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Note/ Democratic Party is burning, while Luli Basha is “brushing his hair”


Note/ Democratic Party is burning, while Luli Basha is “brushing his hair”



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What is happening with the opposition in general and with the Democratic Party in particular, goes well with a well-known popular proverb “The village burns, while the whore is brushing her hair!”. This expression is very much in line with the current situation, but also about what could happen in the future.

But let’s stick to the actuality.

Who is taking advantage of this clash within the DP!?

With what is happening only one person benefits, and this doesn’t require any lengthy analysis. So only Edi Rama is benefiting. The DP is not winning because, as it is divided, and its base is now set up against chairman Basha.

cna news, cna lajme politike, lajme cnaThe DP doesn’t win this situation, because the majority of the parliamentary group shows that they are “eunuchs and courtesans”, they don’t speak. The DP doesn’t benefit after an anti-statutory act was committed, with a personal decision of an autocratic leader who just loses, and has no civic courage to resign from the post he holds.

DP doesn’t benefit in any case. Those who are winning are only the government and Edi Rama. The facts speak for themselves. The new Parliament convened, where the ‘Rama 3’ government would be voted on, the ministers would be debated.

But nobody remembers anything, nobody paid any attention to the speech of the opposition leader Basha. No debate in Parliament, but only the hysterical laughter of Luli Bashe towards the speech that was delivering his deputy Saimir Korreshi.

This speech went viral on social networks, where citizens supported the MP for the truths he said in Parliament, and disgusted Lulzim Basha for his shameful behavior. Well, the facts speak one by one, that the DP is “burning”, while Luli Basha is “brushing his hair”.

It is burning because it is torn. It is burning because its deputies have shut their mouths. It is burning because its parliamentary group is divided. It is burning, because the electoral body of the Democratic Party is against the chairman. It is burning because the militants who resisted the opposition in 1997-2005, are today against Luli Basha.

Deputies are against him. The DP is weaker today than ever before. The DP is burning. While Luli Basha is just “brushing his hair”. He laughs with the speech of the DP deputy Saimir Korreshi, and appears in the media and declares all the authority, that there are no steps back in relation to the decision for the expulsion of Berisha.

He lies shamelessly and publicly, declaring that with Berisha’s ouster he defended the DP alliance with the USA, and that this decision will lead him to victories tomorrow. He has even incited some analysts in the media to say that the alliance with the US will bring Luli Basha to power.

LEXO EDHE:  Shënim/ Djegia e mandateve si mashtrim i Bashës për pazar me Ramën

How Basha will come to power only because he expelled Berisha from the DP, this can only be explained by the “great intellectuals” around Luli Basha, as no ordinary citizen and voter could understand this attitude. Beyond that, the DP can burn. And Luli Basha will continue to “brush his hair”.

He will do this for his wealth, for the villas he takes from the oligarchs, for the numerous accusations that have been made endlessly against him for selling mandates of deputies. He will continue to “brush his hair” for the increase of his brother-in-law’s wealth.

He will continue to “brush his hair” for the usurpation of the Democratic Party, as well as for his partnership with Edi Rama. But what will burn in the end is the Democratic Party. And the smoke, the flames are in the headquarters. They can be seen in the murderous silence, in the grief that every democrat has today, in the division that seems to be irreversible.

Maybe Basha understands this situation quite well. Perhaps there was no other alternative, but if he wanted the Democratic Party not to burn, he didn’t have to “brush his hair”. That alone would be enough, and the political situation of the opposition and its strength today would be many times greater. But we are facing the fact that DP is burning and Luli Basha is “brushing his hair”./

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Shënim/ PD po digjet, Luli po krihet

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The criminal contract/ AEPC, loss of millions of euros with energy exchange




During a press conference a few days ago, Prime Minister Edi Rama warned of an energy crisis that would affect Albania, and the rise in energy prices. But while the head of government warns of a crisis, what is happening in Albanian institutions seems to be a real scandal.

The assets of Albanians are being stolen from the moment that Prime Minister Rama announced an energy crisis, and seeing the stock exchange which is expected to go around 1 megawatt around 220 euros in December. And in such a situation, AECP (Albanian Electric Power Corporation), which is the main producer of energy in the country, all from water sources, today is exporting electricity.

For those who want to understand more simply:Albania is in crisis and buys energy with 200 euros per megawatt, and on the other hand, AECP sells 4.000 Megawatts of electricity per day to a private company. This according to a criminal contract, where the schedules of electricity exchange are not defined, and which was signed by the former director of AECP, Bent Beci, who today is a Socialist Party MP.

The contract was not only signed in AECP, but also received the approval of the Competition Authority. has learned that AECP, although aware of the problematic water situation, even though it is aware of a crisis, sells energy abroad.

LEXO EDHE:  Basha takim në njësinë numër 10 në Tiranë/ Banori “i zë rrugën”: Mos bëj koalicion me LSI-në sepse të…

LEXO EDHE:  Shënim/ Djegia e mandateve si mashtrim i Bashës për pazar me Ramën

And this not by collecting income, but through giving an amount of energy, which comes out exactly at the peak of energy demand. So around noon when the demand is highest, this energy is taken by a private company, which returns it after midnight.

And today a private company earns hundreds of thousands of euros a day, and millions of euros a month, while AECP receives only alms. Sources for inform that based on this contract, energy has been exchanged until the last days. The contract that will publish in the following shows that AECP is committing a criminal act.

Exactly when the country is experiencing an energy crisis. When energy is bought at an expensive price, at the peak time and the highest demand of this energy, AECP takes it out and takes it overnight, when the price is very cheap and when no one needs energy. has conducted an investigation and verified any data, confirmed by senior officials of AECP, from its confidential sources, from the Competition Authority, for a criminal act that is happening day by day, and which leads to several millions of euros in the pockets of a private company, who gives AECP a very small part of its colossal profits./




The scandal-Rama and Basha “confuse” their roles/ Here is how they are mocking the Albanian citizens




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Prime Minister Edi Rama appeared yesterday at a press conference, where he warned the Albanians citizens that “a great energy crisis is coming, and that prices will experience a dizzying increase”.

This is an extraordinary energy crisis, which has just begun to show its extremely disturbing signs in the major world markets, starting with China and South Korea, America, Great Britain and the space of European Union, and to neighboring countries, such as Italy and Greece.

The temperature of this crisis is increasing everywhere, now for hours not days, while the decrease of weather temperatures is approaching along with winter, together with the natural increase of the need for heating”- said among others thing Edi Rama.

But in our country seem to be happening strange things. Edi Rama is probably the only Prime Minister in the world, who comes out and warns the citizens of his country that “the crisis is coming”. In fact, the task of a government is not to warn its citizens that “a crisis is coming”.

The task of a government is to anticipate the situation, to well-manage resources, finances, etc., in order that this crisis, which Edi Rama says is spreading around the world, does not weigh directly on the citizens. And instead of appearing in the media and scaring Albanians about this crisis, for the head of government it would have been better to take action, because global warming was not invented today.

But on the other hand there is also a detail. What does the opposition?

How is it possible that the Prime Minister appears in front of media, and warns the citizens by telling them that the energy crisis is coming, when in fact this is the task of the opposition.

LEXO EDHE:  PD mbledh grupin parlamentar/Çfarë u diskutua në takim

LEXO EDHE:  Shënim/ Djegia e mandateve si mashtrim i Bashës për pazar me Ramën

Or the opposition is very busy with some other work? Because the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has some delicate problems? After the Prime Minister’s conference, Basha came out yesterday in a statement for the media, where he continued with the next show, with some so-called “points”, which he proposes to Edi Rama.

Why has there been no warning from the opposition so far? Doesn’t she have her own experts in this field? No economists? This is a topic which should in fact be the cause of the opposition, because the country’s public finances are endangered.

If we had an opposition, which really aims to oppose the Rama government, which seeks to protect the interests of the citizens of its country, it should already be on its feet. Basha cannot wait for Edi Rama to appear in the media first and say that the crisis has come, and then the leader of the Democratic Party to “wake up” after a few hours of sleep and say “I also have some proposals!”. What we are seeing is not opposition to the government. This is just a show and a facade./

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Skandali-Rama dhe Basha “ngatërrojnë” rolet/ Si po tallen me qytetarët



Sali Berisha must unveil his project for the revival of the Democratic Party




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It seems that the former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has raised a lot of hope in the Democrats, in the DP militants, in the electoral body of this party, which for many years felt like dead. Loss after loss, the DP was already at a crossroads, in a very difficult position after handing over the third term to the Socialists.

The former Prime Minister has already held five meetings, starting in Tirana, Fier, Vlora, Durrës and Shkodra. Meetings that have aroused a lot of enthusiasm among Democrats.

The last meeting in Shkodra was more meaningful for Berisha’s tour at the DP base.

It is very clear that the former Prime Minister and former President is the man who arouses enthusiasm and guarantees a proper project for the Democratic Party. A project, which is needed not only by the Democrats but also by Albania.

Albania needs the opposition.

The government also needs the opposition to be better. But after these 5 meetings, we are not seeing a clear project. So we are not seeing which are the rules or forms that will produce a Democratic Party different from today.

In all the meetings, the former Prime Minister has introduced ideas, has severely attacked the government, has admitted that the DP has lost the elections, and that Edi Rama has made manipulations. He also said that the chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has failed.

Has conveyed every criticism of the Democrats towards Basha.

But meeting after meeting we are only seeing rhetoric. Today, the Democrats, the Albanians, maybe even those in power, need to hear and read the DP unification project.

For clear ideas translated into rules by the former Prime Minister, or the idea of ​​how to proceed further on the path of unification, reforming the DP through a structure, which would clearly place “points on i”, ie on how this union will take place.

Because it is not simply a mechanical unification.

Or ideas on how will open the Democratic Party, how its people will approach, what the race will be like. How it will be decided to move further tomorrow in the races in front of the opponent. So clear rules, written by a team of professionals.

LEXO EDHE:  “Lëreni neuropsikiatrinë dhe filloni e mendoni”/ Mesazhi i fortë i Kullurit

LEXO EDHE:  Basha drejt shkarkimit/ Kreu i PD në panik, ikën nga gazetarët

selia e partise demokratike

The DP needs a statute that would unite the values ​​of the Democrats, and the contributions of each of them. In order not to happen tomorrow as today, when a chairman comes at the head of the DP, and erases the entire history of the party, bringing with him those he wants.

These shouldn’t happen again, and today the greatest need of the Democrats is to see the “Berisha Project”.

What does he offer, how will be solved the problems of these 8 years in the opposition. And how will it move towards unification, to offer an alternative and winning program in the next elections.

This is how we can move forward. And this need to hear the people. In 5 meetings they heard about the problems of governance, parliamentary elections, Lulzim Basha, and others like these.

Now is the time to talk about the Democratic Party project.

The collection of signatures is not enough, and now even Berisha’s public statements are not enough. Democrats and Albanians need to see and read clearly what will be the program, form, path, written rules and agreements, that will bring in a regulated and statutory way a great union of the DP, and what can be called the path of unification, enlargement, opening of the DP and its march towards victory.

But this requires a very clear project and strategy, supported by all. A project for which Berisha actually has support from all parties. All that is left now is to reveal it and bring it to the people. To bring to the Democrats as an alternative for the opposition that Albania lacks./

Nevoja ulëritëse e projektit të pashpallur nga Berisha