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Deepens the corruption affair AEPC-NOA / How the Competition Authority got involved in the scandal


Deepens the corruption affair AEPC-NOA / How the Competition Authority got involved in the scandal



The corrupt affair of Albanian Electricity Power Corporation(AEPC) with a private company is being further dismantled, and every day is publishing documents that show how worked a well-thought-out and pre-prepared scheme, which produced an agreement that brought a private company millions of euros income only from a contract with the AEPC, playing spectacularly with energy exchange schedules.

But before these schedules, everything started with the preparation and signing of the contract. revealed that on March 4, 2021, the private company NOA Energy asked AEPC to sign an agreement on electricity storage. This agreement is then detailed and announced publicly on March 8th.

So 3 days after the director of that time, Benet Beci had resigned. But he continued to stay in office. Also, on March 8, the AEPC administrator prepares the letter and on the March9th forward the request to the Energy Regulatory Authority and the Competition Authority.

Although previously the Competition Authority had annulled such decisions. So from 2019 many other private companies were not given this opportunity. This time, for only 48 hours, the Competition Authority comes out with a decision.

The decision is dated March 12, 2021, and clearly states that it has recommended to AEPC that during the interest procedures to guarantee the fulfillment of the obligation for public service, to respect the principles of mobility, there are no restrictive deposits, obliges AEPC as the dominant operator, that in any contract which establishes special exclusive rights, to request a preliminary evaluation by the Competition Commission, etc.

The Competition Authority has a political representation. The chairwoman is Juliana Latifi, while the members are Denar Biba, former head of the CEC, as a representative of the SP. Adriana Berberi, Eduard Ypi, former director of the Treasury during the DP government, and Ledina Matja, former deputy prime minister, who also holds the post of deputy chairman of the Competition Authority.

So an institution with political representation, where everyone is involved in a corrupt and scandalous contract, which today generates millions of euros in profits for a private company. The whole contract itself does not specify the schedules, ie the energy peak, the time when the energy will be exchanged.

But, this is where the game begins. Energy is bought at peak times, when the price is very high and returns to the hours after midnight, in the early hours of the morning, when energy demand falls and its market price is very low.

The contract was totally initiated by Benet Beci, the former director of AEPC, who although he resigned on March 5, as he himself confirmed for, he continued to go to the offices of AEPC, and according to reliable information from the institutions, has supervised the whole process.

So, from the March 4th when the first letter was sent, until the March 12 th, within 8 days. And we must not forget that it was the time on the eve of the April 25 election campaign, when a state institution elected by parliament, such as the Competition Authority, quickly approved AEPC’request.

The 3-page decision is ridiculous, totally absurd, and doesn’t protect the interests of the consumer, nor of AEPC, but only creates the whole space for a private company, which uses the energy produced by AEPC to use the latter to introduce millions of euros in her pockets.

This is the fourth document published by on this issue. We will make public other documents, which continue with a subsequent correspondence that had AEPC with the Competition Authority, until the agreement that was signed on May 4./

Thellohet afera KESH-NOA/ Si u përfshi Autoriteti i Konkurencës në skandal

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Who are the names/ Sali Berisha takes away from Lulzim Basha the DP parliamentary group




In the last parliamentary elections, the Democratic Party managed to get a total of 59 deputies, including the allies. But after the general parliamentary elections of April 25, 2021, the Democratic Party under the leadership of Lulzim Basha, seems to be only deepening its divisions.

In the last 8 years, Lulzim Basha has divided and destroyed the structures of this party, to then put the “seal” on September 9, 2021, with his personal decision, excluding the former Prime Minister and historical leader of the Democrats, Sali Berisha, from the DP parliamentary group.

But his personal decision to oust Berisha seems to be costing Lulzim Basha a lot, as it is already clear that the majority of the parliamentary group and the membership of the Democratic Party are on Sali Berisha’s side.

Beyond Berisha’s “Rostrum”, where in every city he was greeted with applause and enthusiasm by thousands of Democrats, it seems that the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party is also on the side of former Prime Minister Berisha.

Already a part of the PD deputies have appeared openly in the media with pro-Berisha attitudes, while another part remain silent. And the fact is that now we have a lonely Lulzim Basha, who has as a supporter only Grida Duma, Ervin Salianji, and maybe to some extent also Agron Gjekmarkaj, or some other servile.

Although Basha tries to urge the deputies to take a public stand, some of them refuse to speak, while some of them have come out openly speaking against his personal decisions. Some figures that have appeared publicly next to Berisha are Flamur Noka, Edi Paloka, Edmond Spaho, Tritan Shehu, Oerd Bylykbashi, Luçiano Boçi, Isuf Çelaj, Bujar Leskaj, Albana Vokshi, Luan Baçi.

So there are 10 deputies from the DP parliamentary group, who have come out openly next to Berisha, plus the former Prime Minister, which means 11 deputies. On the other hand, there are over 10 other deputies who remain silent, and who haven’t accepted Lulzim Basha’s request to hold positions in the media.

So in total Basha received 59 deputies, including 7 mandates from the allies, Shpëtim Idrizi, Mesila Doda, Nustret Avdulla, Vangjel Dule, Dashamir Shehi, Agron Duka and Fatmir Mediu. But 11 deputies together with Berisha have come out openly against Basha.

Plus over 10 others who remain silent, and if we subtract 7 that are allies, with a simple account it becomes clear that Berisha has in his side more than half of the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party.

While Basha has only a few deputies, which are counted with the fingers of the hand.

Although he made the lists himself, Lulzim Basha has been left only with a small group around him. And in the following days other deputies are expected to openly side with Sali Berisha.

Democrats are clear that the failures and cyclical losses of Lulzim Basha, have destroyed the DP by turning in a “crutch” of Prime Minister Edi Rama. The facts show that Lulzim Basha is now simply and only a chairman with the stamp in his hand, and the party has remained only as a small structure within DP./




The document/ How started the AEPC-NOA corruption affair




cna lajme aktuale

Today we are making public a document that was sent in English to the Albanian Electric Power Corporation (AEPC), which is also the beginning of a corrupt affair, as through this document a scandalous contract was signed. A private company would earn hundreds of thousands maybe even millions of euros, while AEPC nothing.

A monopoly contract which has not been awarded to other companies but only NOA, and this has happened during a vague period. Why? Because a well-known proverb says:”Wolf wants only fog!”. Everything happened the day before Benet Beci, General Director of AEPC, resigned.

Then for 8 day was performed every procedure until was signed the contract. The “wolf wanted fog”, and while Benet Beci was staying in AEPC offices even though he had resigned, until the board decided to release him from duty. This is the first document that paved the way for a suspicious affair. will bring other documents, until the responsible institutions start the investigation regarding a scandal, which we have called criminal from the beginning. We believe it is such because in times of an energy crisis, with differences in prices and hours of transmission and storage of electricity, a private company in a monopolistic situation with a corrupt approval from the Competition Authority, has been able to earn millions of euros by damaging the budget of the Albanian Electric Power Corporation.

It all started 14 hours before the head of AEPC, Benet Beci, left office through resignation. The facts show that the situation was different, because on March 4, 2021, a day before Beci’s resignation, was realized this corrupt affair that directly affects the pockets of Albanian consumers.

Although he resigned, Beci continued to stay in office for several more days. We will further make public other documents on this scandal. This is the first fact where NOA asked AEPC for cheap energy, and this institution under the shadow leadership of Benet Beci, created a situation to then produce a scandalous and even criminal contract.

Through this letter of interest, NOA Energy trade, LLC expresses its desire to enable the exchange of energy starting from April/May for 12 months (every year), following the following requirements:delivery capacity: greater or equal to 50 MV, delivery volume: greater than or equal to 40.000 MV each month.

Transmission capacities are provided by NOA ENERGY TRADE LLC”, it is stated in the request of NOA company addressed to AEPC. In its request, NOA also dictates the conditions to AEPC, as the public institution was the looser in this contract.

“The energy provided by AEPC, should not be used for the implementation of contracts against Albanian market participants. If the energy received from AEPC is used to enforce contracts against Albanian market participants (AMP), then the value of the energy will be calculated by referring to the starting price plus the unit charged due to public service (public damage).

Among other things, the request states that “the balance between the two companies NOA ENERGY TRADE LLC, and the other party at the end of 12 months must be a net worth 0. In case this value is not zero, the party that is the recipient will turn back the energy received.

Important clause:”We propose the possibility that in the months when the balance is fragile, such as March, April, December and January, increases the amount of exchange”. Below we publish the original request in English, which later produced a scandalous and criminal contract./

The official link of the article is this:

Dokumenti/ Si filloi afera KESH-NOA



Revealed other details from the abuse of AEPC/ publish the documents, two institutions are involved in a scandal




cna lajme aktuale has been reporting for two days regarding a scandal that occurred in one of the Albanian state institutions. It is an abusive contract, signed by AEPC (Albanian Electric Power Corporation), for energy exchange.

A contract which is to the detriment of AEPC. has reported that while Prime Minister Edi Rama warns of energy crisis and rising energy prices, AEPC gives energy to the private company NOA Energy Trade.

It is about an energy exchange, or an amount that AEPC has to give to the private company NOA Energy, and the latter will return it to the AEPC at the same time. So within the same day but not setting schedules. And the scandal starts right here.

So to power exchange schedules, especially in recent weeks, when has risen the market price of electricity per megawatt. According to the contract, AEPC gives energy to the private company at the peak of consumption, where the price has reached up to 300 or 400 euros per megawatt. While the company in question returns this energy to AEPC, in the early hours of the morning.

So at 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning, when the market price is somewhere less than 50 euros. But another state institution is also involved in this scandal. It is about the Competition Authority, which has approved the contract in question. has provided documents showing how the Competition Authority has given an advantage to a company that wins millions of euros. So, this company, NOA Energy, is the only one announced by the Competition Authority to receive energy from AEPC, thus creating a monopoly.

The first, scandal lies in the fact that AEPC could sell this energy itself, and improve its finances. Secondly, the contract has been announced as a solution due to the excess amounts of energy produced by AEPC and for their energy storage.

But in fact, because of this crisis, or because of the huge increase in the price of energy and its lack in the market, we are not dealing with an energy deposit, but with a clear corrupt scheme, where a private company earns hundreds or millions of euros at the expense of an Albanian state-owned company.

Third, the question arises, why only this company? Why was created this monopoly? What is the point of AEPC giving thousands of megawatts to a private company when there is an energy crisis? This announced by the Prime Minister Edi Rama himself. In the following, will publish other documents that show how started this scheme, when millions of euros are won at the expense of AEPC./