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Sali Berisha must unveil his project for the revival of the Democratic Party


Sali Berisha must unveil his project for the revival of the Democratic Party



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It seems that the former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has raised a lot of hope in the Democrats, in the DP militants, in the electoral body of this party, which for many years felt like dead. Loss after loss, the DP was already at a crossroads, in a very difficult position after handing over the third term to the Socialists.

The former Prime Minister has already held five meetings, starting in Tirana, Fier, Vlora, Durrës and Shkodra. Meetings that have aroused a lot of enthusiasm among Democrats.

The last meeting in Shkodra was more meaningful for Berisha’s tour at the DP base.

It is very clear that the former Prime Minister and former President is the man who arouses enthusiasm and guarantees a proper project for the Democratic Party. A project, which is needed not only by the Democrats but also by Albania.

Albania needs the opposition.

The government also needs the opposition to be better. But after these 5 meetings, we are not seeing a clear project. So we are not seeing which are the rules or forms that will produce a Democratic Party different from today.

In all the meetings, the former Prime Minister has introduced ideas, has severely attacked the government, has admitted that the DP has lost the elections, and that Edi Rama has made manipulations. He also said that the chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has failed.

Has conveyed every criticism of the Democrats towards Basha.

But meeting after meeting we are only seeing rhetoric. Today, the Democrats, the Albanians, maybe even those in power, need to hear and read the DP unification project.

For clear ideas translated into rules by the former Prime Minister, or the idea of ​​how to proceed further on the path of unification, reforming the DP through a structure, which would clearly place “points on i”, ie on how this union will take place.

Because it is not simply a mechanical unification.

Or ideas on how will open the Democratic Party, how its people will approach, what the race will be like. How it will be decided to move further tomorrow in the races in front of the opponent. So clear rules, written by a team of professionals.

LEXO EDHE:  “PD të distancohet nga Berisha”/ Bogdani për deklaratën e Godole: Jemi në demokraci!
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The DP needs a statute that would unite the values ​​of the Democrats, and the contributions of each of them. In order not to happen tomorrow as today, when a chairman comes at the head of the DP, and erases the entire history of the party, bringing with him those he wants.

These shouldn’t happen again, and today the greatest need of the Democrats is to see the “Berisha Project”.

What does he offer, how will be solved the problems of these 8 years in the opposition. And how will it move towards unification, to offer an alternative and winning program in the next elections.

This is how we can move forward. And this need to hear the people. In 5 meetings they heard about the problems of governance, parliamentary elections, Lulzim Basha, and others like these.

Now is the time to talk about the Democratic Party project.

The collection of signatures is not enough, and now even Berisha’s public statements are not enough. Democrats and Albanians need to see and read clearly what will be the program, form, path, written rules and agreements, that will bring in a regulated and statutory way a great union of the DP, and what can be called the path of unification, enlargement, opening of the DP and its march towards victory.

But this requires a very clear project and strategy, supported by all. A project for which Berisha actually has support from all parties. All that is left now is to reveal it and bring it to the people. To bring to the Democrats as an alternative for the opposition that Albania lacks./

Nevoja ulëritëse e projektit të pashpallur nga Berisha

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The document/ Gazment Bardhi is a George Soros’soldier




Gazment Bardhi, the man who holds the post of Secretary General of the Democratic Party, one of the courtesans of Lulzim Basha, turns out to be related to George Soros, who operates in Albania under the logo “Open Society Foundation for Albania”.

Bardhi was paid by Soros, and this he himself confirmed to the High Inspectorate of Declaration and Control of Assets and Conflict of Interest. He has been forced to admit to the that he was paid by Soros to engage in Justice Reform.

In 2016, Bardhi declares the amount of 665.720 Lek as income from participation as an expert at the Special Parliamentary Commission for Justice Reform. So, Bardhi also results in the list of Soros soldiers.

Soldier Bardhi, who today comes out and talks about the statute and rules of the Democratic Party, has plunged the Democratic Party into defeat in the area where he has represented. And as if that were not enough, in the April 25 parliamentary elections, he charged the DP with an assassination.

Claiming to be defending the vote, the Soros soldier bled Elbasan a week before the April 25 elections. We recall that on April 21 in Elbasan was executed Pjerrin Xhuvani, and Gazment Bardhi was from the “ranks of assassins”, suspected of inspiring them.

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Despite the fact that he was not the one who shot at Pjerrin Xhuvani, the responsibility does not amnesty him. After all, it was Gazment Bardhi who had hired groups of former armed police, and who had illegally formed a private armed police, taking him out to patrol the streets of the city of Elbasan.

And everyone saw the end. Gazment Bardhi left behind terror and a victim. After the elections, Bardhi left Elbasan where he sowed death and returned to Tirana, as if nothing had happened. The Soros soldier has not yet been held accountable for his scandals.

Gazment Bardhi who today comes out and talks about morality, has no morality to do such a thing. Moreover, the instigator suspected of violence or murder has been released, not accountable to justice. Gazment Bardhi had to account for how he formed, in violation of any law, an armed group of ex-military and ex-police officers.

Unlike a regular private police force, the “Vote Protection” structure created by the Democratic Party, is nothing more than an illegal body that employs former police officers who moved armed, without any rules, and without any code./



How Erion Veliaj financed Ina Zhupa/ Revealed the scandal of Lulzim Basha’s MP




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The scandals with Lulzim Basha’s deputies have no end. Every day a new scandal is produced and reported on them. The next scandal involved the preferred of Lulzim Basha, first as a spokesperson for the Democratic Party, and then as an MP.

Ina Zhupa, today as a disgusting servile of Basha in public, is part of the Assembly and a member of the blue headquarters and under the logo of the DP comes out and threatens those who openly express their opinions.

The scandalous former secretary of Majlinda Bregu, who fired her for incompetence and lies, has threatened the member of the leadership of the Democratic Party, in Saranda, Spiro Vaso.

Putting herself at the service of Luli Basha, supported by the money of her father-in-law, who is a business partner with the people of Prime Minister Edi Rama, including casino partners and the corrupt fuel business, Ina Zhupa with the money coming from power has used the PD logo, to threaten people for personal interests.

There are concrete examples of Ina Zhupa’s connections with the government and the money her family members receive from the government. Referring to these examples, it seems that Ina Zhupa is not the first to threaten personal interests. It has done so even before.

Earlier, today’s deputy of Lulzim Basha, Ina Zhupa, accused and threatened the Municipality of Tirana, for granting some construction permits in the city center. In the capacity of the spokesperson of the Democratic Party, Ina Zhupa, stated that the permit for the construction of the palace near “Clock Tower of Tirana”, in addition to being a clientelist and urban massacre, was also against the law.

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“The palace damages the historical center of Tirana, which is the cultural-historical heritage. But this does not seem to matter to Erion Veliaj”- said Zhupa.

But what happened next? Three months after Zhupa’s denunciation, her husband receives a construction permit from the Municipality of Tirana.

Now Zhupa must clarify whether she made the denunciation to prevent the construction of the palace at the Clock Towers of Tirana, or to obtain a building permit itself. So it seems that Zhupa is used with the threats for her personal interests.

And since it is suspected that the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, has closed her mouth with a building permit for her husband, she has already started to attack the democrats in Saranda who have joined the “Rostrum” of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

The mistakes and scandals of the deputies of Lulzim Basha, who are coming out every day more and more connected with the government and the oligarchs and with Edi Rama, are making even clearer the situation created recently within the Democratic Party./

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Berisha’s police rescue Fitim Zekthi from prison/ The scandals of the fraudulent opinionist




Lulzim Basha analyst, Fitim (Fitimtar) Zekthi was sentenced to 6 months in prison for fraud.

All three levels of the judicial system have upheld the sentence for Zekthi, who, despite the final decision, managed to avoid prison.

Let us recall why Fitim Zekthi was sentenced to go further on how and who saved him from being sent to his cell. The story starts in 2003, when Fitim Zekthi was denounced by his cousin, that he received the amount of 2 million Lek in exchange for a tourist visa to go to England to her fiancé.

But according to the denunciation and investigations of the Elbasan Prosecutor’s Office, Fitim Zekthi, took the money and disappeared, without giving her the promised visa. In the preliminary hearing, that of the security measure, the Court decided that Zekthi should go to prison, ie the measure “arrest in prison”, according to the request of the Prosecution.

After the end of the investigation, and several court hearings, the Court of First Instance in Elbasan sentenced Zekthi to 6 months in prison. He appealed the decision to the Court of Appeals in Durrës, but the latter also upheld the decision of the Court of Elbasan.

Zekthi has requested the annulment of the sentence, in the third instance, ie in the High Court. Even this the latter didn’t change the decision of the other instances. By decision no. 524 dated 16.10.2009, the High Court has decided not to accept the recourse of Fitimtar Zekthi.

Another decision of the Court of Elbasan dated 20.06.2012, states that according to the final decision, Fitim Zekthi had to serve his prison sentence. But he was shamefully avoided prison thanks to the State Police. But why did this happen?

LEXO EDHE:  Agron Gjekmarkaj si Fahri Balliu i III-të

LEXO EDHE:  Agron Gjekmarkaj si Fahri Balliu i III-të

In the statement he made to the media, after published the first documents, he said that “I learned the sentence from the police in 2006, when I was a journalist at the newspaper Tema, and when i  attacked Sali Berisha”.

In fact, it was Sali Berisha’s government and his police that saved him from prison. Because the decision became final on Appeal, and at the moment this legal procedure is carried out, he should have been sent to prison cells and serve his sentence.

So what Fitim Zekthi says, that the police informed him about the sentence, means that the police didn’t apply the law, as they should have arrested him. So, it was Sali Berisha’s police who saved Fitim Zekth from prison. The latter has used some legal procedures to avoid prison.

He went to Court to benefit from the amnesty, as well as used the legal space not to go to prison. That in order to expire the term of the criminal sentence, which starts from 5 years from the date of the sentence and in this way he is not imprisoned.

So appearing in the media and acting as an analyst, as a high-ranking intellectual, as a pro-American conservative, the fraudster Fitim Zekthi avoid the prison. When the documents clearly show that he should have been arrested. has issued with documents and facts the decisions of the Courts, as well as the decision of the Court of Elbasan which has left in force the decision and has not suspended the sentence of imprisonment./

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Policia e Berishës shpëtoi nga burgu Fitim Zekthin/ Bëmat e analistit-mashtrues