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The scandal/ Luzim Bashas’s bargaining with promises for positions and power to attack Sali Berisha


The scandal/ Luzim Bashas’s bargaining with promises for positions and power to attack Sali Berisha



The incumbent chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, seems to have started another movement against former Prime Minister Sali Berisha. Hoping to survive at the helm of the DP, it is learned that Basha has started to call one by one in his office people whom he thinks he can shake from their position against him and the decision taken to expel Sali Berisha. has learned from official sources in the DP, that Lulzim Basha has tried in recent days to negotiate with some well-known figures of the DP by offering them positions and tasks.

But where will Luli Basha find these posts, since he is in opposition and not in power, would ask any ordinary reader?

For those who are not aware, we remind that the Democratic Party in agreement with the Socialists has already begun negotiations to take the posts that belong to the opposition, not to mention the part of the pie that Edi Rama is ready to give to Lulzim Basha, in the hope that will keep the latter closer and closer, as the road to Rama-Basha co-government is already clear. has learned from confidential sources, that Basha in these meetings held with political leaders, delegated district leaders and members of the presidency, has asked for thenominations to various boards that will represent the DP.

Basha has come up with several variants, emphasizing that all posts that legally belong to the opposition, will be taken despite the fact that many of them were occupied by yesterday’s parliamentary opposition, ie by parliamentary groups that became part of Parliament, after the burning of mandates by Lulzim Basha in February 2019.

The same sources stressed that Basha has received full guarantees, that there will be a replacement of boards in the Bank of Albania, in the Audiovisual Media Authority, in the Public Radio and Television and many, many other institutions, which according to the law have representatives from both political camps.

On the other hand, Edi Rama seems very generous in his offer, giving many positions in the public administration to the names proposed by Luli Basha. The latter is rushing to make these offers to many of his executives and associates, not to allow them to go to what might be called an uprising against Lulzim Basha within the Democratic Party.

The bazaar is clear:”Dont go to Berisha’s side, instead attack him, and I offer you this post. You will have the opportunity to take your brother to this post, your sister to this other post, etc”. A clear and disgusting bargain by Lulzim Basha, who is offering the posts given by Edi Rama to divide the Democrats, and to save himself from a “tsunami” that has begun to rise within the DP.

LEXO EDHE:  Pas medias Basha kujtohet për ish-të përndjekurit

Sources emphasize that this and some other moves of Lulzim Basha, are his last hopes to resist not to resign after the clash he has with the party base. Everything seems to be quite difficult. It remains to be seen who will be the people that will accept Luli Basha’s alms or “bone”, which comes after his agreement and cooperation with Rama.

Another bargain offered in many areas is the race for municipalities. Basha has started to deceive the people, by emphasizing that early local elections will be announced very soon. The decision of the Venice Commission on the legitimacy of the 2019 elections is awaited, and Ilir Meta will decree the date of the early elections.

In this scenario, Basha would offer support to the surrounding people. After all, the biggest reaction against him comes from the base. But this again seems to be a lie, and a game to have on his side it branches chairmen or contenders, who intend to take leading positions.

Or those who aims to compete for municipalities. On the other hand, Lulzim Basha is promising them to run the branches of the Democratic Party in many localities.

After most of the local mayors’mandates have already ended, or some of them have resigned.

From the posts of Edi Rama, to the management of the branches of the Democratic Party, the candidacy for mayor, or to the promise that they will be part of the list of deputies after 4 years, are the offers in the “soup pot” of Luli Basha, who has enjoyed a spoonful and is trying to give it to those who have long distanced themselves from the truth to enjoy it. And now he wants to use them by offering him a spoonful of “soup” cooked by him and Edi Rama./

Skandali/ Basha pazare me premtime për borde, poste e pushtet, për të sulmuar Berishën

Komisioni “Ruli” jashtë loje/ Basha “i hedh poshtë” punën, kërkon emra të tjerë për deputetë

Sondazhi i Lulzim Bashës, kundër Lulzim Bashës

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Facts/ Lulzim Basha “killed” himself




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“Basha ‘killed himself’ trying to ‘kill’ Berisha”. This is the statement made yesterday by Dimitris Mavros, director of the well-known survey company MRB, for Euronews Albania. A clear expression that already appears in some facts. Lulzim Basha tried to “kill” Berisha by hiding in his office.

So, he actually committed a “suicide”, because with the act he committed, hidden and alone, he couldn’t “kill” Sali Berisha. Because by gathering the forums, he could have won, he would have “killed” his predecessor, and he would have been a real leader. But he couldn’t do this act either.

Alone, closed and with a previously recorded video, Basha announced the “murder” of Berisha.

Moments later, after leaving the office, it appeared that he had committed “suicide”. Objections to his decision were strong, and Lulzim Basha was left alone, with some servile officials around, some of whom have not done a single day’s of work, but whose first salary is what Luli Basha gave them.

A very significant fact is that immediately after what Basha called the “murder” of his spiritual “father”, he faced the “hurricane” of the Democrats. For almost one month, Basha hasn’t left his office, he hasn’t any meetings with the Democrats at the base.

He tries to go to press conferences, and then stays locked in the office all the time, and is completely alone. Another fact is that Lulzim Basha tried to “kill” Sali Berisha. But polls tell us that in the majority Democrats prefers Berisha and not Basha.

LEXO EDHE:  PD nxjerr videon/ Si Edi Rama kopjoi programin tonë

LEXO EDHE:  Skandali/ Basha kopjon Vuçiç dhe Nismën Thurje

The Euronews poll yesterday clearly showed that the vast majority of Democratic Party members were in favor of Sali Berisha. Lulzim Basha was in the minority. The act committed by Luli Basha is called wrong by all democrats. Another fact is The Rostrum. In every city he has visited, Berisha has been enthusiastically received.

The meetings were very well attended and went very well. In Fier, Shkodra, Durres, Tirana, Vlora and Gjirokastra. And now are expected Elbasan, Korça, Dibra and Kukësi. All these meetings have clearly shown the fact that we mentioned at the beginning of this article.

That Lulzim Basha, trying to “kill” Sali Berisha, “killed” himself. Now even the “killed” is trying to stay at the helm of the DP. He is left with only the chair of the leader of the Democratic Party, with which he is strongly connected, and the seal that he no longer holds

in his hand, but has put it in his pocket, and with it comes around the corridors, with the hope and dream that one day this nightmare will end. In fact, Lulzim Basha is simply a victim of himself. He tried to “kill” Berisha, and in the end “killed” himself./

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Faktet/ Lulzim Basha “vrau” veten



The criminal contract/ AEPC, loss of millions of euros with energy exchange




During a press conference a few days ago, Prime Minister Edi Rama warned of an energy crisis that would affect Albania, and the rise in energy prices. But while the head of government warns of a crisis, what is happening in Albanian institutions seems to be a real scandal.

The assets of Albanians are being stolen from the moment that Prime Minister Rama announced an energy crisis, and seeing the stock exchange which is expected to go around 1 megawatt around 220 euros in December. And in such a situation, AECP (Albanian Electric Power Corporation), which is the main producer of energy in the country, all from water sources, today is exporting electricity.

For those who want to understand more simply:Albania is in crisis and buys energy with 200 euros per megawatt, and on the other hand, AECP sells 4.000 Megawatts of electricity per day to a private company. This according to a criminal contract, where the schedules of electricity exchange are not defined, and which was signed by the former director of AECP, Bent Beci, who today is a Socialist Party MP.

The contract was not only signed in AECP, but also received the approval of the Competition Authority. has learned that AECP, although aware of the problematic water situation, even though it is aware of a crisis, sells energy abroad.

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And this not by collecting income, but through giving an amount of energy, which comes out exactly at the peak of energy demand. So around noon when the demand is highest, this energy is taken by a private company, which returns it after midnight.

And today a private company earns hundreds of thousands of euros a day, and millions of euros a month, while AECP receives only alms. Sources for inform that based on this contract, energy has been exchanged until the last days. The contract that will publish in the following shows that AECP is committing a criminal act.

Exactly when the country is experiencing an energy crisis. When energy is bought at an expensive price, at the peak time and the highest demand of this energy, AECP takes it out and takes it overnight, when the price is very cheap and when no one needs energy. has conducted an investigation and verified any data, confirmed by senior officials of AECP, from its confidential sources, from the Competition Authority, for a criminal act that is happening day by day, and which leads to several millions of euros in the pockets of a private company, who gives AECP a very small part of its colossal profits./




The scandal-Rama and Basha “confuse” their roles/ Here is how they are mocking the Albanian citizens




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Prime Minister Edi Rama appeared yesterday at a press conference, where he warned the Albanians citizens that “a great energy crisis is coming, and that prices will experience a dizzying increase”.

This is an extraordinary energy crisis, which has just begun to show its extremely disturbing signs in the major world markets, starting with China and South Korea, America, Great Britain and the space of European Union, and to neighboring countries, such as Italy and Greece.

The temperature of this crisis is increasing everywhere, now for hours not days, while the decrease of weather temperatures is approaching along with winter, together with the natural increase of the need for heating”- said among others thing Edi Rama.

But in our country seem to be happening strange things. Edi Rama is probably the only Prime Minister in the world, who comes out and warns the citizens of his country that “the crisis is coming”. In fact, the task of a government is not to warn its citizens that “a crisis is coming”.

The task of a government is to anticipate the situation, to well-manage resources, finances, etc., in order that this crisis, which Edi Rama says is spreading around the world, does not weigh directly on the citizens. And instead of appearing in the media and scaring Albanians about this crisis, for the head of government it would have been better to take action, because global warming was not invented today.

But on the other hand there is also a detail. What does the opposition?

How is it possible that the Prime Minister appears in front of media, and warns the citizens by telling them that the energy crisis is coming, when in fact this is the task of the opposition.

LEXO EDHE:  Skandali/ Basha kopjon Vuçiç dhe Nismën Thurje

LEXO EDHE:  “Propaganda e PD, një farsë”/ Gjekmarkaj “këmbeu” fytyrën me të ndenjurat

Or the opposition is very busy with some other work? Because the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has some delicate problems? After the Prime Minister’s conference, Basha came out yesterday in a statement for the media, where he continued with the next show, with some so-called “points”, which he proposes to Edi Rama.

Why has there been no warning from the opposition so far? Doesn’t she have her own experts in this field? No economists? This is a topic which should in fact be the cause of the opposition, because the country’s public finances are endangered.

If we had an opposition, which really aims to oppose the Rama government, which seeks to protect the interests of the citizens of its country, it should already be on its feet. Basha cannot wait for Edi Rama to appear in the media first and say that the crisis has come, and then the leader of the Democratic Party to “wake up” after a few hours of sleep and say “I also have some proposals!”. What we are seeing is not opposition to the government. This is just a show and a facade./

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Skandali-Rama dhe Basha “ngatërrojnë” rolet/ Si po tallen me qytetarët