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By Elvi FUNDO/Sali Berisha “killed” himself


By Elvi FUNDO/Sali Berisha “killed” himself



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Yesterday, in a personal decision, completely unadvised and not voted in any structure, without respecting any statutory rule, Lulzim Basha ruled out with a decision taken with his brother-in-law and wife by his side, his family members with whom he leads the Democratic Party in these 8 years, the former Prime Minister Sali Berisha and the former President of the country, the man who founded this party, and who in fact put Lulzim Basha at the head of it.

Basha took action following a request from the United States. He had a thousand and one other ways to deal with Berisha.

But in fact he behaved, as he has behaved these last 8 years with the Democratic Party. He and he “killed” Berisha politically. But it is clear that Berisha is not an “easy bone” to be “swallowed” by Luli Basha. And the only thing that can be accepted, is that Berisha “killed” himself, by placing Basha at the head of the DP.

This happened because he was the one who elected Lulzim Basha at the head of the DP. He was the one who introduced him to the DP in 2005. An uneducated man, who worked in Kosovo only because of his knowledge of the English language. When he came to Tirana at that time, he was announced as a visionary man, etc.

Recently, have emerged documents that show that he barely graduated from a university in the Netherlands after more than 12 years. Berisha “killed” himself, because all started with the appointment of Lulzim Basha at the head of several ministries, thinking that the next day he would be one of his heirs.

But from the Interior Ministry, to the Foreign Minister and the Minister of Transport, his scandals have no end. The corrupt affair with Nation Road, the scandal with the agreement on the sea border with Greece, and then the murders of January 21, 2011. Assassination that took over Berisha, although the responsible minister was Basha.

Then Basha was placed in charge of the Municipality of Tirana, where he stayed for 4 years and didn’t do any work. It is Berisha himself who intervened unilaterally in the 2013 elections for the leader of the Democratic Party, even after Basha registered the most catastrophic result in Albania, in Tirana, and the DP came out in opposition.

On July 22, 2013, he competed against Sokol Olldashi. Berisha was the man who put Lulzim Basha at the head of the Democratic Party. He attacked the people and rivals of Lulzim Basha. He put Basha at the head of the DP, excluding many democrats in Fier or Korça.

But Basha’s failures continued, from administrative reform to justice reform. For the latter he began the conflicts with internationals. And every time he had to give account in front of them, it was justified that “these are not mine actions, because the DP is still led by Sali Berisha”.

Then come his bargains on various laws. Thus, he initially challenged the Law on Higher Education. He promised to take her to the Constitutional Court, but then remained silent. Three months before the 2017 elections, Basha began 2 months protests in front of the Prime Minister building. He demanded the overthrow of Edi Rama, but in the end he made an agreement with him.

In 2017, he compiled a scandalous list of candidates, receiving 30 percent fewer votes than in 2013, when the DP came out in opposition. Instead of resigning, the embarrassing defeat dealt a blow to the DP elite, and the start of new internal clashes.

LEXO EDHE:  “Rama po gënjen sërish”/ Pyetja që “vë me shpatulla pas muri” kryeministrin

Basha rushes to organize a formal race for the DP leader.

Berisha was silent again, even though Basha was excluding his closest associates. Successful former ministers he had in government. An electoral farce takes place again in the DP. Berisha remain silent again, Basha is re-elected chairman.

Then followed the exceptions, not only of those who criticized the defeat of 2017, but also in the branches of the DP. Lulzim Basha makes a weak and selective opposition. He is often accused that it takes money from the various corrupt affairs that have taken place in the country.

So he was silent for a long time about the issue of incinerators, for which he remembered a few months ago, and then he was silent again. Already their representative within the opposition, Gerti Bogdani, has been announced as a candidate in front of Erion Veliaj for the Municipality of Tirana.

He talks temporarily about certain causes, and then abandons it.

He betrayed young people protesting against the pages for crossing the Nation Road, students in their protest against Edi Rama. To come to the biggest political “madness” in 2019, when he decided personally to burn the mandates of MPs.

And 8 years ago Basha didn’t hold any kind of responsibility. After money-financing scandals by the Russians, after destroyed the Democratic Party, Basha entered the election of 2021. He declared the victory precociously. He announced the lists of candidates again at the last minute.

It was again contested, and there were allegations that many deputies have bought their mandates. After losing, he came out and declared that an “electoral massacre” had taken place. Afterwards, the US announces the non grata declaration of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

Basha initially supports it publicly. He said that there are no facts and evidence.

That he will wait to get acquainted with them. And yesterday we saw the real Lulzim Basha. He announced his personal decision, and said that “this was the decision of his life, and hewould take any kind of responsibility”.

In fact, this was the ”suicide” of Sali Berisha. It was the answer he received from Lulzim Basha, from his chosen one. With all the mistakes that Basha has made, he should have left the post of DP chairman since 2017.

Or at least he should have resigned after the April 25 election.

But after Berisha’s non-grata announcement, he reacted very quickly and probably supported by Berisha organized the election in the party, thus securing the chair of the DP leader. And now, although it has no statutory powers, decide to expel Berisha.

It cannot be said that Basha “killed” Berisha. It is quite the opposite. Sali Berisha “killed” himself, since the day he “held on his side”, elected, helped and raised Lulzim Basha in politics. Now there is nothing left but for Berisha to act against the traitor, who committed this “political crime”.

Against the “boy” who tried to “kill his father”. The DP will not easily overcome this situation. There will be collision, debates, or maybe even conflicts, as they started last night, to understand in the end what is the final truth of Lulzim Basha, which will be related to his political future. So, the destruction to the DP, which after the “suicide” of Berisha appears in a dead end./

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The scandal/ Luzim Bashas’s bargaining with promises for positions and power to attack Sali Berisha




The incumbent chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, seems to have started another movement against former Prime Minister Sali Berisha. Hoping to survive at the helm of the DP, it is learned that Basha has started to call one by one in his office people whom he thinks he can shake from their position against him and the decision taken to expel Sali Berisha. has learned from official sources in the DP, that Lulzim Basha has tried in recent days to negotiate with some well-known figures of the DP by offering them positions and tasks.

But where will Luli Basha find these posts, since he is in opposition and not in power, would ask any ordinary reader?

For those who are not aware, we remind that the Democratic Party in agreement with the Socialists has already begun negotiations to take the posts that belong to the opposition, not to mention the part of the pie that Edi Rama is ready to give to Lulzim Basha, in the hope that will keep the latter closer and closer, as the road to Rama-Basha co-government is already clear. has learned from confidential sources, that Basha in these meetings held with political leaders, delegated district leaders and members of the presidency, has asked for thenominations to various boards that will represent the DP.

Basha has come up with several variants, emphasizing that all posts that legally belong to the opposition, will be taken despite the fact that many of them were occupied by yesterday’s parliamentary opposition, ie by parliamentary groups that became part of Parliament, after the burning of mandates by Lulzim Basha in February 2019.

The same sources stressed that Basha has received full guarantees, that there will be a replacement of boards in the Bank of Albania, in the Audiovisual Media Authority, in the Public Radio and Television and many, many other institutions, which according to the law have representatives from both political camps.

On the other hand, Edi Rama seems very generous in his offer, giving many positions in the public administration to the names proposed by Luli Basha. The latter is rushing to make these offers to many of his executives and associates, not to allow them to go to what might be called an uprising against Lulzim Basha within the Democratic Party.

The bazaar is clear:”Dont go to Berisha’s side, instead attack him, and I offer you this post. You will have the opportunity to take your brother to this post, your sister to this other post, etc”. A clear and disgusting bargain by Lulzim Basha, who is offering the posts given by Edi Rama to divide the Democrats, and to save himself from a “tsunami” that has begun to rise within the DP.

LEXO EDHE:  Basha’s strong accusations/ Who owns the media in partnership with incinerators

LEXO EDHE:  Basha gati ekipin e ri/ Zbulohen lëvizjet në PD, çfarë pritet të ndodhë nesër

Sources emphasize that this and some other moves of Lulzim Basha, are his last hopes to resist not to resign after the clash he has with the party base. Everything seems to be quite difficult. It remains to be seen who will be the people that will accept Luli Basha’s alms or “bone”, which comes after his agreement and cooperation with Rama.

Another bargain offered in many areas is the race for municipalities. Basha has started to deceive the people, by emphasizing that early local elections will be announced very soon. The decision of the Venice Commission on the legitimacy of the 2019 elections is awaited, and Ilir Meta will decree the date of the early elections.

In this scenario, Basha would offer support to the surrounding people. After all, the biggest reaction against him comes from the base. But this again seems to be a lie, and a game to have on his side it branches chairmen or contenders, who intend to take leading positions.

Or those w ho aims to compete for municipalities. On the other hand, Lulzim Basha is promising them to run the branches of the Democratic Party in many localities.

After most of the local mayors’mandates have already ended, or some of them have resigned.

From the posts of Edi Rama, to the management of the branches of the Democratic Party, the candidacy for mayor, or to the promise that they will be part of the list of deputies after 4 years, are the offers in the “soup pot” of Luli Basha, who has enjoyed a spoonful and is trying to give it to those who have long distanced themselves from the truth to enjoy it. And now he wants to use them by offering him a spoonful of “soup” cooked by him and Edi Rama./

Skandali/ Basha pazare me premtime për borde, poste e pushtet, për të sulmuar Berishën

Komisioni “Ruli” jashtë loje/ Basha “i hedh poshtë” punën, kërkon emra të tjerë për deputetë

Sondazhi i Lulzim Bashës, kundër Lulzim Bashës

Lideri i çorbës



Note/ Democratic Party is burning, while Luli Basha is “brushing his hair”




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What is happening with the opposition in general and with the Democratic Party in particular, goes well with a well-known popular proverb “The village burns, while the whore is brushing her hair!”. This expression is very much in line with the current situation, but also about what could happen in the future.

But let’s stick to the actuality.

Who is taking advantage of this clash within the DP!?

With what is happening only one person benefits, and this doesn’t require any lengthy analysis. So only Edi Rama is benefiting. The DP is not winning because, as it is divided, and its base is now set up against chairman Basha.

The DP doesn’t win this situation, because the majority of the parliamentary group shows that they are “eunuchs and courtesans”, they don’t speak. The DP doesn’t benefit after an anti-statutory act was committed, with a personal decision of an autocratic leader who just loses, and has no civic courage to resign from the post he holds.

DP doesn’t benefit in any case. Those who are winning are only the government and Edi Rama. The facts speak for themselves. The new Parliament convened, where the ‘Rama 3’ government would be voted on, the ministers would be debated.

But nobody remembers anything, nobody paid any attention to the speech of the opposition leader Basha. No debate in Parliament, but only the hysterical laughter of Luli Bashe towards the speech that was delivering his deputy Saimir Korreshi.

This speech went viral on social networks, where citizens supported the MP for the truths he said in Parliament, and disgusted Lulzim Basha for his shameful behavior. Well, the facts speak one by one, that the DP is “burning”, while Luli Basha is “brushing his hair”.

It is burning because it is torn. It is burning because its deputies have shut their mouths. It is burning because its parliamentary group is divided. It is burning, because the electoral body of the Democratic Party is against the chairman. It is burning because the militants who resisted the opposition in 1997-2005, are today against Luli Basha.

Deputies are against him. The DP is weaker today than ever before. The DP is burning. While Luli Basha is just “brushing his hair”. He laughs with the speech of the DP deputy Saimir Korreshi, and appears in the media and declares all the authority, that there are no steps back in relation to the decision for the expulsion of Berisha.

He lies shamelessly and publicly, declaring that with Berisha’s ouster he defended the DP alliance with the USA, and that this decision will lead him to victories tomorrow. He has even incited some analysts in the media to say that the alliance with the US will bring Luli Basha to power.

LEXO EDHE:  Prezantimi i programit të PD/ Berisha: Nuk jam pjesë e hartimit të tij

LEXO EDHE:  Fitorja e së djathtës në Austri/ Ja mësimi që mund të nxjerrë PD

How Basha will come to power only because he expelled Berisha from the DP, this can only be explained by the “great intellectuals” around Luli Basha, as no ordinary citizen and voter could understand this attitude. Beyond that, the DP can burn. And Luli Basha will continue to “brush his hair”.

He will do this for his wealth, for the villas he takes from the oligarchs, for the numerous accusations that have been made endlessly against him for selling mandates of deputies. He will continue to “brush his hair” for the increase of his brother-in-law’s wealth.

He will continue to “brush his hair” for the usurpation of the Democratic Party, as well as for his partnership with Edi Rama. But what will burn in the end is the Democratic Party. And the smoke, the flames are in the headquarters. They can be seen in the murderous silence, in the grief that every democrat has today, in the division that seems to be irreversible.

Maybe Basha understands this situation quite well. Perhaps there was no other alternative, but if he wanted the Democratic Party not to burn, he didn’t have to “brush his hair”. That alone would be enough, and the political situation of the opposition and its strength today would be many times greater. But we are facing the fact that DP is burning and Luli Basha is “brushing his hair”./

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Shënim/ PD po digjet, Luli po krihet



The “hyenas” that are tearing apart the Democratic Party




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The Democratic Party seems to be in its darkest days in perhaps 30 years of democracy. Successive losses, failures, abandoned causes, disruption and destruction of structures by the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, is only one side of the “coin”.

The other side are the “hyenas” who are tearing even what is left of the Democratic Party. In fact, attention seems to have focused on recent political events, the non-grata declaration by the US State Department of Sali Berisha, and then his expulsion from the DP parliamentary group by a personal decision of Lulzim Basha, and finally the former Prime Minister’s moves and his descent on the base.

But, while all the attention of the public opinion is on Berisha, the “hyenas” have started to show their heads. One of them is Agron Gjekmarkaj, who pretend to be a professor, but in fact shows himself as a “public clown”, who pursues his personal interests only for the post of deputy.

And now Berisha must listen to his statements. This is ridiculous, disgusting. But even more disgusting is taking lessons from Fitim Zekthi, a former convicted of fraud. Or the “lessons” by a group of mediocre people about the Albanian-American alliance, whose tells Berisha his contributions and why he should have withdrawn.

So, these are the ones who give lectures to Berisha. Mediocre in the face of history, not only of the DP, but also of Albania. And one day comes, because he didn’t answer the phone, or he didn’t respect them enough, and they start talking. They underestimate, attack and accuse him, and are all around Lulzim Basha.

And there comes a day when evil accumulates.

An evil that destroyed the Democratic Party in these years, and that led to 4-5 consecutive losses. An evil that built destructive elites within the party, which unites, strengthens and one day attacks Sali Berisha.

It is ridiculous the behavior of some political figures, such as Fatbardh Kadilli, once an advisor of Berisha, who made him a deputy. Now he goes out and speaks to the media and claims Democrats should listen to his lectures.

LEXO EDHE:  Basha gati ekipin e ri/ Zbulohen lëvizjet në PD, çfarë pritet të ndodhë nesër

LEXO EDHE:  Fitorja e së djathtës në Austri/ Ja mësimi që mund të nxjerrë PD

The man who was the Secretary of the Democratic Party and was beaten in the streets by the citizens, was put by Lulzim Basha in a leading position to hit the Democrats. They should also listen to Enno Bozdo, the man who was appointed Secretary by Lulzim Basha, and who destroyed the structures of the Democratic Party.

Today, Sali Berisha must listen to him, because one day comes, and Enno Bozdo is a factor In DP. There may be many other figures, including those who claim to be the “Group for DP” or voices that have been against Lulzim Basha. And now everyone for his accounts attacks, hits and accuses.

Some attack Luli Basha, after they served him and the latter threw them “in the basket”. Others attack Basha because he ignored them at all. Meanwhile, people near Basha are attacking Berisha and this is the most painful thing.

And in the final comes a day when not only Berisha is the one who is seeing what is happening with his party, but all Albanians are seeing how the “hyenas” are tearing apart as much as they can the food in front of them.

And without exception, they are a group of hyenas that are tearing apart the Democratic Party.

Since Lulzim Basha and his caste, and the others in a row that he has used and throwing them away, now they are pulling out their heads. In fact, these are just some of those who have attacked the DP, and are tearing it apart like a hyena. There are many, many other names, but we will tell them one by one.

Everyone is pulling out “knives, swords, daggers, forks” and attacking Berisha. And by attacking him, they are also attacking the Democratic Party. It remains to be seen how they are “killing” the force that changed Albania 30 years ago and a political party, which for well or worse, is the hope of almost half of Albanians./

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“Hijenat” që po shqyejnë PD-në