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Why should Lulzim Basha leave the leadership of the Democratic Party?!


Why should Lulzim Basha leave the leadership of the Democratic Party?!



In recent days in the Democratic Party has erupted a debate, a rift, a political situation that has not been experienced in 30 years. Perhaps it can be compared somewhat to the departure of Eduard Selami. But today the things are even worse.

Those who have known the Democratic Party and militated there for decades, realize that there is a great disunity, which doesn’t stem only from the exclusion of Sali Berisha, as some want to interpret it. On the contrary, it is a disruption caused by Lulzim Basha in these 8 years of opposition.

What Basha did with Berisha, is the last act that showed that the current leader of the Democratic Party is an incompetent and looser leader. A collaborator with Edi Rama, who for his personal interests sold also his political “father”. Should Lulzim Basha leave in order for the DP to start rebuilding?

Or should he stay there, vegetating, or officially moving towards a co-government with Edi Rama in a broad coalition? Or by co-governing in parliament and getting rich, as has happened in these 8 years, as the Democratic Party shrinks even further?

Today we are facing these facts.

Basha’s decision to oust Berisha is opposed by the Democratic parliamentary group, the presidency and the chairmen of the DP branches.

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He has no support in the DP, and seeks to escape by asking everyone to remain silent.

His political suicides are numerous in these 8 years. At first, he boycotted the territorial reform, which had fatal consequences for the local government. He burned the mandates of the deputies, he had a conflict with the US and the EU. He boycotted the local elections, donated on the table 61 municipalities. All in favor of Socialist Party and Edi Rama.

The few people who speak in favor of Basha regarding Berisha’s ouster don’t really know the Democratic Party. Agron Gjekmarkaj has nothing to do with the DP electorate. Nor is a convict for fraud like Fitim Zekthi. Not to mention some anonymous names and marginal media outlets, which protect Basha.

Here we are excluding the media close to Edi Rama, which are trying to spread diversion and to protect Lulzim Basha. The fact is that the whole Democratic Party is against Lulzim Basha.

Not only for the fact that he expelled Sali Berisha, but for the betrayal he committed against the young people of Kukës in their protests against the tax for crossing the National Road.

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For the betrayal he committed with the Law on Higher Education, for the protests in the Tent in 2017. For the bargain and the agreement with Edi Rama. For the betrayal and the agreement he reached with the SMI before this year’s elections. For the attacks on other opposition parties, during the time he collaborated with Rama.

For the abandoned causes and for the betrayal of the actors and their protest at the National Theater building. For the betrayal of the inhabitants of the New Ring.

Should the DP still suffer from his incompetence and betrayal? For his filthy bargains and secret deals with Rama?

For the benefits of millions of euros, for family members or his businesses? It doesn’t matter who comes after him at the head of the DP. This party must open up, make real choices, unite different currents. Basha may remain part of the DP, there is no problem.

But not as a chairman who makes decisions alone, violating every statutory rule, betraying the majority of Democrats, the parliamentary group and anyone else.

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And he did this not only with Sali Berisha. But, he has done it dozens and dozens of times. The DP must have a party chairman, but also a leading group that have the trust of the base. The party base should be united, not divided. With Basha at the head of the Democratic Party, is endangered the disappearance of this party from the Albanian political scene.

DP could have the fate of PASOK in Greece, or some other parties in Eastern Europe, which once overthrew communism, but then disappeared. Well, DP doesn’t have to disappear due to bargains, losses, betrayals and failures of Lulzim Basha.

It must be opened, changed. And with the departure of Lulzim Basha as chairman, she should have the opportunity to grow, to increase in representation, ideas and strategies against the Prime Minister. With Lulzim Basha these will never happen. Basha must leave, in order for the DP to overthrow Edi Rama from power./Elvi FUNDO –

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Lulzim Basha’s anti-Americanism




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Only few days after the expulsion of Sali Berisha from the Democratic Party parliamentary group, through a personal decision by Lulzim Basha, due to his justification that this was requested by the US, are enough to analyze what has been said these days, and to understand how “pro-American” is Lulzim Basha.

Also, to analyze whether the expulsion of Sali Berisha, Basha did for the sake of the interests of the Democrats themselves, or for his personal interests, businesses, money and protection from scandals and his corrupted affairs. Since 2017, Basha hasn’t paid any official visit to the US, and hasn’t met any congressmen or senator.

The last meeting dates in the beginning of 2018 with an NGO, a meeting that has nothing to do with an official visit. So there have been problems in his relations with the US. This started after the photos with former US President Donald Trump, where the scandal deepened with the opening of a criminal case, and where the investigations showed that for that photo were paid Russian money coming from offshore companies of dubious origin.

Then Lulzim Basha, a man who today declares that he is pro-American and that with Berisha he has taken an act requested by the US, is the man who ordered the burning of MP mandates. We recall here the crazy attacks of Basha and his people in 2019, when he burned the mandates of deputies, and the story he told over the phone conversation with Mathew Palmer, the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State.

Basha told him that he would not withdraw and that the decision had been made. Then Basha decided to boycott the local elections, to oppose the American embassy, the State Department, senior officials, to whom he held a tough stance, not only for the political acts he committed, but also by attacking them on social networks and on his media.

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Today he appears to us as a pro-American. But Basha would have officially ousted Berisha’s exclusion with the structures, explaining that this was the position of the Americans. This would be a step in support of the interests and demands of the strategic partner of Albania and Albanians.

But when he sneaks into the office, reads a statement, and then tells others that this is the decision, this attitude serves neither the strategic partner, nor the US, anyone. In this case he shows that he is a small-minded man, that he has some bargains to do and personal problems to solve, that he is incredible.

So Lulzim Basha is not the pro-American he seems. In fact, he has acted anti-American many times, and has done this so systematically since violating U.S. rules, such as paying for a photo with dubious money paid by some Russian citizens.

So Lulzim Basha is not the pro-American he claims to be, but he is also anti-American in behavior. Because if he were a politician who supports the strategic partner, respects the party he leads, enforces the rules, doesn’t exclude people from the party in violation of the rules.

Lulzim Basha is a staunch anti-American. On the other hand there is also a coward, who in panic for his fate does any kind of madness, and we don’t believe there is anyone in the US who want this clown as an ally or to keep him as a partner.

People like Lulzim Basha not only don’t need anyone in US politics. But they have harmed the latter, attacking and anathematizing her. This is Lulzim Basha, the anti-American who leads today the Democratic Party./



Lulzim Basha’s courtesans




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Perhaps it is a very appreciative term for many of the people who stand today around Lulzim Basha. The man who has chosen to dismantle the Democratic Party for his own interests and for the interests of the courtesans he holds behind him.

“The Rise and Fall of the Courtesans” is a book published almost two centuries ago in France, sometime in the 1840s. The Parisian life of the time and money are the essence of the novel. Therefore, the fall of Lulzim Basha and his courtiers will be inevitable.

But why can be called courtesans the servile people who surround today Basha? It is about those who remain silent and don’t say a single word, not because Basha expelled the “father” from the party, but because of the way it was done.

So because the form that Basha uses by turning the DP from a party where free people unite and express their interests voluntarily, defined by rules, in a sect where leads an individual and his courtesans who warm him in bed, when the latter needs to fill his emotional void.

The mission of Lulzim Basha’s courtesans is to honor the one who seeks to relax the mind with money in the service of political corruption, serving a courtyard that is turning from a party into a sect, where courtesans are fighting over who has the most relationship powerful, in order to get as much power as possible.

Many figures in the DP have been killed politically in the same way, accompanied by the silence of others, and Luli Basha’s courtesans will have the same fate. This is the foundation of what can already be called the mission of Lulzim Basha and his courtesans, who are entirely in the service of the ruling king, Edi Rama and his Renaissance.

One can oppose the term courtesan, for many of those who are in the courtyard of SHQUP, a party headquarters turned into an open public house, where most of those still left, should be expelled for immorality, not just political.

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Now there is a group that warms Luli Basha’s bed when the latter relaxes, after spending hot days and nights with the all-powerful Prime Minister. And in order to not be too tired, because he cannot cope and emotional weakness is created, he has chosen some of his courtesans to be men as women, some he has chosen women with a male profile.

None of them do anything else, it is just enough to be silent, to warm the bed, and they will not be excluded from the yard of SHQUP, where Basha now leads alone under misery, tired of infidelity, covered by wealth, but with an empty soul that even his courtesans cannot fill.

This is Lulzim Basha, miserable and lonely in his courtyard full of courtesans. A courtesan was once a woman who had romantic or only sexual relations with high-ranking people, ranging from monarchs to other nobles.

In pre-modern times, such as during the time of absolutism or the feudal medieval, but also earlier, all political life and government took place within the royal court, and the people who lived and worked in the royal court had a very important role in the general life of the state.

Since courtesans had intimate relationships with the most powerful people of the time, their role was also very important. Especially among monarchs (Kings or Emperors) the role of courtesans was very large, because they in most cases married for political interests, as well as to preserve the royal bloodline.

As a result, they lived apart from their lawful wives, and filled the emotional void and the need for intimacy and bodily contact with courtesans, making them closer to the king than his own wife./Elvi FUNDO-CNA. al



The expulsion of Sali Berisha/ How is Lulzim Basha mocking the Americans?




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Lulzim Basha is trying to play a dirty game with the US Embassy in Tirana. A game which starts with the alleged expulsion of Sali Berisha from the parliamentary group, with the justification that he carried out the order of the Americans, and that everything was already resolved.

But the truth seems to be quite different. Lulzim Basha didn’t do what the Americans demanded, even though the American embassy welcomed his act. An act that has no legal or statutory weight, and that violates every normal and democratic principle of the party. But let’s look at the facts.

As soon as Lulzim Basha made the decision public, there was a very harsh reaction from the leading structures of the Democratic Party, certainly from Sali Berisha himself, who called the decision null in legal terms. In fact, the personal decision is really of no value, as no article of the PD statute stipulates that the chairman may expel a member from the parliamentary group. He can only dismiss those he nominates, but not those who are elected. So the exclusion decision is just a lie. Basha had to gather the structures and put the proposal to a vote.

And if he couldn’t exclude Berisha, then he came out honest and clean in front of the Americans, resigning from the position he holds. But Basha has chosen to defend his post with a move that has no value. He has made dozens of such exceptions.

But the case of Berisha certainly makes more noise, as the latter reacted very strongly. Maybe Sali Berisha should have left on his own, as soon as the US decision was announced for him. But he chose to stay, thinking maybe of the defense by Lulzim Basha.

So the former Prime Minister didn’t leave, while Basha is already playing a very dirty fraudulent game with the US, and has sealed the betrayal of Berisha. Berisha’s expulsion is not only anti-statutory. This act neglects the fact that the deputies announce themselves in parliament which parliamentary group they belong to.

So, the statement of Sali Berisha on Monday at 17:00 would be enough, when the third parliamentary session will take place, to declare himself as a DP deputy. The new leader of the Democratic parliamentary group Alfred Rushaj, must forward Berisha’s statement to the Secretary General of the Assembly, and this is where it all ends.

What can happen is that Rushaj asks Berisha how he will declare himself. Will Basha have the courage to gather the DP group and say that Berisha is not our deputy, and that we don’t accept his signature? This is one of the aspects, but there are some other facts as well.

During the meeting with the heads of branches held by Lulzim Basha on Saturday, out of 71 branches, were present only 20 local chairman. Feeling the pressure that is coming from the base and from Berisha’s statements that he will go from city to city to raise the Democrats against his personal decision, as an act of agreement with Edi Rama at his expense, Basha made another statement.

“I am ready to meet Berisha when he wants. Even at 1 o’clock at night!”. So Lulzim Basha has not excluded Sali Berisha, he is ready to meet and still cooperate with Sali Berisha. While the American embassy has requested that DP to be separated from the past, and for Lulzim Basha to show leadership in this aspect.

In fact, 24 hours after the decision to expel him, Basha agrees to meet with Berisha. Furthermore, he stressed that “he personally has any problem with him, and that Berisha could go to the DP whenever he wants, and he is still a member of the DP National Council”. Let’s go further. What does mean the exclusion from the parliamentary group? Sali Berisha will not be a DP deputy. But did Berisha publicly declare on Friday, that he could go to the meeting of the DP group whenever he wanted, without asking Lulzim Basha about this.

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So what is the political weight of Lulzim Basha? What did he with the Americans? Mocking them? Did Lulzim Basha play a deceptive game against the USA and their embassy in Tirana?

He articulated a sentence in a press conference, just to save his skin, and incited a rift within the DP, without having any statutory rules. On the other hand after 24 hours he declared that he is ready to meet with Berisha, emphasizing that this the latter is still a member of the National Council.

Shouldn’t Lulzim Basha convene the National Assembly to expel Sali Berisha? Shouldn’t he convene the National Assembly to change the statute for the expulsion of Berisha? At least in two points. First, Sali Berisha is still a member of the National Council, according to Article 44, Point 2, letter d, as former chairman of the DP, as former Prime Minister and former president.

And secondly to establish in the statute the article that the chairman of the Democratic Party has the right to expel a member of the parliamentary group. Because the rules of procedure of the parliament cannot change that point, so that of the declaration of the deputy to which parliamentary group he belongs.

So everything you have heard these days from Lulzim Basha, is just a deceptive game of his against the Americans to escape from the “Berisha problem”. He is probably clashing with Sali Berisha, because he publicly articulated the sentence that is expelled, and the latter is maintains dignity by fiercely attacking Basha, to the point of threatening him to resign from the leadership of the DP.

But he has not yet finished the job with the Americans. Lulzim Basha is playing a dirty game with the US Embassy in Tirana. Lying to the latter, as always with a deceptive game, but this time in a scandalously and totally irresponsible way.

But where is the pro-American stance here? What is doing Luli Basha? Is it just a move

that seeks to buy time, and for Basha to escape from what has been asked, and from the punishment he may receive from the US embassy? Or from US diplomacy, which has to

do with his proclamation non grata, and up to ban travel to the US, which has in fact been in force for 4 years.

What Lulzim Basha is doing is more dangerous than anything else. Because by hitting Berisha in the back, by betraying the militants, and by not asking the structures for the decision he would take, he has divided the DP, leading it to the darkest day in its history. On the other hand, he is seeking to play games with the US Embassy in Tirana by making deceptive moves, that allegedly Berisha has been expelled from the DP. In fact, Berisha didn’t leave, Berisha went to parliament. Berisha is an MP, and took the oath on Friday.

Yesterday Luli Basha said that he is ready to meet him, that he could go to the headquarters whenever he wanted, as he was still a member of the National Council. But what happened to what the US embassy demanded, ie the exclusion of Berisha, so that the latter would not go to parliament and be no longer part of the DP?

Sali Berisha is a member of the DP Council, is part of the DP, and was elected MP by this party. So Lulzim Basha has played a crazy game against Sali Berisha, against DP militants and even more dangerous against the US and its embassy in Tirana./Elvi FUNDO –