyfytyrësia e Sali Berishës me Luli Bashën